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We’ve all been there — it’s the night before the test and, despite the late hour, you need to cram in a few more hours of studying. But your screen is so bright and every minute takes a toll on your eyes and your will to go on...

Introducing Night Theme: a better way to study after dark! Now available on the Quizlet mobile apps and website for all Quizlet premium subscribers.

Night Theme hero.png

Night Theme shifts Quizlet to a darker color scheme with just the right amount of screen luminosity for those late-night study sessions.

Toggle Night Theme on or off manually or, in the Quizlet app, select “7:00pm - 6:00am” to have your screen adjust automatically.

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Already subscribe to Quizlet Go, Plus or Teacher? Make Quizlet easier on the eyes by simply flipping the switch in your account settings.

Or preview Night Theme for free in the mobile app — make sure you've updated to the latest version!


  1. Dustin-Nguyen


  2. collinb94


  3. fright-no3

    night time shmite time.



  5. logan5183

    you should make it usable for all users

  6. samduman17 PLUS


  7. Nick_Buenger


  8. Z10N123


  9. Michael1469

    Freakkikng Boss

  10. kabeyanhill8554

    i needed it

  11. theFAZE_RUG

    thanks that is so cool i can go wild down load sound cloud and search kenny wild

  12. theFAZE_RUG

    ok my man

  13. Abe-_-2006


  14. xXFluffy_is_TroyXx

    whoa dudes is this recent because wow

  15. xXFluffy_is_TroyXx

    is this on the computer is so pls tell me how

  16. g012805


  17. Killjoy_For_Hire

    something for the people who have money

  18. CaptainEnderz

    Nice job locking basic features that are usually given to users for free behind a membership.

  19. Aw12137062

    i want to use it so agitating

  20. Aw12137062

    i want to use it so agitating

  21. cutedoggy2

    This is cool (even though I dont have a phone)

  22. we1sley

    I reckon it shoud be for all devices, as Mac and PC users want to study as much as 'Quizlet Go' users

  23. hodell889

    I think we should be able to have it on night mode whenever we want, even in the middle of the day. That would really help my already sensitive eyes (and on computer).

  24. wonderfulSaraLucia

    This is sooooooo helpful

  25. ejp619

    Wow so nice of them to add another basic, but useful feature that we have to pay money to be able to use.

  26. dnmulli

    Who cares?

  27. P1ay

    Its Has Happened...Thank God

  28. dnmulli

    It`s only a theme ur not getting a million bucks

  29. KKeane20

    It would be cooler if it is free...

  30. Papa_Rach

    Lit bro

  31. Katelynn12151

    This is so cool even if I cant use it....

  32. cookieclicer


  33. cookieclicer


  34. A8BitWarrior

    Oh heck yeah, that's awesome. Thanks for making that, it's gonna be easier on my eyes. But could you make it for free? I know you need the money to keep your site on, but some kids really need that. So, could you make the dark theme for free? That would be nice.

  35. A_Goldman


  36. Bradyisnotafraidy


  37. Destiny_Skaggs3

    This is ridiculous... You want even let us have it for, So... Whats the point of this?

  38. Tuxedobacon

    Ya you could make the light and dark themes free and do different ones theat you earn or buy.

  39. biteash


  40. Destiny_Skaggs3

    Plz make it free it would be way better on my eyes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  41. Eddo04

    Make it usable for all people. That's when people are going to love it!

  42. jmcmahan1




  44. NelzyBoy

    Make it free please, people are not going to pay for this and I REAAAAALLY JUANT IT

  45. isx_nm


  46. Starwars991_real

    You're locking something as basic as a DIFFERENT WEBSITE COLOR PALETTE behind a paywall? This is just ridiculous. Even the most basic and low-budget forums I've ever been on had this for free. Thank god I'm not supporting you with Plus.

  47. guineapigs202

    Thanks for the upgrade!! 😉😉😉😉

  48. davisbraden31

    wow isnt that cute

  49. Minepoke06

    Awesome more peeps will be on quizlet

  50. SilentPhantom

    wish everyone could use it, no matter is you have the upgrade or not :(

  51. alexaafisher

    i think everyone should be able to use it

  52. SaraG1405

    Everyone should be able to use it, it would be more efficient if you could use it without paying.

  53. UniqueBOB

    night mode is so cool! awesome!

  54. UniqueBOB

    you should be able to use it on computer

  55. sofia589


  56. abijah_blake_overman PLUS


  57. Jack_Tomich4

    Awesome! Can’t wait

  58. Andre_Garza3


  59. Ethan_Atkinson8


  60. srobinson123456

    1. Make it for all users
    2. Is this available for PCs

  61. IsabellaClampitt


  62. Golden_Heart234

    Really amazing, BTW ELLO!

  63. humphreysg22


  64. McCoy8888

    I want that theme

  65. jskipp53914

    that is lowkey pretty lit

  66. May_Kordisch

    It should for everyone to use, but that is pretty lit!

  67. J_Fine27

    for subscribers only? WTF. I can simply invert my screen color or get a free chrome extension to make the site dark or the most simple of all... not care about it or turn down my screen brightness. Seriously WTF is wrong with all of these subscription-based deals. I'm not a sucker like the rest of the peeps who actually PAY to study. PFFFF.... What Quizl-idiots.

  68. ryann5677

    how do you make your own profile pic? HELP!!

  69. Devin2205


  70. CCMOM2009

    wish they would make it for all users, but really we dont NEED it.

  71. Jordyn_Fuchs

    I wish it was for all users...

  72. Kevin_Wang405 GO

    Thanks sooo much! I been using stylish but I love that the site has a native option. You guys rock!

  73. Kylen321


  74. XxNinjasHyperx


  75. XxNinjasHyperx


  76. eForrest2021

    yeah, i wish it was open to all users, not just premium. could you quizlet people please make that change?

  77. ausydco

    I think it should be open to all users, and be able to use it on any device you are using Quizlet on. In the app or on the website as well.

  78. HannahDonan

    Thank you so much for this!

  79. Lilybugatha

    This can really help people's sleep and is also easier on the eyes if your eyes are sensitive to light, so it would be great if you could make it open to all users so that you don't have to pay to be able to study safely at night.

  80. FiLiPiNo4LyFeYo

    jimmy is a beast
    Michael is a beast
    Rodney is a beast

  81. Olivia_Horsfall

    Great idea except for the fact that us not rich people can't use it. have ya'll considered makin it available to everyone?!

  82. Olivia_Horsfall

    Huh. I reckon we can only comment twice so that they don't have to read all the bad comments. There wouldn't be any bad comments if they would just make it available to everyone instead of makin us pay for a basic feature that should already be included when we sign up.

  83. Joseph_Lin2

    Thank God I don't have to ruin my vision more!!1

  84. Joseph_Lin2

    Thank God I don't have to ruin my vision more!!1

  85. DoisTempos TEACHER

    Guys you can have this for as low as 1 dollar per month with Quizlet Go...While I believe they could have a financial support program for those in need, i'm pretty sure most of you can save a cup of coffee or a soda per month in order to help the website to make ends meet and to keep them bringing us nice updates.

  86. Pbenz_4

    that sounds fun

  87. Kay-Lang


  88. iPeace

    I like chickens.

  89. superLexiG1

    sounds good

  90. kwabeisgoat123


  91. awesomella5

    This is nice, but you can just adjust your PC, laptop, ipad, iphone, whatever to "Night Light" or "Night Shift" in your settings. This really helps and works on MOST if not all devices. I use it all the time.

  92. CampanaD039

    I second Logan 5183. PLEASE make it for all users. I can't tell you how useful t is...

  93. amazingJulie165

    OM GOODNESS!!!!!!!!

  94. Aarian_Dhanani TEACHER

    This is so amazing! I already love it and can't wait to keep using Quizlet!

  95. CampanaD039

    I make many Spanish quizlet sets. if you need them, use them SIEMPRE! .....Wait. Only one more comment?!? Freedom of speech, dude! I can't say enough Plus, then how will I be able to tell you that the world will end in the year... [rest of comment has been deleted] >:)

  96. Gavin_Lyle1538

    when´s it come on

  97. Jay_Dragoon

    BAsically Discord Nitro...But worse?

  98. completer1624

    How useful! Please allow non-subscribers to have this too.

  99. iiOMqloveRavenclaw

    I am not a plus, go, or a teacher, but I think it is cool

  100. incrediblequizzes


  101. AndrewBossssFlash


  102. ShayofWonderland

    For the most part, you usually only want to put things that people would pay for behind a paywall. I cannot think of any circumstances with which I would pay just for a palette swap of an application or website. There's nothing morally wrong with putting this behind a paywall, but it just seems odd to me such a simple, unexciting feature is reserved for members only. How much extra manpower did it take to type in some hexademical color codes?

