Today we're announcing some major new functionality on Quizlet: image-based studying. It's been one of our all-time most requested features, so we're super excited to make it available to every one. On Quizlet so far, everything has been plain text: you type in a word, and you type in a definition. Now you can study visually.

One of the major upgrades is to the "create set" page that let's you enter flash cards. Here's what it looked like before:

Picture 1

Here's what it looks like now:

Picture 3

The import data and flip terms links are easier to find, the auto-definer is easier to use (that's what the mysterious question mark used to do). If you didn't know, the auto-definer looks up definitions in a dictionary (Source: WordNet), and also pulls up definitions that other users entered (but only in public sets). And overall, the input boxes are wider so you can fit more data in visually without scrolling.

But that's just cosmetic -- the really cool thing is the new "add image" feature.

Picture 4

All you have to do is click "add image" and we automatically find you an image from Flickr, an awesome image hosting service with a great developer platform and lots of Creative Commons-licensed images that let us use the images for free, as long we credit the authors (which we do).

Of course, if you don't like the first image that pops up, you can get the next one.

Picture 5

Or the next one...and so on. You can also refine your search, so if you don't like any of the images, you can type a special search in the "Find Images" box that is independent of your term and definition.

Also, you can use just images and have no definition, or you can use Quizlet like before without images, or you can use both at the same time. It all works seamlessly.

Now, how about studying? Images are fully integrated into all the existing study modes. Check it out:


Picture 6


Picture 7


Picture 8


Picture 9

Space Race

Picture 10

It's wicked cool. If you want to play with a real live image set, check out this list of french animals with images. I hope to add more FAQs and a showcase of image sets so you can see more examples -- the possibilities are limitless.

One really cool use-case is for foreign language and english-as-a-second-language (ESL) learning, where you may have 30 students in a class who come from 8 different countries. If you were to say a fish is something that swims in the water, that wouldn't be useful, partly because the students wouldn't necessarily all understand the english definition to an english word. But with pictures, well, they speak for themselves.

Now, you may be wondering, can you upload your own images instead of using Flickr?

Not yet, but you will be able to soon. We plan to allow uploading images very soon as a paid upgrade. As always, Quizlet will remain free to all users and we won't be removing any functionality for non-paying members, but we may be adding some additional powerful features to paying members. We will have more information on this soon. Uploaded images would be especially useful to medical school students who need to study special diagrams or art history students who need to study obscure paintings or sculptures.

Also, our thanks to the people who have become friends of Quizlet by donating to Quizlet. Their support has helped make this feature and other future upgrades possible.

Developers: Look for an update to the Quizlet API in the next week or so with image abilities.


  1. Anonymous

    When is the iphone app coming out?!?!?

  2. step21

    yeah, when is the iphone app (or any mobile app) coming out? Also, what about illustrations, will their be support for this? I mean something like a biological, technical or medical illustration, with lines to various places which you then would have to name. Something like this (for medical things) was done by Thieme publishers for the US, but it's no use for the rest of the world or for ppl studying sth else, mainly cause it's only a subset of anatomy and the names are not the same all over the world.

  3. lisa

    very impressive site!!came across another site that provides a platform to create flash cards with videos,photos and text in a collaborative manner.found it very interactive and useful.


  4. Christine

    This is a great upgrade, especially for people who are visual and who learn so much quicker by looking at pictures. Thanks for everything!

  5. RJ

    Andrew, did you also just add shadows to the navigation buttons and the profile text at the top right? If so, how did you achieve that effect or is it just a background image? Nevertheless, nice upgrade. I am impressed, I didn't think it would come for a long time.

  6. Jim

    This is great! Thanks! Studying for spanish will be a whole lot easier.

  7. Name

    make the iphone app before school starts...

  8. Michael

    Awesome! Now, I'm able to study better!

  9. Michelle


  10. someguy

    there needs to be a way for group creators/managers to clear the chat box easily and remove all old sets (since its a new semester)

  11. Emily

    I'm using an iPhone app called Touchcards which allows you to import Quizlet flashcards. Can't wait for the proper Quizlet one though!

