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Studying with symbols and accents just got easier

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Greetings, Quizlet users!

We just launched a new feature that simplifies studying sets that have symbols and accents. Now, Quizlet auto-detects the accents in a set and shows you only the accents you need when you study in Learn or Test mode, or play Space Race. No more need to click on “Show Symbols/Accents” by default and, even better, no more need to customize your symbols for each set you’d like to study!

For this French food list set, only 3 accented characters appeared (é, â, ê), so that's all we show you.

Note that when you create a new set or edit a flashcard from Learn mode, your customized accents will be available to you in case you need to type a word with an accent that wasn’t already in the set.

Let us know what you think by sending us some feedback!



    And this is pretty cool :)

  2. Max

    Thanks for this update. Studying my Chinese just got a lot easier. Also, I like the redesign of the customize symbols pane because finding that green 'X' was really hard to do.

  3. Commenter

    That makes it so much easier to insert accents in learn mode! Thanks a lot!

  4. Anonymous

    thats so cool. question though, whats up with being able to listen to our terms/def. now? it wasn't like that yesterday! but i think it is cool! thanks for everything!

  5. ctyonahl

    Good idea!

  6. mgd

    This is really cool, even though I don't really use the symbols and stuff. Thanks for the update!

  7. iwka

    I have tons of sets with Latin-English terminology, but the audio for Latin is in English, i.e. the Latin words are pronounced in English, which misses the point completely. Can this be fixed on my end? Thanks.

  8. Heyy

    wow now i can do spanish easier!!!
    8th post

  9. Neal

    Nice job, Quizlet.
    and 9th Comment! ;D

  10. Awesome

    thank you quizlet!

  11. Awesome

    10th comment yes

  12. frenchfreak

    thanx a bunch now i won't fail french :]

  13. Panther

    thanks so much...

  14. Michelle

    Great job, Andrew! I love Quizlet and any new things make me excited!

  15. i agree with iwka, the Latin pronoucations are way off.

  16. kristin

    omg thanks soo much i never know how to put accents onn! i <3 quizlet so much easier to learn! thanks!!!!!!!!

  17. twenty-four

    The idea is great

  18. Iceydude168

    This is great, but can you have an option to ignore the symbols/accents completely?

  19. rooneyvarunv

    This is amazing! but what if u could type in a different language? how would u do that?

  20. papafrita

    thank u!!!

  21. turkey123

    I didn't even know there were symbols in the first place!!! This is great! Thank you Quizlet!

  22. nettigraefe

    That is absolutely fantastic!!!! Thank you!

  23. studypixel

    This is perfect!! Quizlet is getting better every day!!! i do have a suggestion though:
    bullet points!!
    On a few of my flash cards there are bullet points and for some reason there is no button or key to put a bullet point- this is just a suggestion!
    BTW join my group------ Daily Questions- Answered!!!

  24. Me!

    25th post!
    Anyways... thanks for the new stuff!

  25. Anonymous

    Suggestion: In another learning application I use for Spanish (Conjuguemos) accents can be applied by the keyboard shortcut alt + a (differs between browsers). So if the last letter you typed was e and you did the shortcut the e would become accented. This is much more efficient for those who do not like to switch between the mouse and keyboard.

  26. rooneyvarunv

    i agree with "anonymous"

  27. HarryPotterRocks

    I think you should have the same thing for kana (main Japanese writing system) and hangul (Korean writing system). :)

  28. Really?

    This is what Quizlet wastes its time with!

  29. Lamb

    Excellent update. I must say, Quizlet continues to impress me with each change. Quizlet helps me with studying for my English and French tests and quizzes. And this change has helped me in French.

    Long live Quizlet.

  30. Catherine(:

    1) I don't agree with anonymous
    2) this helps me w/my french SO much!

  31. Jessica

    Quizlet is getting better everday!!!!!

  32. Tinker123

    It is still getting better!!!!

  33. ?

    :) cool

  34. nice

    so helpful thanks! :-)

  35. @Really?
    why is it a waste of time

  36. love thisssssssssssssssssssss

  37. gluebrain

    this is great, it's much simpler. are you going to add pinyin tones for chinese, though? it would be much easier for me to learn m

  38. zoe

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great and will make my studying spanish much easier on here

  39. Sling

    sounds like a great feature! a great addition to make studying Spanish a little faster

  40. Chace

    whoa dude! Thats pretty sweet

  41. erin

    @really?- this is not wasting time. its called improving the site and making it better and easier for those of us who appreciate it. Im sorry you dont feel that way as well.

  42. helen

    thanks so much theres so many accents in french! this really helps!