  103. Jeffrey_Parker2

    I cant do it because im not plus noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  104. loren1087


  105. Jadepaw12


  106. Makila_21


  107. mnbs

    luvin it its soooooo cool now my eyes are soothed

  108. TheOutrageousMegaOat

    cool, but you could use a extension or invert the screen. Why? Why do you pay to make something dark? If you have last minute studying, that called procrastinating. Also everyone doing fortnite anyways

  109. amazingJudd

    That is discraceful

  110. tzabel4932

    this will be super helpful!!

  111. Garrett_Cole5

    make it for all users

  112. LGlaud

    leedle leedle leedle le

  113. eleanor4567

    Great, but most of us can't even access it!

  114. theeds

    please make available for all of us, just a small favor? Please?

  115. Wareagle7380


  116. Anthony_Sury


  117. Nikkithefluff


  118. Asha_Patterson

    um ok

  119. abbyward1021 PLUS


  120. connorkosicki

    the site just wants money from people that's why its not free

  121. connorkosicki

    i mean srsly why not let everyone have it

  122. fantasticGman12


  123. Joshbavs

    If it is bright at least you stay awake

  124. kiwi3103

    It would be cool if I could use it for free.

  125. rachel_frailing

    This should be available to all users

  126. davidsoccer2

    the meteor has landed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. davidsoccer2

    Season four bois

  128. Mason_Grampp

    why not everyone

  129. ABrow43

    YOu could go through all that or you could just turn on High Contrast mode. :\

  130. xenomorph_XX121

    y not for free

  131. spiceeboii

    just get f.lux its free.

  132. jacobdeathmear21


  133. DarthCadeus

    this should be free. Seriously

  134. Mohamedzscience101

    That is really nice

  135. IanYaBoi323

    dude, are you posting places in fortnite?

  136. vivianmah03122004

    Good Job :)

  137. Thalia_Stout

    Nuggets! these people are brilliant! Good job guys always thinking about us :D

  138. I90n

    Looks great!
    Any chance we could get it for free users?

  139. ShivamSrivastava1234

    You know if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac you could just turn on invert colors. XD

  140. mxlfoy


  141. butterlife1

    Yes please

  142. Ferd42

    :(, for Quizlet go only

  143. its_ya_boy_2

    this is so cool man

  144. its_ya_boy_2


  145. sreeka77


  146. ItsMeCoraMae

    i can not use it i am not a plus teacher😩

  147. Clay_Loveless


  148. luciedawey94


  149. mason_croley56

    You should make it usable for all users

  150. Jason429

    We’ve all been there — it’s the night before the test and, despite the definitely late hour, you need to cram in a fairly few kind of more hours of studying, which generally is fairly significant. But definitely your screen mostly is so very bright and every minute takes a toll on kind of your eyes and actually your will to essentially go on.., or so they literally thought. Introducing Night Theme: a fairly better way to study after sort of dark in a subtle way. Now available on the Quizlet mobile apps and website for all Quizlet premium subscribers, which literally is quite significant.

    OwO text

  151. EliteQuiz134

    Quizlet being money hungry again B/

  152. bridget_523

    Wowzers 🙀🤘🤪😝😜😆🤣🍋🍉⚽️🏀

  153. Isaac_Hayes101

    A smart idea from Quizlet

  154. sh-yo


  155. G304488

    just why? that is the most useless things i have ever heard of besides the virtualboy

  156. Nightflower22122

    This is an amazing setting but you would need a plus to get it.

  157. solieicook6

    I wish you would make it available to others that can't upgrade...

  158. solieicook6

    Make it available to everyone. that's only fair.

  159. Samantha--04

    Yes make it free! Let the dark side take over!

  160. brinsonl5490

    this is cool and cool thing

  161. shaneacorn

    ya leave it for every one to use

  162. Mya_Lancaster

    let everybody have it

  163. Devon_Pierce46


  164. smartja78242


  165. BigDog3746

    cool man

  166. BigDog3746

    is it free

  167. will_haycock


  168. Jamiebeachgirl

    That is cool, but I wish it was free...

  169. Ashcat4

    is this for computer

  170. Maxgazeley

    bill is back

  171. m_gowers

    We need this on non-plus.


  172. Bailey_Wernicki608

    cant get is so i said





    dab on the haters plz like

  175. zakk596

    omg it kewl

  176. MessiSantana10

    Hi like

  177. Friv3004

    nice :-/

  178. Iamtrash211

    Im drowning
    (lol looks like a drowning person with their hands up)

  179. GreatMalice

    Yay! Thanks quizlet!

  180. AnimalKindomMadie

    I don't know you but I think your a really kind and smart person.

  181. AnimalKindomMadie

    Also I love Quizlet

  182. jsweeten222

    pretty cool

  183. a_bergkamp

    its amazing how they ask for money for something so simple. Goggle has a setting for that......

  184. a_bergkamp

    its amazing how they ask for money for something so simple. Goggle has a setting for that......

  185. Elza3


  186. jsweeten222


  187. jacenorman43221

    is this for free

  188. jacenorman43221

    love it

  189. Alorodriguez2006


  190. Alorodriguez2006


  191. DaGreatCheezyPopcorn


  192. DrCoen

    The color pallet doesn't work very well instead try

  193. Logan_Smith19

    RIP Dusty Depot

  194. datboi55555krt

    shist is a type of metamorphic rock

  195. Nerdfighter_3


  196. Maddie_Coxie7

    Ok this will help some people but i mean we shouldn't be encouraging staying up late!!!! EXPERTLY ON TEST DAYS

  197. David_Buckwash

    i bet it doesnt work

  198. Oloops_ PLUS

    Awesome Upgrade, Keep it up Quizlet

  199. Luis_Chavez0507

    I should not have to pay money just to get a dark mode.

  200. Fazbear21


  201. Fazbear21


  202. SeahawksGuyPro

    I can give my eyes a rest with this. It allows me to study those late hours. Nice job Quizlet.

  203. awesomecaedyn6

    i like it

  204. Emma_Filiatreau GO

    me like

  205. awesomecaedyn6

    hi guys

  206. ElijahM12345678910

    whats up ;{

  207. Isabella_Acuna5


  208. The_god_of_fortnite


  209. ColinTTran

    This should be available for non members.

  210. Tany23409

    WTP Lessons 10-12 - Post War Government & The Articles of Confederation Quiz Review

  211. that_annabelle

    Nice, reminds me of the dark theme on Discord.

  212. WolfGirl1204 PLUS

    Awesome this will be soooooooooo helpful for me! And just in time too, I'll need to use it tonight to study for an exam.

  213. smartgirltitanic

    you have to pay for it l would but I it is crazy.

  214. elistickwar

    This is actualy pretty cool,but i cant use it :(

  215. Potatobrennnan


  216. Pedro_Hernandez27

    pretty cooooool

  217. Cleanmachine300

    Thats pretty cool, How do you get it?

  218. CMKid

    Hey bros love the new addition, if i could afford it. lol

  219. luisquez2018

    Very Cool theme!!!

  220. matthewmoo12345

    now how about an easy access formatting bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. syd__wood PLUS

    BLESS. I have light-triggered migraines and this is gonna help me so much!

  222. A_L_I_V_E

    It's okay, but it's basically putting Quizlet on high contrast mode...

  223. mary83106

    hi whats up

  224. A_L_I_V_E


    It's too bad we have to pay for it though... :(

  225. coolfire1800


  226. coolfire1800


  227. Icrushgamez_is_Micah

    you should let all users use it

  228. wburns2002

    bet new stuff

  229. wburns2002

    "You may only comment one more time." why do we have one comment?

  230. Angel_Agundiz




  232. megaDragin

    we have two comments by the way

  233. aakwoodard

    cool i guess but you can just put it on high contrast mode to get it for free

  234. YOLOswagman10


  235. Anna6352


  236. kateola15


  237. dickensonb5974


  238. Samuel_1579


  239. furyred87


  240. Link4000


  241. Moses_Nonu

    Go check out my soundcloud @ your boy mihoyminoy
    Its fire

  242. Talxie PLUS

    Yay! I'm so happy you added this feature! I REALLY needed it as white screens are taxing on my eyes!

  243. nickhandy9

    This is certainly the single greatest thing toever happen to makind, introducing quizlet night mode



  245. hgwood2003

    I want that sooooooooooo bad!

  246. cgonzalez2026

    I am reading these comments out loud, and they are so hilarious! I can't even

  247. mimsmckalentira

    Yeah make it free to all people then it will get more popular! I only saw it today!

  248. mimsmckalentira

    *I only saw it because a friend said to look at it!

  249. THEMr_Chicken_Nugget

    just trying to make more money

  250. Neil_Chowdhury


  251. JamesAnchoredScarf

    If only we didn't have to get the app or upgrade to premium...

