I've got a sweet little demo video of a new feature I'm working on.

Using 5 random terms of a set, the game scatters words and definitions all over the page and has you drag correct pairs onto each other. It's a game similar to Memory, but more fun. To compete with yourself, the game includes a timer at the top.

What you see below is a prototype of the functionality, and it will certainly be more refined in the final product.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for this game, or have an idea for an even better game, post a comment. Thanks.


  1. Shrill

    Looking good, I think games like this are a great idea. I'll see if I can think up some different concepts and will post back later.

  2. Julian Schrader

    Great feature!

    I'm definitely looking forward to use this myself.

  3. Neil Kelty

    How about a "Congratulations. You're done!" - that sort of message (with all the usual stats, etc.). Better than a blank white screen. :P

  4. Andrew

    Neil, but of course. There are tons of things I'm going to change by the end.

  5. AmbushCommander

    Looks great, looking forward to seeing it be released.

    A little question: if you're dealing with a larger set, how would the playing board scale?

  6. Nik

    Games are a great idea, Andrew! It's always nice to enjoy learning (cheesy as that might sound). Now, I might be OCD, but I do think there should be more... well, order. Frankly, its too messy. Perhaps an option to have a straight list (with the terms on one side and the definitions on the other) or a scatter approach (like this one)? Because I'm sure the random sizes and locations were hard to set :D

  7. Neil Kelty

    I like that Nik - definatley something to think about making an option.

  8. Andrew

    Cool news: Scatter will be <strong>embeddable</strong> on your own pages. I've already built that functionality and it is BEAUTIFUL.

  9. Lani

    I agree with Nik - having terms and definitions separated from each other could be really helpful, even if it's just that they're in different colors. And not overlapping when the board first loads would be nice. After all, why waste time moving terms around just so you can see everything?

  10. Dave

    So my fiance and I have a constant battle about who knows the most "trivia", especially with those un-credited celebrity voice commercials you see/hear now (http://uwnews.washington.edu/ni/article.asp?articleID=21395) - (btw... youre not related to this guy, perchance??)

    Anyway, I came up with the idea of a celebrity-quiz webapp to test our knowledge, driven by images, not text. ...a much simpler version of quizlet, along the lines of "name this celebrity" (image shown) with a freetext response area, or multiple choice.

    An image-quiz would be a natural extension to Quizlet. Partof my idea was for the user to upload a list, and then the app "collects" the images from a free image service (Yahoo has an API, and so does Amazon). The user then reviews each term in the list and selects the image that best describes their term.

    FYI, I used IMDB's "free" database to create a list of actors/actresses, but I stopped there.

    I havent finished the app, and it doesnt look like I ever will, so I thought Id share my ideas and hopefully see them implemented in Quizlet. Love the site btw. Good luck with everything.


  11. Andrew

    Hey Byron, awhile back I almost completed the image feature and was almost ready to release it, and then I decided it could get myred in copyright issues very quickly and I didn't want to tackle that just yet. I reasoned that basically every one of the images people will post on Quizlet will be copyrighted because people will get their images out of textbooks and other materials like that. So I put it on hold, but I may be re-addressing that later.

  12. MaryReynolds


  13. weslee_sampel

    it looks good but two problems: a. slow computers and b. words with same definition can be linked to only one

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