  12. Travis

    I am really excited about where this is going. The only thing Quizlet is lacking in my opinion is different options for printing. I have a laser printer that automatically does double sided. It would be AWESOME if there was the option to print in this manner because then each card would only be one page thick. It would just be a matter of moving switching two columns on the print function layout. Thanks for such an awesome sight. Cheers.

  13. Soadrul Amin

    Thanks Andrew for this upgrade. I need something more: flash cards made up of term, definition and example.
    Can it be done?

  14. surya prakash

    This is really an awesome application . But in my view this application would be at its best use if Quizlet would have made collaboration with Google instead of flickr as the former provides any image no matter what the word you search for. Anyhow, this is a gr8 thing that everyone should appreciate,well done quizlet

  15. Christine

    Is it just me, or can images only be used for a few of the flashcards? Because after about 7 terms and definitions, the add image button disappears no matter what I try to do.
    Any explanations?

  16. Kristen

    this is an awesomeness addition to the already amazing quizlet site!!!

  17. Supernaturaldexter

    About time, what else have I missed out on

  18. a boy named girl

    the iphone app comes out in 3 months i hear

  19. alex

    3 months??!!! im having my licensure exam in 3 months... pls hurry.

  20. dejah

    nice goin gone head withcha bad self ya digg!!

  21. ....... um

    when do u guys' school start? mine starts on Tuesday the 25th of August

  22. Matt Pierson

    This is really a cool application! Images can really make it more easy to memorize.

  23. krissy

    mmk wow!

  24. Mailey Melton

    Great idia Quizlett!

  25. ace rich

    I loooove the new feature!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it really helps me study!

  26. Maggie Ma

    It wonderful! Thank you so much Andrew. It will make my teaching more interesting and exciting.

  27. Shannon

    I am a teacher, and I love this site. I have shared it with many colleagues and they love it too! This new addition is wonderful. Is there a way for the image search to be more precise? Right now the pictures that come up are not really related to the word...

  28. Suszen

    You rock Quizlet!!

  29. kirstin23

    yall are a genius!

  30. ArcaneAmoeba

    This seems like an awesome new feature. Too bad you can't upload your own pictures without paying :( Seems to me like such a useful, core feature shouldn't be restricted to paying users. Maybe you could allow images to be uploaded to other sites, then imported into quizlet for free, or at least improve the image search so that more relevant pictures come up. Hoping for more news on this in the future.

  31. mai mai

    ^she's right!

  32. Jeff1920

    Realy make a quizlet app for the itouch or iphone

  33. Alex

    Love it.

  34. Barack Obama

    I love this new idea except you must go on the show shark tank in order to suceed and sell your ideas out. YOU MUST HOPE


  35. anonymous

    OMG!!! I was just wishing for this this morning, and wow! You like read my mind or something!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
    this will be so helpful for Spanish.

  36. ??

    What about audio

  37. Brutal Glass

    Great addition. I would recommend trying to get a quizlet app for the ipod/iphone. It would be very popular and sucessful

  38. alicia

    Hey, Andrew! This new image thing sounds awesome! I'm sure I'll be using it A LOT for school this year - I start in five days. I think it'll really come in handy for science vocab.

  39. Phil

    I would gladly pay for an iPhone app that includes the race game, any plan to have it out before the midterms period starts?

  40. McGirl

    Awesome! last school year i was wishing Quizlet had picture flashcards because of all the cells and animals we'd been studying by their appearance. of course i had made sets to memorize the names, but i had to use normal flashcards for the pictures. I'm sure it will be a lot easier to do now! Thanks so much, Quizlet!


  41. McGirl

    wait..................... you have to PAY? ...........oh.............. nevermind then.


  42. McGirl

    someone's earlier comment said that they wished you didnt have to pay, but i don't see that your post mentions anything about paying....... oh well, i'll have to check it out and see. But it IS a good new addition as long as you don't have to pay!



