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Have you ever used Speller and missed the words because the voice is too fast for you? Well, now you can slow down the speed of the voice!

When you're starting to learn a new language, it's often hard to understand the words when spoken at the speed of a native speaker. Recognizing this, we've added a slow**speed option to Speller which will speak at a s-l-o-w-e-r pace. As you get better at the words you're studying, you can switch back to the fast speed. Simply choose slow or fast** for the language that you're listening to---you can switch between the two speeds at any time during Speller.

Happy Studies!


  1. BOB

    Awesome! Keep up the good work Quizlet!

  2. ctyonahl

    Sweet! (2nd)

  3. David

    Good idea to implement.

  4. hey good idae i hadn't think of it .. !! 4th

  5. Ferdy

    hey 5th

  6. c3po

    Just marvellous. Thank you.

  7. MisaTange

    This is an excellent idea. I don't know what's the speed of the regular pace (as I've just registered a couple hours ago) but I know it's definitely going to help the studious minds trying to learn a new language by slowing down a bit.

    If it also applies to things such as vocabulary, it's still going to help if the studier didn't understand the speaker the first time.

  8. marieskonto

    After shamefully being absent from Quizlet for quite a few months I was very happy to see this feature upon my return, as the spoken language is really what I need to learn. However, I'm learning Norwegian and there seems only to be a choice of English in the drop-down menu, which is a bit against the point, he he. I just wondered if you'll be expanding this feature to other languages soon, or if it is perhaps up to the card creator? I understand there are many languages and many different card sets to each of these languages, so it's not light work for you, but it'd be a very useful tool!

  9. marieskonto

    Oh, I should have read the other blog posts first...!

  10. JLearner

    This is spendid! I wanted it to slow down so I can learn French. Now it is!

  11. Thank you, Quizlet! This site just keeps getting better and better!! ^_^

  12. miranda

    {i left the comment above, too} I love Quizlet sooo, much! It is an ingenious creation. Why hadn't anybody thought of this before? Quizlet is so useful and inventive, and I am definitely one of Quizlet's biggest fans. Way to go Andrew!! whoop.

  13. LOLgirl

    Great! It really helps with languages!

  14. Iceydude168

    lol I thought this would be about spam.
    Anyways, I haven't tried this yet but it seems useful. Keep up the good work!

  15. CinnamonRolls17

    I think that is a good idea! Keep up the amazing work Quizlet! Keep blowing our minds!! (:

  16. Autumn

    this is great! im still waiting for multipllayer but iknow ur working hard, keep up the awesome work!

  17. R Ze

    That's really cool! Especially that I suck at listening comprehension and stuff. This would definitely help with my words.

  18. Andreavega12

    Especially that I suck at listening comprehension and stuff BUT STILL this is great

    ***Good idea to implement.*** :)

  19. S-aahay


  20. shmirf

    i like pie

  21. Lol4ever

    Good idea Quizlet! That will help a lot. :D

  22. awesomecraze

    Really cool idea Quizlet! This will help lots of people!

  23. KingYoshie


  24. alyssa525

    Thx Quizlet. it has gone to fast for me before. can't wait to try it now!

  25. Andreavega12

    Awesome! Keep up the good work.............................QUIZLET!

  26. KingYoshie

    Awesome! Keep up the good work. QUIZLET! LOL

  27. KingYoshie


    Wow this is beast I just literally signed up and Its already workin for me lol

  29. CRD



    Yes! Thank you!
    I have had this problem a number of times!!!

  31. Jacqueline

    NICE!!!! This will be awesome!!!!

  32. soccercutie

    more games pleas;)

  33. brielle

    I have done that in a different set!

  34. brielle


  35. kyokusanagi

    This site is giving me hope that everything is possible -even JLPT 2 in few months.
    BEST of all I Saw since the beginning of internet (for memorizing).
    Slow/fast talk is giving an another piece of chocolate to the morning coffee.

    Thank You all !!!!!

  36. Sabrina

    so cool.

  37. urmom

    so awesome

  38. Pooperkins


  39. 46th Poster


  40. me

    Thank you Quizlet staff! :)

  41. Boop

    @King Yoshi
    No he/she was right....

  42. i can beat kyle at pingpong

    this is so smart!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  43. MintChip320

    Oh, wow. I was on Speller, then they were talking too fast, so I went to the drop-down list. It worked. Then I read this blog. LOL. thank you Quizlet!

  44. Andrew123


  45. Scottttttt

    actually there should also be a super fast mode for debaters~

  46. Guest

    Wow!! Very useful and nice:) I am impressed Quizlet!! Keep it up!

  47. sydney

    Quizlet helps me a lot!

  48. WriterGirl

    Great Idea! Keep Rocking Quizlet!!!:)

  49. ?opu??

