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Studying offline just got easier

News · Posted by Amalia  March 12, 2019

Whether we’re making smart updates to our core features or adding extra value through our premium subscriptions, we always look to our users for insights. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made some key improvements to saving and managing sets for offline studying on the Quizlet mobile app — so you can feel confident you’ve got what you need whenever you need it.

Control what's saved

The feedback: You told us downloading sets was confusing and you wanted more control over what was stored on your phone. Fair. 😑
The update: You’ll see a clearer download option on every set. Tap it to save a set instantly and tap it again when you want to remove the set from your downloads. It’s that simple! 😊

Offline hero image.gif

Manage content easily

The feedback: It wasn’t always clear what was downloaded and sometimes you ended up not having what you needed when you went offline. Arrrgh. 😖
The update: You can quickly find your saved sets in a new Downloads tab under your Sets feed. To clean things up, you can remove individual sets from each set page or remove all media from your app Account Settings. 😌

Downloads tab.gif

Download automatically

The feedback: Why are some sets saved and not others? What if I don’t want to manually download every set? Come on Quizlet, help me out. 😒
The update: Choose whether or not you’d like us to automatically download your eight most recently studied sets in your app Account Settings. These sets will also appear in your Downloads tab, so you can easily check what’s saved before you go offline. 😉

Save automatically longer video.gif

If you have a Quizlet Go, Quizlet Plus or Quizlet Teacher account, you’ll see these changes right away — just make sure to update your app to the latest version. Love the updates? Think they’re okay, but want more? Tell us your thoughts here.

If you’re using Quizlet for free, you can try studying offline with a 7-day free trial. A Quizlet Go upgrade breaks down to just $1/month and unlocks more great features that make studying even easier. Or try Quizlet Plus for access to every advanced feature we have to offer. Learn more and see if it’s right for you.

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