Starring terms lets you focus on a subset of the terms. With this powerful feature now available on Android, you can study your starred terms everywhere you go!

How to star terms

Star the terms you want to focus on from the set page, Flashcards, or at the end of Learn mode by tapping the star icon next to (or above) the term.


How to study just the starred terms

Once you’ve starred the terms you want to focus on, you can switch into stars-only mode.

Set page

Tapping on the "Study 4 stars" button at the top of the set page will filter your term list to show just starred terms.


Then, you can choose a study mode to use.


(Note: If you're in stars-only mode, the buttons will be yellow.)

Flashcards and Learn

In Flashcards and Learn, just click the star in the upper left to study only your starred terms.


When you're studying in stars-only mode, the star will be filled in yellow.



If you're playing Match and want to switch into stars-only mode, you can do this from Play Again screen at the end of each game.


You can also go back to the set page to go directly into a stars-only Match game.

Seamless syncing of stars

Your starred terms will automatically sync between the Quizlet website and the app. You can keep using stars offline and your changes will be synced once you get an internet connection.


Give stars a try and let us know what you think.

And thank you!

A big thanks to our beta testers who helped us make the final version of stars great! If you’re an Android user and interested in helping us beta test in the future, please send us a feedback message.


  1. yayhooray

    First comment! :)

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    May join this please

  3. yayhooray

    Cool, by the way.

  4. dudemine

    4th Comment! Question: Can you make more games?
    Another Question: Can you remove ads in Quizlet without upgrading to Quizlet Plus? Ads are really distracting.

  5. Walker23

    5th comment cool

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    6th awesome

  7. Nepal_is_my_username

    Nice, + dudemine there are different forms of scatter and space race i believe; I read it on wikipedia on Quizlet and i tried it; it worked. I believe you replace scatter with gravity. But i think it has a little bugs.

  8. pikachu168

    41 mins. already lots of people...
    Too bad I don't have Android :/

    Go Puzzles and Dragons! :D


    YAY!! Is it on iOS?

  10. kherrell18

    That is so cool, I love French by the way! I use Quizlet a lot for French and English.

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    Been waiting for this!

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    Just Wondering... how many users are in the largest class on Quizlet?

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  19. asuth STAFF

    The iOS version of this has been submitted to the app store and is waiting for review. Should be out very soon! :)

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    hi im a goldfish

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    My username syncs so perfect with the number of this comment!

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    I have 7 haha!!!!!!!!

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    Is anyone else's sets reversed now? All my sets on the phone are in order of last card to first card.

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    Now all we need is an Xbox app.

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    That is awesome!

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    Spammers, please just go somewhere else to spam. This is a place to congratulate Quizlet, not yell, "I LIKE PINK UNICORNS!"
    Good job, Quizlet! This really improves the android app!

  34. SilasNelson

    @Firest0rm, it's been like this since forever. It's not worth trying to change. It has been attempted before, but to no avail. There will always be that 13 year old who has nothing better to do than to post random stuff on here. If it really bugged quizlet, they would disable the comment. Bathe in butter and let it slide bro. :)

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    When did u guys add the truck at the end of speller? lol its so funny

  38. Troj_02

    100th high five yea!!!

  39. ahmadmodabber

    I think it will be good if you can desig an special Leitner system for quizlet such that after we stared words, it add words to 1st box of Leitner box.Hence we have Quizlet Online Leitner System (QOLS ;-) ).

    Also we can design export Button for Pauker Soft for offline use.
    Download Pauker soft for PC, Java and android:

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    this is a cool upgrade

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    i likethe newtool

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    Oops:I had some grammatical errors on that coment

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    awesome guys!!!!

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    [; sweet Sounds COOL

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    Awesome, Quizlet!

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    Nice! Although I don't have an Android, I still think this is cool.
    Keep on swimming!

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    Nepal_is_my_username: Thanks, but how do you that?
    Does anyone else think that Quizlet should remove all ads? The main reason I signed up for Quizlet is because it WAS ad-free. Also: Can you make it so that we can add other Quizlet users as "friends" or "followers"? I'm asking these questions because I'm assuming you read the comments.

  58. MAD1061

    Cool B-)

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    america amerrrrrrrrrrrrrriiicccaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! has gooooooood stuuuuuufffffffff

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    IOS please

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    Very cool! ...Looking forward to IOS upgrades

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    Windows Phone:(

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    There needs to be a character limit.

  65. bunnyfluffyfun

    Guys, STOP spamming!!!!!

  66. a_G-r-eek137

    SERIOUSLY! do you know how long it took me to scroll down here? 35 seconds! and there are only 70 comments! That's only two comments per second! that's ridiculous! so stop spamming please. Also, thanks Quizlet! I hated not being able to study specific words!

  67. Firest0rm

    Spamming is so stupid! Please just be quiet! Its immature and annoying. NO ONE wants to hear it! If you can't say anything of worth, don't say anything at all!

    And thanks again Quizlet! ;)

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    is it for ipad to

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    hello friends

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    quizlet is so FREAKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    THanks creator of quizlet

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    Very good Quizlet. But why can´t you study folders and create one?

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    Awesome I dont even have it LOL

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    Great! Keep up the good work Quizlet!!

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    Is this on Windows?

  76. HadesDaughter00

    Nope not on Windows.

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    Random Comment

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    Has anyone released that by telling everyone to stop "spamming" you yourself are spamming? And yes, to those of you who are wondering, I'm that kid who ACTUALLY reads the comments! I hope I didn't just blow your mind twice.

  80. Amanda_S55

    dudemine: you have to upgrade to *Quizlet Plus*; on the bright side, you get add-FREE Quizlet, upload your own images to profile picture or flashcards, and you can record your voice in the cards.
    The Apple version is great:D

  81. atulad112

    @Nepal_is_my_username, I can't figure out how to do the link thingy. Here's the link on Wikipedia I found it on:
    Let me know if it works for you. It sure didn't work on my MacBook Pro.

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    Hey Elsa123456789 Do you want to build a snowman?

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    Wow. This is really great.

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    very good

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    question: someone who i know personally gave me their quizlet class password; how do i access this class

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    cool fun

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    hey abby

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    Nice job Quizlet, but please stop spamming, people!

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    you should put more games on Quizlet.

    Some times Gravity, And scatter get boring

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