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Introverts of the world: These are six reasons why it's worth studying with others

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Are you the kind of student who concentrates better when you’re alone? And if you are, should you always study alone?

Maybe your ideal study environment is at home in your room, with a steaming cup of coffee and only your pet to keep you company. You seem to write effortlessly in this environment. It’s late afternoon. You feel at ease because you are working at a good pace, and you know that you’ll be done with your work in time to get some good, quality sleep.

Benefits of studying alone vs. studying with others

Are there any advantages of studying with others if you always study alone? Should you study with others even if you’re all learning in a remote setting?

When you study alone, you:
-control when and where you study
-choose which material to focus on the most
-can study at your own pace
-do not have to interact with others, which is helpful if talking and listening distracts you

When you study in a group, you can:
-brainstorm and discuss writing topics
-ask questions about problem sets
-quiz each other on facts you need to memorize
-share notes if you have missed any coursework or concepts
-divide up concepts between study group members, and then teach one another
-play study music in the background to help everyone relax and concentrate

Teaching others is a highly effective way to test your own understanding of course material, especially material that involves processes and problem solving.

For example, if you are solving and graphing linear equations in algebra class, you can do practice problems on your own to check your own comprehension.

But teaching someone else requires you to understand how and why a specific process can get you to the right answer. It will also cement your understanding of when a certain process will not produce the right answer, and what you can do in those cases.

When you teach others, they may also have questions that you never thought of. If you can’t answer those questions, you might not totally understand your course material. This helps you identify areas that need work.

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In the end, you know what works best for you.

If you try and fail to concentrate when you study with others, a study group might not be for you. And that’s okay. Just hang out with friends after completing your schoolwork.

Whether you like to study with others, or work best when you’re alone, Quizlet’s lo-fi study mix videos can help you concentrate and make your study time more effective.


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