    Sup. I love Quizlet and all that stuff. Who doesn't? (not me) So, Quizlet, to attract more attention, here's a tip: MAKE MUTLIPLAYER GAMES. I mean, everyone wants. And doesn't everyone get what everyone wants? Right Everyone? (Everyone's my bro)

  50. Patrick

    Thats actually a very good idea

  51. Your Buddy


  52. kyle

    dude lets talk about vocabulry

  53. DoINoU?

    Cool Quizlet awesome work and i do think we need some multiplayer games, so i agree w/ ?opu??.

  54. WTH

    what is up with the username ?opu?? I don't get it. *scratches back of head*
    Oh BTW great job Quizlet really winning the hearts of others. Haha. Call me krazy. i don't care and i don't get that username!


    GOOD WORK QUIZLET!!!!!!!!! this is so awesome:)

  56. treehuggerlars

    Vielen Dank!

  57. Agentbreadfish007

    Wow! This even works on the iPad!

  58. TWB786

    sorry caps lock on!

  59. Pie


  60. Denmark Man #1

    I like Denmark like this idea. As much as TWB786 Does!
    Hello How Are You Good Good

  61. Marc/ cooldude5917

    good job

  62. lostinmymind

    Great idea I love it!

  63. Cow face

    I have a suggestion that for foreign languages you have a game or activity where we can pronounce the words and you can compare it to your computer... it might be frustrating to do but it would be really helpful.

  64. Maggie

    We need latin audioooooo Dx please quizlet administrators??

  65. jmoney


  66. sweet rite

    sweet rite? (:

  67. pizza and pie

    cool, i could never under stand it, to fast.

  68. roop


  69. sasha

    Is there slow speed for Chinese ? Thanks!

  70. mary

    i dont know how to use it ...i want to learn norweagian...

  71. lauren

    cool but i dont really know how to use it

  72. kevin

    that's helpful

  73. Dave R

    @lauren - If you're still having trouble, please write into feedback. It should be as simple as selecting the language and speed from the dropdown-box on the left when using speller (just make sure the set you're studying is using one of the 18 languages we support for audio)

  74. pickles


  75. idontwantu2knowwhoiam

    Quizlet strikes again!

  76. Bryanna

    My classroom will love be able to hear that. Could you a make a kindergarden quizlet?

  77. idontwanty2knowwhoiam

    Great job guys! This will really help the French learners :)

  78. Jason

    # 78 awsome

  79. rarrr3

    thanks alot! I did miss because it went too fast

  80. junojang

    This helps a lot. :) thank you

  81. junojang


  82. jomama264

    no from quizlet

  83. dummy

    this website is stupid

  84. kiki

    awsome dude

  85. s866149

    dude that is a great idea i just dont know how to do it and i dont like wanna read all that stuff

  86. higuys nice!

  87. gaby

    88th, lol, good idea

  88. qwertyuiop

    WOOOOO 90th :D

  89. Lavaman8


  90. AMAZING!!!!!!

    I sing the praises of Quizlet! I would have flunked LA if it wasn't for you. You guys are amazing!

  91. Mr.Wiggleworm

    This is a great idea and will help alot!!!

  92. This helps a lot. :) but slow is just that too slow add a medium speed !! thank you

  93. Lavaman8

    WHO KNEW THAT QUIZLET IS THE 30th CENTURY STUDY MODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  94. Lavaman8


  95. josh


  96. Ashley

    35 words are a whole lot to study but just a click on "learn" I passed the test the next day.

  97. 100

    DUDE IM 100!!!!!

  98. Madall

    This is awesome!


  99. Poster 102!

    Awesome! but we need a midle speed -

  100. this person


  101. Uruguay


  102. Anonymous


  103. That's great! :)

  104. camodude009

    105th comment :)

  105. ZGLHDLI


  106. I think is is F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C.

  107. kjhgf


  108. Awesome :neutral: :lol:

  109. cheese

    and you speak french...why?

  110. utfi

    OMQ! (Ohh my Quizlet) This is an amazing addition the epic awesomeness of easy studying QUIZLET! (. .)

  111. bocaj123

    Speller, to me, should not be called speller: it helps with other things besides speller, and it looks newer than other learning methods, like "Learn" and "Test." "Learn" and "Test" should look just as new as speller.

  112. Damon Clemens

    Sweet great job =0

  113. Damon Clemens

    great job =)>

  114. BoBo29

    Cool! Thanks for the help!

  115. James

    Well the only problem is your german... speller hardly pronounces the words properly. It's a great idea, but needs some refining

  116. shallea

    i love quizlet

  117. VocaloidFan5678

    Thank you! This really helps with new languages! ☺

  118. apembrook

    this helps but i feel like this upgrade for speed change needs to be added for flashcards... since some students learn at different paces i fell like the option for whether the audio is slow, medium, or fast should be offered to users to both plus AND REGULAR

  119. Dviranna1818 PLUS

    the option is only available in the computer and not in iPhone or ipad.. this is very annoying

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