  252. JamesAnchoredScarf

    If only....

  253. Badcc PLUS

    Awesome, this is now better on my eyes. :D

  254. GaleDragon

    Yes I know it is spelled Success

  255. RACERCLCaviation-YT

    I’m not trying to ruin Quizlet or anything, but...
    On iOS 11,
    Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors > turn Smart Invert on.
    On iOS 10 and lower, it’s a similar process, but you might have to do “Classic Invert” instead of “Smart Invert”.
    This will make your screen invert colors, making the whites turn black and the blacks turn white.

  256. RACERCLCaviation-YT

    You can also do this on Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS. Google it.

  257. morgansteil


  258. tYdAnAn


  259. superstormyseas

    OUTRAGEOUS NOT EVEN FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

  260. Wexler12

    would be nice if it was for all users



  262. AedanPlayzYT

    and calvenlchen is right.

  263. Charles_Elias

    Fortnite is awesome

  264. Charles_Elias

    Make it free like fortnite

  265. Hunter_Wills321


  266. Its_Me_Jaimie_D

    Looks Great! Thanks!

  267. jakes58


  268. unicornsparkle1010

    interesting I am confused what does it do?!

  269. Spinel_CrystalWing GO

    LEMME USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  270. Sophjoy110


  271. Rheanna_Kelly

    It's really good!

  272. linny1231

    wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i did not use it

  273. WolfgangMW96

    Of Course you have to pay for it...

  274. JacksonVance30

    You guys should be thanking me I suggested that they do this a while back

  275. JacksonVance30

    Here’s who dies in infinity war
    Star Lord
    Doc Strange
    Scarlet witch
    Black Panther

  276. Victoria_Ward80

    Sooooo pretty much this is like getting Go(having no adds). its this website way of trying to make money off of something that sounds appealing but we really dont care about. i just clicked a button on my laptop that made the light of laptop more gentle on my light sensitive eyes. its called Night Light. i dont have to pay for it. and i can have it on full brightness in the dark with mode and be fine. so yea this is pretty pointless lol

  277. diycraftstar


  278. Sub_to_Zink_Zoodles

    YOU NEED YO MAKE IT SO ALL USERS HAVE THIS.... like to promote plus.. #10daynighttimefreetrial

  279. jennaberney PLUS

    thank you for this 🙏🏻

  280. AwesomeMeowgirl1

    This is honestly stupid I mean why do we really need a different background?

  281. lenasullivan

    this is cool! You should let everyone use it!

  282. Kirbmeistergeneral

    make it free please

  283. IsaacFamily41

    is it free sir?

  284. marvelouslily1990

    It is awesome. Thxs! Wish it was free, and that you could you use it on a computer!! Still really cool!

  285. IsaacFamily41


  286. FaZe_Cloak

    Das pretty sick.......... If I could get it. ;(

  287. FaZe_Cloak

    Why do I need to pay a dollar a month for a darker screen? This is obnoxious and intolerable.

  288. Salty-Kyler


  289. jjja0

    wow Alex Quintana you are so cool

  290. Tiny_PotatoUnicorn

    Ok, now that's cool...

  291. Elijah_P_66 PLUS

    Thanks. This will be very helpful for late night studying for exams.
    Even though I am Quizlet Plus and I can access this, it would really be helpful to all users.

  292. ns061404


  293. Korbynshere1


  294. NerdyNoah145


  295. NerdyNoah145

    And I also agree that it was free

  296. CFH23

    Why not just make it free, that way people will come to the site more?

  297. JacobPARTEE

    Finally it'll be bearable to look at now

  298. brimmerl21


  299. majesticeggleson

    wow that's awesome man!

  300. Elysia_Escoto


  301. majesticeggleson

    wow thanks omg!!!

  302. Elysia_Escoto

    ur welcome

  303. Mayzie_Clark

    Great for all of that last minute procrastination studying at 1am!😂

  304. chasebrondyke


  305. Adama_Creppy

    awesome sauce

  306. Faithful58

    This is great! Perfect for late night studying. This will be very useful to me since I am very much a night owl. Thank you so much! :)

  307. Trent_DeClaire

    you should make this free for students

  308. Grace_Moriarty3

    good idea but you should make this accessible for everyone

  309. Grace_Moriarty3

    I will use my remaining comment to reiterate, this should be free so all users can enjoy

  310. gymnastics_allstar

    make this free for everyone because i need this

  311. gymnastics_allstar

    i am saying that because i do not have the upgrade; please make it so everyone can use it

  312. quizlette620576

    Awesome Dude

  313. quizlette620576

    You guys should check this out!

  314. Jesse-Khalifa

    I have really sensitive eyes, and now I have to PAY for a black screen.

  315. BobbyDawg1

    Wow! another way to make us non premium quizlet users something we cant do great!

  316. BobbyDawg1

    Notice not many of us are premium and oh great I have to study for 2 quizes and a test...
    Money,Money,Money only if it grew on trees

  317. Aloiv

    Очень хорошо...

  318. LouisRG_

    if y'all dont feel like paying you can just invert colours XD the meteor has landed! season 4 ladzzz

  319. bannana1237

    OMG JEFF IS GOING TO LOVE THIS - by nina the killer

  320. LatinPug99 PLUS

    LOL it be lit gotto get dem v bux

  321. Chinchu125


  322. monkey_face4


  323. monkey_face4

    how do i get it??

  324. nathan_tran13

    nahhhh its not worth it to get plus or teacher and stuffffff.

  325. elliothatch

    Glad we have to pay for this. Easy workaround, INVERT COLORS! Cost:$0.00

  326. jasminellard


  327. Elle_EmoFreak

    wow it's sooooooooo amazing, just turn on high contrast mode, it works just the same... Did ya ever think of that?... TA DA!!! MAGIC!!!

  328. craftsygirl

    This would be cool if I had plus. :(

  329. aidanwang21

    Make this for all users not just plus.

  330. legrandmBEST1718

    Quizlet Co: Were gonna add a new feature so people who study at night can use it as well!
    Us: But we all need to use it since . . . ya know. . . WE ALL HAVE EYES!!!

  331. Junoking2

    I know quizlet is trying to make money of this by making people pay for it but, It would just be easier for the night theme to be free cuz then maybe it will bring new and more people on to quizlet and for people to keep using it. I'm just saying! that's just my opinion!

  332. Junoking2

    I mean !! Come ON!!!!! SERIOUSLY QUIZLET!!!!!

  333. az005

    that's really cool! :)

  334. AllyyyE


  335. AllyyyE

    Totes Amazballs evry1

  336. TyreseMA21

    but why? You can just put your computer or device on contrast mode!

  337. Jonathan_Mata8

    Thank you for taking your time and letting us study during the night time so thank you.

  338. Jack_Carlson76


  339. AnviB

    this is cool

  340. AnthonyGiggie

    It's kind of annoying that you have to have Quizlet Go, though.

  341. Tayla_Slus


  342. elliekaye22

    i agreeeeee!

  343. elliekaye22

    studying is BOMB

  344. iiOMqloveRavenclaw

    dude why do we have to pay to have this. eh I can just adjust my screen and invert colors. I agree with the majority. we should not have to pay

  345. EmojiCon35 PLUS

    I'm gonna use it right now! Glad I'm PLUS!

  346. Amanda_Wetzel7

    yeah you shouldn't have to pay even a penny.

  347. EmojiCon35 PLUS

    Yeah. All of you are right. My subscription is going off soon...All users should be able to have night theme.

  348. anandirani

    I guess I'll just be using the invert colors feature...for free. (:

  349. caseynystat

    hola my duds

  350. Olivia_Beringer

    I wish this was free so everyone could use it... I guess I'll be stuck with classic black text on white

  351. CursedOgrabme1807

    (As posted by Quizlet)
    "But your screen is so bright and every minute takes a toll on your eyes and your will to go on...
    Introducing Night Theme: a better way to study after dark!"

    LOL, people can just simply change the brightness of their phones, and BTW, is this even necessary though?

    *Oh, and there is such thing as a blue light filter--so much for the "toll on your eyes" anyway.

  352. BenoBoy

    BOO, This is Terrible, I whenever there is a dark theme I use it BUT it was made so you have to pay I am definitely not getting quizzlet go!

  353. theWisam_Yaghmour

    2 things: one, don't make the comment box all the way under all of the comments. Second, I was super hyped for this and then I saw the word "premium". Suddenly less hyped

  354. Awelke2222

    Why do I have to buy some kind of quizlet equivalent of pokemon go to have a darker screen?

  355. Deathtrooper03

    I like fortnite

  356. Deathtrooper03

    First Order is better than the Empire

  357. Olivia_Beringer

    Orr I can put it on high contrast mode for F R E E. Magic

  358. Nak_Nak_413



    seriously. just premium members.