  43. Jesus Christ

    I bless this!

  44. Kenzie

    Its easy for me to learn instead of reading my notes more fun in a way.

  45. Silver_Wolf_Kitten

    OMG THANKS SO MUCH!!! This helped me out a bunch! Thanks.

  46. alicia

    Oh my gosh! Today in Science we were given a sheet of lab safety symbols. We gotta memorize the term, definition, and symbol. This will totally help now!

  47. some girl :-()

    Quizlett just isn't working for me.Sorry:-(

  48. Chloe


  49. Chloe


  50. Cong

    There's already books doing what quizlet does for a lot of money. I wouldn't mind paying for quizlet considering how beneficial it is.

  51. corey

    im makeing money off my music and fights

  52. H.M.

    Knowing how helpful Quizlet has been to me and my studies, I appreciate everything that you guys put out there.

  53. chase

    I think it is all wright it ant the best but it ant the badest

  54. Natalia

    A fantastic improvement! Thanks a lot!

  55. kristinn:)

    love, love, love this site:) thank you much!

  56. Brittany


  57. soccer girl

    well just talk to him that is wht i would do and ask him whts up. and tell him how u fell and c if he listens to u if he does keep dating if he blows u off break up but first comfront him

  58. VB

    It's kind of bad how you can't upload your own pictures that you want. For Math I wanted to use graphs and line segment examples but they didn't have any! That is my only critique, otherwise it is an awesome upgrade.

  59. soccer girl

    i know right the upgrade is amazing!!!

  60. Frankie

    Thank you Andrew. I am now a straight A student!

  61. Allie Marie

    this is a good idea;; spanish is gonna be a lot easier.! thanks! (:

  62. You should adjust the Find Flashcards feature so that you can look specifically for sets *With Images*

  63. soccer girl

    ya tht would be so kl and help full :)

  64. koolioppl

    i htink that donating money to quizlet wouldnt b so bad nowing how much ot helps....

  65. koolioppl


  66. sccer chick

    tht would be so great to make spanish easier

  67. that is so cool that will help with languages and other subjects :D THX QUIZLET!

  68. Shaak Ti

    I love that you can put pictures on quizlet. It makes studing waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier! Thanks Quilet!

  69. Blackbueaty

    Quizlet is my favorite site. Love that you can put on pictures. Thanks

  70. Anynonymous

    You guys should get an app on the iphone for this. The idea for images w/flashcards was genius. Great job!

  71. kimikochan

    great concept but when are they going to allow people to put their own pictures on because the ones now...uh well, they have nothing to do with what i need. love the idea though!

  72. AshMac21

    I want to upload photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Hannah

    I can not beleve how much quizlet has HELPED me with my studies!It is SOOOOO COOL to see how much I'V acompleshed! And again quizlet has helped me a LOT with my studies,my teacher is AMAZED to see how well i'v done this year.So thanks to quizlet, i'm a GREAT student.

  74. Alexa :]

    Wow Quizlet actually helped me :)
    when are you going to add the adjectives for spanish 7???

  75. elelover

    LOVE IT!!

  76. dance

    I love quizlet you r the ONE OF THE BEST study sites I have EVER used!!!! YOUR AMAZING!:)


    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Miley

    Hey its Miley and I just wanted to say that i love this web site... When I'm on tour my teacher loves me to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. soccer girl

    ya it is really useful for like every subject my teacher wants us to use it and lets us go on quizlet when we have studies or finish a class early

  80. @_@

    Great site! Keep up the splendid work.

  81. mjluver

    awesome now it will make it easier to understand.....never seen anything this amazing since michael jackson.....(that means its pretty impressive)

  82. Jethang

    When will the new system allow us to submit our photos from the computer directly.

  83. LivelaughDance1234

    I love this site and i think it's a gr8 way 2 study!

  84. moll

    omg i LOVE this quizlet thing! i didnt hav to ask my mom to test me and i got an 100% on my first quiz!!!! LUV U QUIZLET!!

