If you use Google Classroom, you can now share any Quizlet study set directly your Google Classroom course.

How it works

Step 1: Go to any study set on Quizlet and click on “Share” in the upper right.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.40.07 AM.png

Step 2: Click on “Share on Google Classroom”

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.28.46 AM.png

Step 3: If you have not linked your account to Google, you will need to do so here.

Step 4: Select the Google Classroom course you would like to share this study set with.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.28.56 AM.png

Step 5: Choose the type of post - assignment or announcement.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.29.05 AM.png

Step 6: Fill out any extra information you'd like to post.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.30.01 AM.png

Step 7: See your post on Google Classroom (and your students will automatically be notified through Classroom).


Give us feedback

Let us know if you experience any issues or have any suggestions about how we could improve the integration between Quizlet and Google Classroom.


  1. Cburner11117

    Yay!! I can't wait to use this on my Google Classroom for my students!

  2. yayhooray PLUS


  3. PaulQuizllette

    How does this work as an assignment?

  4. the__egg


  5. HemantS


  6. allisonk_


  7. benjamin_wang20350 PLUS

    That's awesome!!! Our school has both Quizlet and google classroom

  8. TaterTot25

    11th comment!!! And this stuff looks really cool. We still have big heavy books. I wish my school could get the books on apps and it would save a lot of money and back pain.

  9. junekwon


  10. junekwon

    I have a error of saving my sets

  11. marshmallowdragon

    14th Comment!!

    Great job Quizlet! Looks absolutely awesome. :D

  12. Manu_20_Ginobili

    28th high five! That is so cool! And really helpful and useful! Yay! 😄

  13. Swim301

    18th peace and still loving it!☺☻☺

  14. the__egg

    hey Quizlet staff are there going to be any new games to study with coming soon.

  15. SpikedprimalDialga

    19th yes!!!

  16. gotoschool1000 PLUS


  17. nringach1

    21st and 50th high five!

  18. sk8rcat640

    sounds awesome!

  19. sk8rcat640

    23 comment, previous was the 22nd

  20. PoteauPirates TEACHER

    I set this up and it worked like it was supposed to. The only thing is that I wish Quizlet would reexamine its policy of not allowing Test as an assessment. It works very well and I believe it would completely discourage cheating as the randomness would make cheating very very difficult.

  21. joanna_17000 TEACHER

    i agree with PoteauPirates. Whether or not teachers use
    Tests for assessment should be up to the teachers

  22. SapphireSky7

    So cool!!!

  23. SapphireSky7

    ... and so useful!

  24. cuongvn

    hữu ích

  25. Dashap101

    Can not find some teachers

  26. Saaliha13

    Thank You Quizlet!

  27. Fire_Panther

    86th. Cool!!!

  28. Gaby_B3

    Hey guys, I actually used quizlet a lot to study for the CA law PT exam... I was scoring 100% unfortunately they made me focus on the Article numbers more so than the actual content the exam was nothing like that and as a result I failed :( I wish they had an idea of how the actual setting of the exam was instead of making me waist so much time!

  29. MsWinsley

    Wow!! ❤️❤️❤️ This!!

  30. SzaboSandor


  31. Margy_Girard PLUS


  32. cbettiROBS

    hi margy

  33. Margy_Girard PLUS

    Hi CHRISTINA!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. btspanish TEACHER

    Hi, Great feature; I'd love to be able to post to more than 1 Google Classroom at a time, though.

  35. Sbaker2635


  36. deandre75

    Hit up deandre75

  37. BlendiM

    Hello I speak French !

  38. itsyannayall

    This website is so helpful

  39. Sonia_Loayza TEACHER

    Excellent tool

  40. JuliePeterson

    I use Quizlet extensively in my classes. I appreciate the different ways that my students can review material. Integrating Quizlet with Google classroom is a helpful feature! It is so easy to post. I would also agree with the teachers who posted earlier about using the test feature as an assessment. My students enjoy making their own sets to study.

  41. kevincice

    That's great. Should really help out classes.

  42. gossjustin

    it is ok

  43. karen_bleakley

    what is this stuff

  44. karen_bleakley

    ???????? what have people done to the world?!?!

  45. manofgold14

    i am Leafyishere

  46. nickjweiner

    This is AWESOME! I use this with my class when it is time for a test, or on Friday's... my kid(s) think it's "fun" which it truly is because you can group students together and have a war. Best move Quizlet has ever done!

  47. Janice_Mehalick TEACHER

    This is great, but is there any way to post to more than one Google Classroom at a time (i.e. select multiple classes at once)?

  48. Evan_Schmit8

    Awesome!! it works grate, but is not cheesy!! Lol who caught those puns

  49. Daniel_Xiong5


  50. LiveFree_Diehard

    How much did the pirate pay to get his ear peirced?
    a "Buck an Ear"
    What does a bee sit on? its "Bee" hind
    Why didn't the skelton go to the party? because it had NO BODY to go with!
    Here are some puns for your day XD

  51. ciafirst_raymond

    this is very helpful! thank you so much!

  52. desiqueen1997

    They need to allow this for the other people who use google classroom with friends for teaching a language and keeping all our stuff in one convenient area!

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