Quizlet is a fantastic learning site — and not just because we have fun classroom games or sweet learning algorithms. Quizlet is made great because you, the students and teachers who use Quizlet, have been feeding interesting and useful content into the site for over ten years now. And we don’t want you to stop! In fact, we have spent some time recently trying to make it even easier for you to make just the right study sets in order to learn whatever you need — be it Spanish colors, common medical root words, traffic safety signs, or a lot of Pokemon names.

We’re very excited to share now with you our real time content suggestions via the mobile Quizlet apps on iOS and Android. It turns out all that content we’ve collected over the past years can sometimes look really similar to the content that you might want to make tomorrow. So while we’re not building an AI that can pass the Turing Test (yet), we have a pretty good guess as to how “¿Cómo te llamas?” translates into English or what the capital of Rhode Island might be.

Android Create Set.gif

With this new feature, on iOS and Android you’ll see suggested definitions for each term you enter, based on the most popular terms and definitions added by other Quizlet students and teachers. If you like the suggestion, tap on it to select it. If it’s not quite right, you can add it and make quick edits, or type in your definition as you normally would.

And while our content suggestions (for both term and definition field) are currently limited to only English or Spanish, that doesn’t mean we can’t recognize German when you’re typing it! We’ve added a more streamlined language suggestion feature now to help make making new sets even easier. AKA say goodbye to manually confirming a language when you're creating a set (something you’ve told us can be a little bit annoying); on both iOS and Android, we’ll automatically detect the language you’re using.

Auto Suggest Language.gif

Still want more? On iOS, we’ve added a brand new scan feature exclusively for Plus subscribers. Just take a quick photo of some printed text like a worksheet or other assignment and you’re well on your way of having a new custom set. All it takes is a couple swipes of your finger and you can highlight and include digitally recognized text content. It’s super useful if you’re trying to enter things in a language you might not be that familiar with (yet!) or have the right mobile keyboard for.

So grab the latest apps and create away! Just make sure you have a stable Internet connection — sadly we’re not able to package all these smarts into the offline apps — yet!


  1. HungryAndNormal


  2. HungryAndNormal

    This looks incredible! Thank you quizlet for adding so many enhancements just in time for finals!

  3. SteveOpp

    Yeah, really cool.

  4. a_cmarsh2000

    4th! woop

  5. SparkleShine99

    9th Yea-Yah!

  6. SparkleShine99

    This is so amazing, I ❤ it! Thank you Quizlet!

  7. domjay14

    Quizlet: I can't imagine a future without this kind of study.

  8. domjay14

    6th! 😎

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  10. Zachary_Zehring

    This is my study set. If you would like to access it, then you have to hightlight it, press and hold and drag the link to the tab bar and it should bring you to the set. Let me know if it does not work or you could just click my name and see my study but anyway do what works for you. Cool feature on IOS and Android by the way.

  11. Proverbs_2_6

    WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I've been waiting for this for like 6 months!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! 👏👏

    ☞Takethechallenge Rev 22:20

  12. Proverbs_2_6

    @Zachary_Zehring I studied your set. 😂

  13. Aarian_Dhanani TEACHER

    So Awesome!!!

  14. akbowen1

    Starting to close the gap between Quizlet and Memrise :)

  15. Nicole8107

    Cool I want try I'm only in 10th grade

  16. awesoom6

    This is so great.

  17. awesoom6

    Thank you for making this!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. aasatusiii

    This is actually really cool

  19. dangquybk

    Amazing! I have been waiting for this . Worked as expected!

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  21. techjason PLUS

    Honestly, I can't live without Quizlet. My finals are approaching, and I am literally using this every single day! I wish every student in the world discovers this amazing application. It is PHENOMENAL.

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  24. Teen14ForChrist777

    Awesome. Kinda wished I'd seen this when I was trying to use a kindle a couple weeks ago. xD

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  26. Jackson_S58

    Hello america Jackson is in the house

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    lkj h

  29. donald_ard

    so true

  30. bby_lxon

    Hi :)

  31. jonty20011

    What about PC

  32. dane_clark6 PLUS

    How do you use the new Scan feature? I am using the latest version of Quizlet on my iPad Mini. Is it one of those IOS phone only features because this seems like it would be better suited to a larger screen.

  33. thatnicholas GO

    Is the new scan feature supported on iPad?

  34. just_christien PLUS

    does the scan feature not work for the iPad pro?

  35. JamalHalili

    How do i use the scan feature

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