  360. alistair_hoole

    on some Windows computer, there is a night light setting so you can just use that 😎

  361. MelanieG120202

    This website is actually the only reason I am passing my classes. Wouldn't have that 4.0 GPA without it, it goes out to these guys

  362. CursedOgrabme1807

    I would just render this setting obsolete.

  363. Wackyduck375


  364. Wackyduck375

    You have to upgrade to Quizlet go and it costs money 😢😥😩😡😫

  365. lol_why_not


  366. neilthedeal1

    dis is awe

  367. anikapatil723

    Please give everyone access to this feature it's really cool but not everyone can afford to pay 12 bucks a year for it!

  368. Cinque-tetes1798

    Who would pay for this? Isn't there any cheaper or free substitutes that can be used by users?

  369. LilliPliska

    Thumbs up to whoever made this possible!

  370. Cameron_Lee13

    For the people who don't want to pay for it (like me), you can just go into settings and turn the white point down and then turn the brightness down too. It's free and it doesn't look as fancy, but it works pretty well.

  371. Sela_457

    Life hack for people with apple computers. Just go to system preferences and then do the following:
    1- click displays
    2- click color
    3- click caliberate
    4-drag the white thing where you want it

  372. breinb73

    FYI if y'all want this for free just use google chrome's extension Dark Reader

  373. Gigi819


  374. caleb_agcopra


  375. AnaDavis-Figueroa

    Please make this available to all users, it is not fair that people who don't want a premium version or who can't afford it have to pay for it with sore eyes and discomfort. Please change this as soon as possible to make all your Quizlet users happy.

  376. Kcatdude

    You have to be kidding me, I mean it's awesome, but if I have to pay to get it, No one, except a few rich people will use it...



  377. robbieluna

    Make this free for all!!!

  378. bjw104

    cool beans

  379. rachel_burbridge28

    make this available for everyone

  380. Sara_Kathuria

    Wow soo coool!!!!! Wish it was available for everyone:(

  381. Alexandra_Wythes

    Isn't this exactly what YouTube did?

  382. je551c4c1u77

    Ohhh!! Interesting. :)

  383. shcoolrools10

    that's really cool i was wondering if its available for everyone and if it was free

  384. KingCheetah_Stile

    This is lit. Makes it cooler when you are studying at night :) XD

  385. Batman31805

    TIP: For non-premium members or whatever, (like me) just go invert colors on your device...for free...

  386. KingCheetah_Stile

    Though the sad part is for those who don't want Quizlet Plus, and don't want to pay for it, can't use it. It's a waste of money when you can just invert the colors on your computer, phone, tablet. Whatever you are using. Why pay money when you can do it with the electronic inverting color thiny majig. # NonQuizletPrimiumPeopleMatter:(

  387. felicher22


  388. Ayana_Sato0920

    Why does very single stuff that are good aren't free...

  389. Rainbowgirl566

    sheesh, why do you have to frinking pay for this... its not fair for the people who don't want to pay for this... Not everyone is rich and can spend money on quizlet plus you know Quizlet T^T...

  390. busobter000


  391. Thield13

    Tis a good feature for quizlet to add. :-) But I would never PAY to lower screen brightness. *sigh*

  392. dtawata23

    Make it so we don't have to have Quizlet Go, you can get money some other way be creative

  393. Jinuka


  394. fhussain2014

    But we can't use it unless we have Quizlet go 😪😪

  395. person5o


  396. Imperial22

    would've been better if it was free :^)

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  401. Vincent868


  402. TNTmine

    THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! (Its sand that only premium members can use it :'( )

  403. masjame23

    I am jumping for joy this is amazing

  404. Olivia-6789

    hopefully this will be good i will use it

  405. cstaunton1

    Oooooh my eyes....


  406. XxHavanaxX

    Can it be available to all quizlet users?

  407. Spacegunner222

    You can turn on color invert :P BOOM dark mode

  408. Japanese_Neko PLUS

    That's cool, I'll have to try that on my phone, but I think it would be better if it were free for all users on all devices.

  409. n-evans_


  410. ToastyChef

    You should have a test run so that you can decide if you want to get the membership or not.

  411. fantasticjulia123455

    Why can't we :'(😭

  412. catcuddelerKK1

    Also, hi everyone!
    i also think itss not fair for them to put a price on a update though :/

  413. Petiot

    Thank u so much! This is awesome!

  414. musicteam10

    I think this and AWESOME IDEA!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSS

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    Thats so cool!!!!!!!!!

  420. bestkylee

    I wish I could get it....

  421. jem_882

    That's a really good idea but could it be for all users?

  422. ksukirya


  423. PerceeptheSheep

    COOL! But I would love if everyone could use it-(ALL USERS)

  424. Karyna_Haskett

    Stop complaining please. Thank you. :)

  425. Regiluv21

    So, I am going to do the exact same flipping thing and invert my screen colors.
    Without paying you morons any money. You should het enough money as it is. Don't make us pay for something like this.

  426. adampaga


  427. Unicornwarrior5

    That's so great now i can do it a night and I won't blind myself

  428. sam_pinkelman04

    🎼why ya gotta be so ruude, don’t ya know they’re humans toooo?🎶🎶

  429. TatlTael2

    You know what they say: The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. This is really cool, but I'm broke. It's not fair that only Plus members get to use it, but at the same time we can just invert our colors and things, so it doesn't really matter. I honestly think, by reading some of these comments, that you're losing money this way. People are stopping their subscriptions because of this, so I guess have fun!

  430. Rufino9


  431. Jessicca_16

    awesome i love it

  432. TatlTael2

    Also I definitely agree with the other people saying stuff like "It should be free, but have other cooler themes that you have to pay for."

  433. Mad_dog101303


  434. Atharva_Katkar

    THis is amazing. Best thing yet of Quizlet. I <3 Quizlet. It helps me a lot. Their games and flashcards are so fun and enjoyable. This night theme will definitely help me a lot in studying! THANKS!

  435. Jennifer_Leanne945

    makes it so much easier to study at night time . but i agree it should be free

  436. Tru_Lawless

    Cool i am going to use this more often

  437. Tru_Lawless

    I like this

  438. ezyglocke

    Make it free so people that don't have the plus version can use it

  439. Nightfury1029

    Sooooo cool😝

  440. CameronHardin0

    Swag, but it should be free

  441. BANANAS10001

    Cool but I only use for school work and I can't stay up late
    So wants the point of a darker screen would just make you sleepier

  442. alexdog1232

    I like this.
    This is cool.

  443. owalls_12


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  445. MystaryPi

    This is awesome!
    Thanks again Quizlet!

  446. MystaryPi

    Also, please make this free. I think a lot of Quizlet users would like to use this cool feature!

  447. AlexYolo420Swag

    Jeez, I wonder how much money you guys want to make off of your users. If you have to pay for such features, you must be crazy.

  448. Sean6766

    Nice now you can see better

  449. Richa235

    I like that theme but you have to purchase that. I don’t like that.

  450. GreenJay29


  451. rebecca-reisen1234

    this is so much fun

  452. rebecca-reisen1234

    sooooooo much funnnnnn

  453. majesticDanny1223


  454. Richa235

    Make it free.

  455. Watersmokey

    It's cool but it should be free to everyone because everyone doesn't want to work with a bright light shining in their eyes, if it's going to cost me I'm just gonna turn on my high contrast ode.

  456. no-on


  457. Tyler_Richey4

    Quizlet is becoming lit, once again.

  458. calkelly1417

    That is amazing! Can't wait to use the night theme! : )


    make it free or im just turning my high contrast mode on.

  460. Vanpie

    Me to!!!

  461. a_amjsj

    I'm with trent. make it free

  462. greatanimelovergirl

    hello everybody.

  463. greatanimelovergirl

    how are you guys?

  464. majesticgrace040505

    lol ikr its sooooo cool but like i dont want to pay for it. thats true why pay for something when you can just turn High Contrast Mode on. lol

  465. majesticgrace040505

    im good thanks for asking

  466. Patrick2111

    This is pretty useful for anyone

  467. dappermario1234

    Need it!!

  468. SteveOpp

    When you make this dark theme for quizlet plus members doesn't make me want to get quizlet plus to be able to use it, as you guys may have hoped it would. I just seems ridiculous to me that you had to make people pay for cool as it might be.

  469. SteveOpp

    .....pls make it available to non pro members.

  470. aidenclarke0

    Owo what's this? *notices premium access feature*

  471. rose_is_a_plant

    why can't everyone use it??? ;-;

  472. Jose_Gomez607


  473. jessa2169

    This is indeed interesting. Also I agree everyone should be able to have access to this tool.