  43. Really?:

    quizlet is soooooo boorrringgggg.i hate it.u all r all kiss-ups

  44. @Really
    if you dont like the site go complain somewhere else and stay off this site

  45. 12345678910

    what is this i do not understand it at all

  46. FS47

    This is amazing!!! it'll make studying languages soo much easier. Thanks you quizlet =)

  47. Omg

    Thanx so much u rok this won't make me fail espangola I don't even no if I spelled that rite o well

  48. Anonymous

    Thanks! This rocks - Spanish flashcards are going to be much easier to study!

  49. Anonymous

    Good idea, but it isn't very helpful when you're playing Space Race. I'm a Spanish student and there's a lot of accents and it's getting kind of tiring to keep on pressing option+e and then the vowel. Could you please make an option that makes the game not count accent marks? That would make it a ton easier to get to a higher level for Space Race. Quizlet rocks and I don't know what I would do without it!! Thank You Quizlet!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  50. A "yeah-ya" Wright

    Thank You ssoooooooo much, Quizlet! I honestly don't know how I'd survive Latin without yall! Thanks and keep up the great work!!! : D

  51. ?

    who is this does any one know

  52. ?


  53. User


  54. LOLgirl

    This helps a lot! Quizlet, you are so awesomesauce! Thank you!


    Thanks soooo much!!! Do you know how mad french teachers get when you don't have the accent marky thing?!?! Nothing can stop quizlet now!!!! mwahahahaha

  56. Michael

    This is a good feature, but during games like Space Race, wouldn't it get a bit redundant having to do option+e?

    Perhaps it needs to just have an auto-detect.

  57. BEK1995

    I really like this feature and pity anyone who has nothing better to do than critizice those of us who want to do well in school and the GREAT folks who want to help us! I'm going to be taking a French Regents this year and NEED help with accents and stuff! Thanks, Quizlet!

  58. JH

    THanks! THis made studying russian so much easier cause now i can learn how to properly spell the words too! thanks so much! :)

  59. sam

    this would have helped in french class, but unfortunately that class just ended for the year for me on this past thursday... so yeah haha

  60. frannyjuly12

    Ohk. Thats a HUGE relief. Now, my french studying got SOOOOO much easier. Thanks Quizlet.

  61. R_Dash

    ok. it makes it wayyyyy easier

  62. kd

    Very cool for language stuff! Can an option be added for superscripts and subscripts too? My Chem ion flashcards are hard to read/study without them!

  63. BEK1995

    There are subscripts and postscrips!!! You just have to customize your accents and symbols! I did the same thing for my Chem vocab!

  64. Jan Stokseth

    I can not see that this enables me to indicate stress for Russian words...
    Is there a way around or will this come?

  65. Jaz13

    The only issue I've come across is scientific formulas. When I try to put a subscript "2" for example, it comes out "222". So when I click on a subscript once it appears 3 times. Same thing happened with the degree(s) symbol. It sucks to have to click it and delete twice and continue on.

  66. Isabella

    jaz13 sssshhhh already about some scientific formulas and what up with the 6 hour problem :lol:

  67. Isabella

    I have a book fair this week kids aren't even going 2

  68. Isabella

    ;) :lol:

  69. Olivia

    I hate this, I can't put in subscripts and super scripts for chemistry formulas anymore. This makes my studying and number labeling very confusing. You should still have the option to include symbols available.

  70. Euan

    What happened to the Show Symbols/Accents check box - it doesn't appear when I use the site and I can find no way to get rid of the auto-detected accents and symbols. This is a little bit annoying because it's kind of distracting visual clutter. Can anyone help me?

  71. jdgamble555 TEACHER

    Ignore accents, capitalization, and punctuation completely please!!!

  72. JoshuaDavid2518

    Is there a way to disable this? I have the international keyboard set-up so I don't need to use a mouse to click on symbols and the automatic drop-down is incredibly distracting and frustrating for me.

  73. prestonburch31

    How do you disable this? This is not helping me whatsoever and it is very distracting when it stays up constantly.


    how do you turn it off?

  75. errolmelvin

    Agree with the few others above - an option to disable this would be great.
    I already have a keyboard so this is just distracting.

  76. AlanaAmbrose PLUS

    This setting is driving me nuts. I don't need special characters and now my suggestions box won't pop up. I'd love to disable it.

  77. Blaiqley

    how do you disable it??? its driving me crazy!

  78. arnonsha1

    I join with the friends above - how can I disable the pop up keyboard?
    (and if it isn't yet possible, can you make it so?)
    Thank you, amazing app!!

  79. quizlette2891615

    Okay I've found a way of disabling this people: Use adblock and add the popup to your filter. I use uBlock Origin.

    You're welcome.


  80. akirarorschach

    This doesn't always activate.

  81. chynintendo

    what @redapple8787 said

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