  85. soccer girl


  86. anonymous

    adding an image is great, but when can we upload an image from our computer? It has been saying "coming soon" for a while. This would make the image feature really helpful.

  87. brittany_gms

    Adding a image would be a good idea because if people have trouble reading they could see the image

  88. soccer girl


  89. soccer girl

    yes it is

  90. j

    its not that cool guys

  91. some girl :-()


  92. some kid

    studing with images maks it much easier!!!! it would be much easir to guess wat da words are evn if you dnt kno wat da words r.................... :-) B-)

  93. some kid

    that is so awesome

  94. Selena

    I tried uploading my own pictures, and it wouldn't let me... Will this be fixed anytime soon?

  95. some girl

    OMG that is so cool

  96. Tam

    I love the quizlet site, especially since students don't have to register to use my flashcards. I work at a middle school and this helps alot.
    The only thing lacking is being able to test on labeling diagrams. I saw an add for study stacks on this site, but they want everyone to register to use it.
    I will stick to quizlet and hope one day to see more picture options and working with diagrams.
    Great site! Keep up the great work!

  97. soccer girl


  98. Lisa, Malaysia

    This is AWESOME!!! I have ALWAYS wanted this feature on quizlet as I teach a second language and it always make more impact with pictures.
    Thank you so much guys! This is excellent, you guys rock!!

  99. neo...botswana...

    yesss!!! i am so hapi 'bou its a gr8 way 2 study anythin'...

  100. TBM

    This has been such a big help! I love birds and have always had a hard time studing the different types. Now I can use the images to study birds!!I LOVE QUIZLET!!!!

  101. Joanna Arcee

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    i read it Joanna Arcee

  103. sonjab

    I love quizlet. eventually I hope there can be ways to incorporate charts that way it is broader not just definitions

  104. SakuraHaruno8789

    OMGOMGOMG! i usually HATE studying, bt photos r kewl! ^_~ and i have the iphone, and 1once u get used 2 it, it really sucks cuz its SOOOO boring!

  105. gffyryy55ty7

    tottly cool

  106. Flippy123

    This will make studing much more easer :)

  107. Reddy Thummuru

    I really appreciate all the features you added to quizlet so far. adding images is a great
    feature. But if you are not able to pronounce that image it lacks some thing you got to learn. My request is add the audio pronunciation for all the features in the quizlet. It will help a lot everybody including ESL students in particular.

  108. Upload Images

    Allow us to UPLOAD please.

  109. Yeah!!

    Also, the entire thing doesn't work for me...

  110. RachyMac


    just wanted to say that i have a drama test today and that this site has helped me revise ALOT! wish me luck!!

  111. some kid

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  112. vicpo

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  113. hi

    okmg this is amazzinnggg

  114. this is so awesome!!! how do you make the photos thats the part i dont understand plus when does the quizlet app come out that would be a top seller for shore

  115. anonynous

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  116. RandomPersonWhoYouDon'tKnow

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    Awesome!!! I mean who doesnt love pictures!!!

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  123. G.I. Jane

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  124. Lauren Dolly

    Why the heck is image always in "developing"??? it is getting really annoying...

  125. really???

    This was the most requested feature, to find public domain images on the internet??? What people need is to upload their own images. For example: I want to upload a picture of the brain with an arrow pointing to the Globus pallidus. Is there going to be a public domain image out there for that? This is what people really want.

    I know your flash card site seems to be geared toward learning a second language, but surly someone knows what a fox looks like in their native tongue--you're not losing much if you make them use only text. On the other hand if you have to learn what that gray thing is nex to the Putamen, there's NO WAY you can do this with text. I think your skills are spent developing this feature... then you'd have something.

  126. GlappileEtent

    i seriously adore your writing way, very remarkable,
    don't quit and also keep penning since it simply that is worth to read it,
    looking forward to see additional of your own articles, kind regards :)

  127. SuperJ

    Why can I only add images to a definition? I'd like to be able to add an image to the term side too.