  474. ellynn5


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  476. lauranwaefuna1



    wish it was for computers and laptops

  478. efrain680



    also wish it was for non prenium members

  480. Emma_Horton84

    I don't understand why you would have to pay for this set, just dim down the brightness and you'll be fine. Yes, this website is a gift from the gods but I'm not paying for a night setting

  481. Isaac_Thomas24


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  484. Kate50000

    This is legit
    Quizlet like a BOSS!!

  485. LL135487

    Invert colors.

  486. imabigkidnowmom


  487. BeastMode0228

    You guys act like you have never seen this before on things.
    It is pretty awesome, but stop acting like five year olds

  488. Savana_Bishop

    This is pretty dope

  489. SebastianV032

    Cool man

  490. Linlee_Berteau7


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    thats cool.

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  494. Timothysmithjr

    I think that's really Cool!

  495. BettyBuehler

    does it actually work?

  496. BettyBuehler

    do you have to pay?

  497. Customstar1

    that's really neat!

  498. Katerina_Reitsma

    lol just invert the colors on your apple settings instead of paying money to make it dark on quizlet

  499. Jessie6278


  500. Kevin_Cawley6

    Ok, to be honest. This is an interesting feature but is long overdue for the amount of hype it is getting. It literally changed the color palate by inverting the blacks to white, and softening the blacks for the background. It could and is a minor update that is a nice feature, but can be added using external software or my muting your screen colors. Also, you can get this update for like $1 a month w/ Go so there is no "I'm broke" you can spare a dollar.

  501. jsycz


  502. Nawal_Zaman

    This is interesting and amazing!!!

  503. Mr_Eggs_Class


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    I should be a teacher

  505. el71806

    cool beans

  506. mord0239

    Wow that is cool

  507. mord0239

    Wow that is cool

  508. lewis-c137

    who even says cool beans? big up el71806 #quizletsend

  509. Grace_Slagle7

    Could you PLEASE make it so all users can have it for free? I mean, I get it. You need money. But some of us don't have any money... I'm desperate though. I can just use high contrast mode or turn the screen brightness down. :)

  510. nicoamel

    I can't wait until night to study!

  511. luckykid111

    this is pretty nice! i give it a 9 out of 10! this website gets better and better as years go by. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  512. jurmutyler01

    neat & cool

  513. kwheeles072


  514. SC04107

    That looks so cool!!! I might get it.

  515. superincredibleCEO13

    SO SO SO SO SO SO COOL I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  516. rabbiec1 PLUS

    sooooo many comments! ;) Great thanks!

  517. QuanteC


  518. theamazingj05

    This is cool but only works for people who have paid for the subscription. We people who possibly cannot get Quizlet Go cannot use it. Maybe you could extend it for everyone. That would be really helpful. I mean inverting colors is cool but it is not the same! It is a cool feature though! :)

  519. gabriela226520

    Why do so many people have to comment it’s just a theme(even though it would be GREAT if it was free)😬

  520. Kallir_Kirschbaum

    Scout is the strongest generalist in TF2 meta, anyone who says "Soldier is OP" or "Soldier is easy" is bad at the game

  521. Lili_25


  522. Rossbaby101

    so cool

  523. tutomcapituni PLUS


  524. beaniegirl13

    Nice 👍🏻

  525. Skylar_Blagg

    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) NEATO

  526. ericandreman

    I just think that's neat.

  527. Mariah_Denney

    So cool but should be available to all devices not just mobile.

  528. irvi4


  529. pmarek

    Factuals! ^

  530. pmarek

    I'm using it on computer software but i'm going mobile because I start college soon !

  531. Lexus_Phelan

    Wow this will make it so much easier thanks ;)

  532. whoward25

    just invert the colors in settings

  533. ahardi0403


  534. lillianaugust

    k thx

  535. phoenx49

    wow. now it needs to be free

  536. tyler72053

    Finally something awesome.

  537. phoenx49

    so i will use this site more

  538. Elizabeth3637


  539. incredibleshivanis

    This is a really cool idea, and it's gonna help loads of last minute studiers and revisers, not to mention students who simply find it better to study at night!

    However, some cannot get Quizlet Go due to various reasons, and do not have phones, therefore use their laptop (point in case, me), and hence, this doesn't really help us.

    If you could make it free and laptop supported, that would be incredible!


  540. dawoud786


  541. nakai_

    This is a basic feature. This should be made for all. #QuizletEquality

  542. jfilges

    ooga booga

  543. StephanyWhite

    I can't believe we have to pay for all these things!But,I guess its pretty logical.

  544. taiton33

    Cool rock on

  545. gironhn

    That is a great idea but I feel like people wouldn't want to pay for it so you should make it free!

  546. Anthonykin

    its good

  547. vmcmanus3

    Very awesome, but i wish it would let me use it even though i am not a plus user. I could really use this.

  548. Michael_Wang10439

    Why do we need to pay for this? It looks great, but it should be free.

  549. smalley7622l

    it would be great for nightime things like staying up when no one knows

  550. alemmatlock21


  551. thecoolguyAntono

    If you make it free more people would want to use quizzlet so you guys make more money.


    hello frens

  553. Keyana333

    OMG this sooooo helpful thx so much, but I do kinda have to agree with all the other users IF it was more available and FREE!!! then you would have more users......Keep up the good work

  554. Aarathi_Kunnummal


  555. ButteredMilk

    Now that is one wacky thang

  556. Louis_Woodcock

    why dont you just do inspect element lol

  557. KayleeM_2021

    That is really cool

  558. ElizabethZ723

    Thank such kool

  559. coolAvengergirl

    sounds cool is it available for computers?

  560. akashm23


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  562. quizlette2345514

    Can't wait to use this

  563. Cyphex

    i dont think so :(

  564. Cael_Estrem

    Free Bobby Shmurda

  565. bbombersquadder

    <O\/O> yeh nu cant install on pc

  566. SophieGilbert02

    yay, now we can stay up even later studying!

  567. Sandi6915

    It should be made to uses for all users especially the free ones! Will it ever be made for the free members? It’s a really cool, fun, and great idea but not everyone can use it. Some people can’t get the upgraded version because there are some devices that don’t allow purchases. So what about those people?

  568. mrpresident6103

    If you think I would pay anything for the night theme then you are crazy. This should be free and it's pretty sad that it isn't.

  569. Jeishka


  570. begonethoughts

    cool dudes

  571. Manolo1237


  572. LHobbs14


  573. Manolo1237

    PUBG life

  574. hcps-hoytga1

    You should just make it free for all users so that not only the small percentage of people that can just spend their money on whatever. Also, instead of paying money, people could just go to the settings and make their screen darker without the waste of money.

  575. the_all__mighty_doge

    wow everything quizlet makes that is meant to help you, you have to pay money for it, this would be really useful in my room yet i cant buy it..i agree with sandi6915 and mrpresident6103 everything should be free its free to join but oh wait all the cool features cost money why not just make it so you have buy quizlet, and what about the people who rely on quizlet who need the feature but cant buy them.

  576. Noah_Robinson67

    Ooh looks pretty nice

  577. gify1606


  578. Ryno359

    not everyone can spend money on this and it would be really helpful if it was free

  579. jskipp53914

    this is really cool it actually helps

  580. emma_hunterr

    first boi.

  581. triceratops100


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  583. s812792


  584. lazey_hazey

    it could possibly be a smart idea to make the light and dark themes free and make the other themes subscription exclusive. (if there are other themes?) if that doesn't seem like a viable option, you could allow toggling of the dark theme for free, and offer the scheduled dark theme that turns off and on automatically as a premium feature. i know you guys need money to run the site, but this is much closer to a 'basic' feature than a bonus feature of any kind. <3
    by the way, to everyone saying just invert the colors...some of us would rather be able to confine the colors to one app... imagine if you had to subscribe to discord nitro to get the discord dark theme, and otherwise it was just the light theme. that would be rather annoying. 'just invert the colors!' you say, but then some of the colors that were dark before become bright and still hurt your eyes. 'night themes' are NOT the same as inverted colors- they are designed to be low brightness and easy on the eyes.

  585. AndyTheMemelord

    MAke it free! >:(


    I like it very good and neat

  587. Blobfish_Bob999

    eHeh i wish i could a c t u a l l y get it tho

  588. OrcusTheGreat


  589. Slvmp

    too bad i dont have premium

  590. G-Whizz

    Lmao, only for premium.

  591. TYTOC66

    If quizlet could make a colab with minecraft, FNAF, and fornite hat would be so cool! I would get premium just to have my 4 favorite brand colab. You could make a shirt with fortnite on it and then have a quizlet omg lit

  592. C12136298

  593. icefreak7

    literally every other app i know has night mode FOR FREE ex Youtube and Discord.

