Most Popular Online Learning Platform in the U.S. Launches Interactive Diagrams Feature, Allowing Students to Learn with Images

San Francisco, Calif.—August 24, 2017—Quizlet, the largest user-generated consumer learning platform in the U.S. that’s used by one in two high school students and one in three college students, is celebrating the return to classrooms this year with the launch of Diagrams, an interactive study experience that allows students to see what they’re learning in a whole new way. Ideal for subjects where analyzing graphs, images, and maps are vital to understanding, Diagrams is the most significant update to the Quizlet platform since its inception.

While text has traditionally been the most popular method of studying among students, there has been overwhelming demand for visual learning features to help them further their understanding of content in courses including physiology, geography and earth sciences. Quizlet already hosts over 200 million fully customizable study sets across every subject area, and Diagrams provides students and teachers with an added opportunity to study in a way that best caters to their needs and the specific content they’re learning.

Diagrams is simple to use. To build a new study set, all that’s required is uploading an image (i.e., a map of the United States), and then entering in corresponding terms and definitions (i.e., the 50 states as the terms and their capitals as the definitions). Students and teachers can also browse a directory of popular diagrams or search the thousands already created by others on Quizlet to find relevant diagrams and get inspired to build their own.

“As this fall semester kicks off, Quizlet is committed to being more useful to more students across more subjects and types of learning,” said Matthew Glotzbach, CEO of Quizlet. “When we looked at the types of content that students study, it was clear that giving students richer ways to engage with Quizlet — from med students studying gross anatomy to psychology students understanding the form of the human brain — would unlock new opportunities to help students practice and master what they’re learning. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.”

Quizlet has three additional launches as part of its efforts to bring efficient and effective data-powered learning tools to a global audience of students:

  • Quizlet Go, an annual subscription ($1.99/year) which removes ads and enables students to customize flashcards from their mobile devices – studying offline and on-the-go.
  • Quizlet Learn, previously only available on iOS and Android apps, uses the principles of spaced repetition to take the guesswork out of studying. Built on Quizlet’s Learning Assistant Platform, it analyzes data from millions of subsets of student answers to build a model that predicts what and when to practice. Through this process, it creates a customized study plan for maximum knowledge retention.
  • The launch of Quizlet’s Verified Creators program brings premium content onto Quizlet. The first announced partnership is with Wordly Wise 3000®—a leading provider of vocabulary instruction in the U.S. published by EPS, a division of School Specialty. Educators and students using Wordly Wise 3000 can access pre-made Wordly Wise 3000 study sets on Quizlet.

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About Quizlet

A secret weapon for one in two high school students – and a total of 23 million students and teachers each month – Quizlet is the largest user-generated consumer learning platform in the U.S., using activities and games to help students practice and master what they're learning. Quizlet’s activities and games help students effectively learn in short bursts over time so that they can retain information long-term. With 180 million user-created study sets currently available, students and teachers can find content from other students and teachers, or they can create their own. Quizlet supplements existing modes of learning, enabling students to engage with any material in the ways they learn best and providing a knowledge base for teachers to share content with one another. The company offers a combination of free and paid subscriptions for both students and teachers that enable further customization.

Quizlet was founded in 2005 by then-high-school-student Andrew Sutherland to study for a French exam. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is backed by Union Square Ventures and Costanoa Ventures. For more information, please visit


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