  128. TheRedsRock

    How do you do that?

  129. TheRedsRock

    Is anyone on here anymore?

  130. gnobles PLUS

    I cannot believe Quizlet doens't allow images on both sides. Seriously?

  131. shayan_senaati

    We would really benefit from having images on both sides, especially for a subject like organic chemistry. It's 2014, why isn't this a feature yet? Does anyone know of a flashcard service that offers this?

  132. gnobles PLUS

    Any updates yet on getting images to both sides?

  133. dmitrijmoreinis

    I though its a joke,.....this is simply sad, no latex, no both sided images,....

  134. dmitrijmoreinis

    this service istnt usefull at least for math, year without updates, august 23.2014 till sep.2015,...

  135. bkardon

    Having images is great, but as others have said, I'd love to be able to post images on both sides. For intro physics, it would be great to have a set with position vs. time graphs on one side, and corresponding velocity vs. time graphs on the other side.

  136. HickmanM002

    Please update where we have images on both sides

  137. Sir_AyAyRon

    Well you got my 15$, but unfortunately the only reason I signed up for plus was to use the image feature, and without being able to put images on both sides its of no use to me. No big deal as your service is great and worth the money, but I would really like to see an update to have images on both sides so its actually a useful feature.

  138. michaelredwine

    Just like Sir_AyAyRon, I just gave them my $15, and for OChem, I really need images on both sides. I see this has been a concern for a long time for other people. This is not inspiring that the Quizlet people haven't added this as a feature. As a web designer myself, I can't imagine this would be difficult to implement into their existing system.

  139. Kris_Nybakken

    I agree with the images on both sides. I just upgraded, and now I regret it. As @michaelredwine mentions, chemistry really needs images on both sides. :(

  140. dana_kaplan4

    With the newest update, the pictures are smaller and harder to see. Is there a way to enlarge the pictures when in the "learn" mode? I haven't been able to.

  141. vulingo TEACHER

    I really need the ability to have images on both sides. I hope this will become a feature soon!

  142. m_delafuente

    I have to switch back to the competitor so I can put images on both sides of the card for organic chemistry.

  143. rainey18349

    This was a waste of my money. I assumed that since pictures were part of Quizlet plus that I would be able to put pictures on both sides. Wish I hadn't wasted $20 on this.

  144. thechrispatrick

    I agree w some of comments about. disgraceful that you can't put image on both front and back.

  145. chuckcolip

    Physician immediately regretting upgrade upon realizing images only 1 side

  146. connorlong90 PLUS

    Please allow images on both sides...

  147. hmohamed2021 PLUS

    I'm trying to study histology---I just assumed the image could be flipped so it would be on the 'term' side. I"m completely befuddled. Let's say I'm quizing myself, and I see 'Squamous cells' what am I supposed to do? draw it out and then check the ans? Hmm, how about seeing a slide with squamous cells and say "Ahaa, those are squamous cells!!!" and not "Columnar' for example. Anaother example: Similarly for languages, show a picture of a fork, and then the defiinition would have 'tenedor" (fork in spanish). Why would I want to see a picture of fork after I've guessed tenedor is a fork? I'd love to talk to the person who authored this backwards use case

  148. MrsSafford TEACHER

    Why can't we put pictures on BOTH sides????? Or at least be able to pick which side, term or definition. Not nearly as useful as it could be

  149. Germanizor TEACHER

    Yes, it's complete ridiculous. I'm also struggling with the images on only one side. And it's even worse now. The images on the flashcards are not on top and centered. No, the text get's squeezed to the right side. And no, it's getting eeeeven better. I can't upload any audio files... Have to record every single card pressing the spacebar and then there is a stupid inbuild software which manipulates the audio file, so my voice get cut down and the quality sucks. No, it's not over... The BEST part ist: I can't search any of my flashcards!!! All I have to say to Quizlet: I just wasted my time and money. Thank you so much...

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