  594. Caleb-Garlic-AOT

    Just turn on inverted colors on ur phone or computer, and you practically get it for free......

  595. Haydon_Turner

    Yee yee

  596. Haydon_Turner

    That is true

  597. svic3094

    Thank you

  598. Rachel_Anderson79

    This should be a free feature to use whenever you want:(

  599. krishnans2006

    So Cool!

  600. BrekernBates

    Seriously, I thought Quizlet was made to help people learn and teachers teach, not to be a "free to use but won't be of use without extras sorta thing.

    We came here to study, not subscribe.

  601. Hollierobinson


  602. halowarsiscool

    i love it

  603. molly_vonderhaar_18


  604. colton675

    IT is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  605. xxWHYDONTWExx

    HUNNY.........ya'll don't need to pay for this simply turn on High Contrast Mode on your computer. It's literally the same thing for free........but it only works for chromebooks.

  606. Jordyn-Diehl

    can it be free?

  607. ZSMITH301


  608. RuthSJ03 PLUS

    I will use it during the day as well as i prefer dark themes

  609. Nick_Yoshida

    sis u kidding u rly finna make me pay for colors? i thought we was past discrimination of lower classex

  610. drewferguson12345

    You need your sleep more than you need to be on Quizlet. Sleep is key to remembering information, so if you don't sleep then there is no point in even studying.

  611. DJ_Basso

    Great Comments

  612. hayleedaniels17

    You should make it open to all users....... We (many of us) are broke college students.

  613. corinaschefers

    How do some people not fall asleep, but it sounds awesome.

  614. JA030

    wow this is amazing wonder if you could make more colors

  615. JA030

    its cool but please make more colors two it will be cooler than before ya know

  616. K_DIMM

    this should be free!

  617. Maxim_Shumylo


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  619. Calypso100

    Please make it useable to everyone.

  620. Calypso100


  621. Shakira_Garcia8

    That's so coool!!!!

  622. Chandler-King-23

    This is tough

  623. tjg303

    ┈┈╱▕┊┊give us ┊┊▏╲┈┈
    ┈┈╲╱┊┊free ┊┊╲╱┈┈
    ┈┈┈▏╋┊quizlet ┊╋▕┈┈┈

  624. sly_fox2023

    cool cat

  625. Bella_0_1_1

    A snazzy idea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  626. kaytlinkeilig

    That is soo cool.

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  628. majestic_Himanshu

    OMG, thank god mac has night shift!!, QUIZLET PEOPLE just want money!!

  629. Caleb_Johnson32


  630. Elodiecummins001

    Thank you so much! I have stayed up late doing quizlet many atime, so this will really help! Also, I prefer the darker colors! Thanks again! :)

  631. Caleb_Johnson32


  632. santaclausecook

    That is really nice everyone needed that.

  633. santaclausecook

    oh by the way thx

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    How many comments are there

  636. angeloparker3

    Holy moly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    wow very cool :) Looks great

  639. eleanor340

    Night & Day looks very modern.

  640. Hannah_Ross66

    It looks amazing! Not colorful, but wickedly creative.

  641. Lonewolf044

    My kind of Style

  642. HELLCAT03

    OH YEAH!

  643. sjm33


  644. mackenzie44_

    This is soooooo better at school, so now nobody can see what i'm doing on it!!!

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    owo whats this?

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    cool love the dark theme

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    SO MUCH COMMENTS! everybody clam down.

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    I haven't tried it yet but from all of this it sounds really cool!

  655. TrackCountry3


  656. Edarp1155

    I LOVE how this is only available to PREMIUM users.

  657. TrackCountry3

    Cool but the money u have to pay.

  658. rsantiago23

    Only for PREMIUM users? thats not cool

  659. kiki12348

    how do u get this

  660. Baschmeichel

    WOW! PREMIUM users only how rude >:(

  661. wilcoxh7

    That's so cool!! Thanks for the update.

  662. wilcoxh7

    Wait, you have to pay........ never mind.
    Well that stinks, guess I can't use it then.

    But congratulations on knowing how to work a computer.

  663. Learning42

    grreat, wonderful

  664. kidcluff28

    yo this is cool can it work on a chrome book

  665. andhal2

    this is kind of cool... if i had the money to use it.;(

  666. Amritpal_Bains

    Oh wow, how exciting!!!

  667. Amritpal_Bains

    Now i can study in the night goodie

  668. GymnasticsDancer101

    This looks soooooooo cool! The only thing is I don't have a subscription 😢!

  669. Agei-ad007876

    This looks really awesome! can't wait to try it!!

  670. Agei-ad007876

    and response to @kidcluff28: it will probably work for websites as it says it can be used on the app or website :)

  671. William_Hopper2

    this should be free

  672. CalvinTews


  673. Bent_Coz


  674. Boiiplz221

    thats lit

  675. Jrobb64

    It should be free, but I don't see the point. All you have to do is change the brightness on your device. Easy and free.

  676. Boris_Mejia7

    How do we get the night theme though?

  677. GreenRuby

    You should let everyone use this product.

  678. akramer24

    awesome i'll try that out.

  679. Julie_Peace


  680. MinJiChoi147

    That will help me when I am studying at night.


    Great. Just another benefit for those privileged enough to afford premium.

  682. LORDisGOD

    YAY! finally...but could you make it free?

  683. life987612

    Cool But free?????????

  684. snoopy12344

    Please make it free my eyeballs hurt and I have no money 😐

  685. DiscipulusHogan

    Three words: high contrast mode

  686. Gtor26

    On your phone you can take the blue light off depending which phone it is and if you really want to prevent your eyes from being strained just take breaks every 25 mins of studying. There is also the negative effect that you can make your whole phone like that for free. Do not waste money on it if you do not need to.

  687. pinkygirl04

    yes everyone should be allowed to use it. You can also make the same effect by changing app or browser setting to dark.

  688. Braylon_Windom


  689. RGHI

    this is amezing

  690. HUDAK_33

    I think for PC users that they could just put their device in high contrast mode!

  691. personlil24

    Just fantastic.

  692. KO3128677

    Make for everyone, please!!! always up late studying for tests, this would really help!

  693. gabbyvh21


  694. mc13653-

    It is helpful when people can use it, but everyone should be allowed to use it to make sense of making this "help" in studying..but nice update

  695. mc13653-


  696. Sophia_Moon9

    noice # means nice with an o

  697. jessica10222005


  698. shaonfleek

    cool! can I get it on my computer?

  699. Brooke_Holley6

    so much help thx

  700. Jalex252

    Seems legit

  701. Hansen_Zhang4

    that is SOOO coool omg Jalex252 u play fortnite?

  702. douzz

    I agree with Dnmulli

  703. douzz

    but,it is still very cool

  704. drew_mahl

    there still is white for the lettering which can be harsh on the eyes at night when trying to read

  705. drew_mahl

    but other than that, neat

  706. TinasheN8K

    omg this night theme is the best its so radical dude omfg its just so lit get bc its night hahaha lololol rofl its so amazing

  707. rav200420

    Might be good for late night studying. I do a lot of that. But I don't have a phone. :(

  708. marings1

    That is freaking cool.

  709. incrediblepigs2





    This is an excellent idea! I can definitely say I've been in this same situation several times before. But, one problem...a feature as simple as a night mode is only available for subscribers or Teacher Plus? It should be available to everyone. :(


    And I forgot to mention it in the first comment, but it would be nice if it were available for PCs, too. But, again, first it should be available to everyone.

  712. mdonner8900

    amazing, will help me study at night

  713. ka-lop

    ok im not the person with puns but hello darkness my old friend

  714. ka-lop

    also its pretty cool its my favorite color scheme and i always sometimes go on my family´s computer and play on quizlet its laggy since its old but well i cant do much to fix it

  715. Ectiolec

    cool gj

  716. Avery_Armstrong9

    I will be using this soon. Finals are around the corner. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  717. n_chase_alexander

    I think Its Fine

  718. hgello

    soo cool

  719. Trin-tastic34

    fight da night!!!

  720. KiraKW


  721. KiraKW

    IM STILL A LIL CONFUSED...?!?!?!?@#$?#@$?@@~?!>~@>!?@!?!@>#?!

  722. LoZ_Pro


  723. Ben_R13

    love it

  724. Lillian_Garcia50

    It's amazing

  725. Destinyjay101

    Who watched beyonce cochella


    ctrl+search+h=high contrast mode lol make it free and make them people happy.please do it i would love night mode to be free!!

  727. mcllamacorn

    this is awesome!!1!


    the only people who need this are people who don't have a brain and don't study in time so they have to scramble and find a quizlet

  729. AR04205

    this is cool

  730. chahalshriya

    it should be for all devices and should be free

  731. Jacks0n_L33

    i dunno if i like it or dont

  732. jordakad

    wow this is the coolest thing i have ever seen in my entire lifew



  734. Collier_Howard

    This is like the dark theme on YoutTube! Except this is something that I'll use more often! Awesome!

  735. thatguy9999999


  736. judah1200


  737. Wade_Aidan


  738. Jeffyuhhuhhuhh

    Uhh uhh uhh

  739. bayleyb05


  740. charlie_the_man


  741. mxdelynn

    ok my guy

  742. ohendersen

    cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese
    cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  743. harley161616

    i think it should be free

  744. Megan_Stiles9

    Yo fam. What up? You already know im reppin my quizlet merch right now!

  745. Franklin_Forman

    Its everyday bro

  746. cami430

    cool that would be fun to do

  747. T1M0T4Y

    why must it be paid subscription???????????????????????????????????????????????

  748. bpkunzl

    You should make it so everyone can use it. . .

  749. Jessica_DePaul7

    This looks...... Umm........ Interesting and also very helpful when I need to study late I might as well use this. I mean really IT'S A NIGHTTIME THEME!!!!

  750. Aubriecgs25

    Wow that is coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  751. Michael_Vey

    This sounds like it is cool. But not as cool as me. In ya Face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  752. summermcnish2003


  753. XSkillZ

    not rly that cool if free i would use

  754. United579

    Please give a free trial to try out!!! Then you'd have addicted buyers! Maybe even me!

  755. Gymcat11


  756. meowza123


  757. torimarie2


  758. thedude777

    Very God Idea. I've had lots of nights like that

  759. thedude777

    Though I would like it to be free instead of having to pay a dollar for something that other websites could offer for free. But, it is what it is.

  760. Carol-pcms


  761. somotoso


  762. temmie2034

    this is the best thing ever

  763. Adriannaloy

    Love you 😘

  764. S9Elite

    This is pretty good!! thanks Quizlet!!!!!!!

  765. Casey_Knight_


  766. Bhavya_Patel3


  767. Maggie-Garff


  768. Walt_Walker6

    great idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love. Great for everybody!

  769. Kartnez_Veal16

    You should really make all users be able to use Night Theme. It would be really useful at 9 at night.

  770. Dylan_Schmidt3

    Soooooooooooooooooooooooo nice

  771. MAYDA34090


  772. TheWastedWizard

    Its great but not worth the money.
    or just turn on night shift

  773. NickRoss4444

    for all ya free users out there

  774. Kiera_Curry5

    Can't wait to try it out!!

  775. cjones12155871

    wtf all i wanna do is read some tokyo ghoul and get on with my life but like the new mode doing great things.

  776. JMF9918

    Thanks Quizlet!

  777. mgshiers02

    Premium users aren't the only people that have to stay up late studying , for your information. Maybe you could make it so that all users can have access to this feature?

  778. happygirl102

    This Is going to be very helpful for me thanks Quizlet!

  779. happygirl102

    Thanks again!

  780. clayton6489

    Think you very much

  781. Hansen_Zhang4

    can you get it on laptop too?

  782. karabade

    lit XD XD

  783. sansandpapyruscool


  784. Jessica_Huston5


  785. ojj_2003

    kewl :)

  786. William_Richards63


  787. William_Richards63

    wot are you doing

  788. juanhernandezblanco

    why just plus and not for free?

  789. ceciliag123

    That is so fun thanks you derserve a high five

  790. March0303


  791. kyfloy23


  792. hillarya195

    sounds nice

  793. Aidan_Wallach


  794. Takayla2112


  795. Justice_Derringer

    Hey it's neat and all, you're totally right about taking a toll on the eyes, but why would you make it membership only. Let us get headaches because we don't pay lol.

  796. cookiemonster0987


  797. jackofallgames9

    I'm glad that all these sites are adding a night mode because they look so much better and they don't hurt your eyes if your to lazy to turn on the lights at night. Maybe don't stay up until midnight doing school work, but if you're doing something last-minute at nine, it's perfect!

  798. NateTheRuski


  799. LinkTheHeroOfTime4

    Ok cool

  800. Deylon6


  801. Deylon6


    -Rick Sanchez

  802. LongfaLL

    Why would you lock THIS behind a paywall. Freaking outrageous Alex. I can just turn on high contrast mode and i'll get the same experience. The best part of that, IT"S FREE.

  803. Noah_LLanos

    lame, why make it necessary to pay for this tiny feature?

  804. pretenciozs

    Next time, could you not be greedy and steal from users? Unless you need the money, you shouldn't be forcing people to pay large amounts of money just so they can get cool stuff. That is called corporate greed, and the Quizlet team should know what that is.

    Just sayin'

  805. Lillypoe


  806. abcrapassj

    I want it free plz...ㅠㅠ공짜로 해주세여...!

  807. walker_11866

    Really cool but I don't like it when it is only for Go version because the others who are using it late could hurt their eyes when they didn't pay.

  808. rushilinu7425

    I want it free so come on and give it free.

  809. Koenigsegg_Agera_R_

    When you see it in your emails, and you think it is free...

  810. NightBladeJK801

    Why did they put the comment button at the bottom?

  811. Mega_boss2

    Make it free to all!!!

  812. Mega_boss2

    And you should put the comment button on the TOP!!!!!!

  813. Robert_Greenberg3


  814. RadMacShwifty107

    oof, noice. perfect for my emo self. gotta love that meme loving black aesthetic.

  815. aldotric22

    You can invert your colors and it will do basically the same thing.

  816. aldotric22

    You can invert your colors and it will do basically the same thing.

  817. yoda695

    basically that is a copy of high contrast mode

  818. S-Sean-S

    What about screen brightness

  819. Wessk1


  820. carolin1009


  821. evania55764


  822. x801443

    i need it

  823. Neptune9810

    Yeah it's cool just make it for all users.

  824. samuel3733

    interesting, this i like it

  825. Matthieu_Vasseur

    i like it



  827. Kim-_-

    THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  828. Michael_Meyer40


  829. renav123

    why does everything have a premium now?? WHY CANT IT BE FREE!!!!!!! ITS SO STUPID IT NEEDS TO BE FREEEEEEEEE

  830. pug297


  831. R3423465412

    looks cool how do you get it

  832. keffress

    this sounds rly cool ppl

  833. General_OOF_8

    I want this. its so oofing cool!

  834. Niaja__

    It's straight

  835. garrettbelcher

    when can i get this


    CHAPTER 1. Loomings.
    Call me Ishmael. Some years ago—never mind how long precisely—having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of the world. It is a way I have of driving off the spleen and regulating the circulation. Whenever I find myself growing grim about the mouth; whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul; whenever I find myself involuntarily pausing before coffin warehouses, and bringing up the rear of every funeral I meet; and especially whenever my hypos get such an upper hand of me, that it requires a strong moral principle to prevent me from deliberately stepping into the street, and methodically knocking people's hats off—then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can. This is my substitute for pistol and ball. With a philosophical flourish Cato throws himself upon his sword; I quietly take to the ship. There is nothing surprising in this. If they

  837. mselz62


  838. pretenciozs

    Also, most of the people who should be using this are kids who don't have the money. Please take that into consideration before you make any new features that come at a price.

  839. Elissa_Smith2

    It sounds so cool. It definitely works in the dark and will help your eyes.

  840. slytherin77554


  841. Bluepaw125

    In my opinion, i think this stuff should be free. i mean i know its supposed to help u but other people don't like it, and neither do i.

  842. Bluepaw125

    I tried to say this in the nicest way possible. plz understand.


  843. Wolfe-101-MP

    this is pretty cool is it only on Quizlet plus though cause I would be sad if it was but who cares it would be sooooo cool

  844. Wolfe-101-MP

    I agree with you Bluepaw125 this should be free but this is so cool

  845. Allison_Foos

    I agree this should be accessible to all quizlet users.

  846. tomatoboy27

    nice lovely done

  847. w12fbuckleyand

    goodness me im shooketh

    this new theme has me quacking in mi boots

  848. aiaia_an

    It will be great for people who study at late time.

  849. LGSamul592


  850. glambeth11


  851. rlbpurdue

    Can you use it if ur not Premium?

  852. R_B_L_S


  853. Peyton_Short

    good idea but everybodie needs this not just people to waste money

  854. CosmoHill15

    good idea but should make it usable for all users not all of us have money were just kids

  855. akristoffersen


  856. Aubrey_Duzan

    woooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! more studying!!!!!!!! YEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  857. RAS412

    REALLY NEEDED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  858. thedemogorgen

    make it free pls

  859. Ann2323


  860. Archita5


  861. mercedesnicole03


  862. swebs0815

    Should be for all users. I don't want to pay over 10 a month of a little setting

  863. YOU_CLODS

    Did anyone else cry when they showed the half-hour special event of Steven Universe?

  864. YOU_CLODS

    Cause I did

  865. salma12387

    ayeeee not bad :D

  866. salma12387

    meh clod friend i did xD

  867. IsaPizza1


  868. learningyay123

    While this idea is great and helpful, there are a lot of better and cheaper ways that people can study without straining their eyes as much. Because of that reason, asking for money to use this feature is a bit unreasonable.


    cool but it should be free

  870. IzzzybellyCampbelly2

    Could you make this free? I just don't have the money for it. Ya know?

  871. Rebecca_Karr

    All right! This is awesome! :)

  872. Tristen373

    Would Be Use Ful But as a Laptop User You Can Lower The Bright On Your Screen

  873. Aidan_Carter171


  874. Josephhalo

    Of cours you would make us have to pay for it

  875. hannah4254

    dumulli is right

  876. noplinger123

    i need this. i don't want to be blinded by the light of quizlet at 1:00 am

  877. aLeAsEa

    NOCE !!

  878. CircusBaby2004

    How do I get it on an HP Chromebook

  879. CircusBaby2004

    Does anyone like cats?

  880. Quentin_Miller5

    if your on cromebook hold search icon while holding down ctrl then click h

  881. walker1808

    omg i stay up all night doing quizet so this will be very much needed

  882. Cassidy2a

    Needed for ALL users!


    oofer cool

  884. ashareese

    ummm... you guys? just adjust the brightness on your device......

  885. AshDogTheAwesome

    Give everyone access plz

  886. AshDogTheAwesome


  887. Suzie_Robinson

    Everyone should have access to this, not just those who pay for it. Please consider those of us who don't have online access to their money/don't want to have their money online.

  888. smsespanol6


  889. MiCindy69

    so looking forward

  890. Jaiden_Byrd


  891. majesticThouArtBacon


  892. TheRedPython14

    Quizlet has edgy policies. First, they ask for your email, then bombard it with spam. Second, they make you pay for features you can get from any Chrome extension/Javascript injector. Third, QLive is a RIPOFF of KAHOOT! This feature needs to be distributed for all users. Copy, paste, comment if you feel the same way. AGAIN: Quizlet has edgy policies. First, they ask for your email, then bombard it with spam. Second, they make you pay for features you can get from any Chrome extension/Javascript injector. Third, QLive is a RIPOFF of KAHOOT! This feature needs to be distributed for all users. Copy, paste, comment if you feel the same way. AGAIN: Quizlet has edgy policies. First, they ask for your email, then bombard it with spam. Second, they make you pay for features you can get from any Chrome extension/Javascript injector. Third, QLive is a RIPOFF of KAHOOT! This feature needs to be distributed for all users. Copy, paste, comment if you feel the same way. Bye! -TRP14

  893. cooper_boyd60

    Hola comostas amigo lol how do i get the night theme

  894. moore863

    so cool

  895. moore863

    so cool

  896. alv810

    SO COOL OMG!, but hw in the world do you get it to help my friend cooper_boyd60

  897. khadigotu

    lit lit lit 👌

  898. khadigotu

    but of course it costs money smh

  899. fantasticSunny24

    Does it cost anything

  900. m25foxes

    cool but it costs money

  901. sparker129

    thats awesome!!!!!!! -_-

  902. mygames4me


  903. Han_Selah

    no one's going to look at this comment :(

  904. Melanii_huynh

    PLEASE MAKE IT FREE!!!! It would be so much useful if it was free because not a lot of people are "quizlet go" members

  905. JoeyGoring

    High Contrast Mode Solves everything

  906. Frodriguez14

    wow it is amazing

  907. daisyaS05

    this really helps me study and impress all my friends with my knowledge thanks xDDDDDDDDD

  908. M-4-T


  909. Cambrea_Rayburn

    this is cool

  910. Jackson_Guthrie6


  911. greysoncowie

    My name is not Greyson cowie

  912. letgitit100

    i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it

  913. Pentecostal-Girl

    Cool, but it really should be available to all users... 🤨

  914. zVzADERGAMERzVz


  915. Drew_Herberich

    ara plays games in math class when hes not supposed to

  916. Wesley_Pratt1


  917. tcicco5305


  918. Slammed80 PLUS

    Pretty neat! You guys should make it available to all users.

  919. Pixie3_choco_xox

    😎 I’m amazed

  920. ynsaydin TEACHER


  921. splitmatch21

    neh, not open to all users? then why send us the email? to rub it in? thanks.

  922. ehoythurlow

    That is so cool [NOT]

  923. ehoythurlow

    I like it so much [NOT]

  924. Adan_Jones

    I Like It!

  925. Ife_Ayileka

    you could just put on invert colors

  926. Ife_Ayileka

    i would use it if a didnt have to pay, it doesnt make sense to pay 20 bucks for your screen to be a different

  927. katherineallen13


  928. demogorgan0011

    i like turtles-the turtle kid that looks like a zombie

  929. HopePete123


  930. Paul_Rollins9

    Why it cost moony?

  931. DatErnie

    because it is

  932. C1317021549

    Spiltmatch21 stop being like this he was just trying to inform you just in case you did pay for it just stop!

  933. NumberJuan13

    Pease be free for everyone. BTW Like the night theme.

  934. gpbutler0421


  935. AliBearo

    Gotta make money somehow I guess?..Nice though

  936. GeeseHoward

    It was PREDICTABO! Too bad Discord's night theme saves my eyes for free..
    Guess I'll use my good old PredictaboFox addons then

  937. OOOOOOOOO0OOOooooooO


  938. Charlotte52306


  939. ZLand2019

    An excellent idea to feature a Night Theme for this site, but it is disappointing to hear tat you need to be a Quizlet Go member to use it. As the thousand upon thousand other Quizlet users have said, making it available to all users, even if they are not a Go, Plus or Premium member, would be great. As XxSuperCowXx said on this post's comment thread, "Not a lot of people are 'Quizlet Go' members."

  940. HistoryQuizes

    An excellent idea to feature a Night Theme for this site, but it is disappointing to hear tat you need to be a Quizlet Go member to use it. As the thousand upon thousand other Quizlet users have said, making it available to all users, even if they are not a Go, Plus or Premium member, would be great. As XxSuperCowXx said on this post's comment thread, "Not a lot of people are 'Quizlet Go' members."

  941. Erinleannec

    01101101 01100001 01101011 01100101 00100000 01101001 01110100 00100000 01100110 01110010 01100101 01100101

  942. DeHain2

    This seems interesting 2 me.

  943. Kiwi200618

    This looks really cool!! Quizlet should SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO do this!!

  944. anime563


  945. NoraAli20071514

    Why send us an email if its not free loooll

  946. Lolgirl503

    so cool but costs us money

  947. Matthew_MANALESE


  948. nathanhong2

    great idea!.....for marketing

    plz make it free

  949. PetertheGreat11

    should be free B/C all you have to do is dim your device (-:

  950. macchiatomama


  951. reshanlahandapura


  952. reshanlahandapura

    quizlet is epic especially quizlet live

  953. cleon29

    it would be nice if it wasnt just for premium

  954. dawwil

    what sup my name is nbarichgang

  955. dawwil

    my name is nbarichgang

  956. Jacoby_Evans

    Nice to know :)

  957. AydenIsKewl

    Please don't make it cost money. I thought this was supposed to be a free studying website. People don't want their eyes hurting at night while trying to study on this website.

  958. Andrew_Burri

    Ummm did someone say fortnite

  959. WyattMalmstead

    Anyone else here bored in class and just goin; through the comments rn?

  960. LordChickenStrips

    ya know what, this thing is so cool i cant even USE it. no, it's not the fact im broke.... nooooooooo......

  961. AydenIsKewl

    please make this freeeeeeeeeeeeee

  962. yoooungman


  963. greeksquad14

    i agree with PhilFromFlexTape

  964. Matthew_Capps

    why cant it be free

  965. jacendog

    i agree with Matthew_Capps. it should be free.

  966. jacendog

    this should be free. if someone just wants to study at night, then why should it cost them? i mean, if im going to study, i AM NOT paying money just to do it, so why should anyone else? there's no reason to. y'all should really take it off, cause if ya don't, nobody will use night mode on quizlet

  967. awesomeBigFan

    I like it!


    8th in education I just viewed. Nice job.


    I also got a question: is there any point in making a post that is only for plus people? Can you enable it for all of us?

  970. KayKayTin

    You could invert colours and/or turn on the night light feature for IOS

  971. matthewhwang217

    can't you just lower your brightness so you don't have to pay for quizlet live plus?

  972. matthewhwang217

    I don't study at night

  973. Rizikilicious

    Just turn on inverted Colors if you have an iPhone

  974. fortnitguy911


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