Summer is coming! It's getting warmer every day. The hellish descent into finals week is getting closer. And with the end of finals comes the joy that is summer vacation. Yes! Before I get into how awesome that is, let me just quickly note that the messages page has been updated to allow viewing of your back-and-forth communication between you and another user. Cool stuff.


Last night I went to the Facebook f8 hack-a-thon event. Yesterday Facebook announced a completely new platform that allows anyone to integrate their applications into Facebook. So for example, Quizlet could integrate into Facebook by allowing users to share their vocab sets via facebook's friends system. There are a lot of cool things I could do with it, I just have to work out what would the most useful way of integrating some of Quizlet's features into facebook might be (I'm open to suggestions).

Photo: flawedartistLet me tell ya - the hack-a-thon event was pretty geeky. It was basically ~400 developers in a giant lounge with unlimited access to Red Bull, M&Ms, and gourmet Chinese food. And of course, plenty of lounge furniture and even a few giant TVs with Xbox consoles. Within this environment, there was some prolific hacking going on. Facebook had given us a platform to develop on, and so we all had our laptops to whip stuff up as fast as possible. By midnight, everyone would reconvene to show off what they had built in the preceding hours, and Facebook would hand out prizes. I sat next to a couple of people from and across from a bunch of people working for Obama '08. I didn't accomplish anything particularly impressive with Quizlet integration, but I did play around enough to find some pretty significant security and functionality bugs in their system (which I've reported to Facebook). Unfortunately, I had to go home a little earlier because it was a school night and I had essays to write! So I didn't get to see the results of all the programming that went on...Oh well.


My summer plans are about as unrelated to Quizlet and programming as they come - I'm spending eight weeks of my summer doing trail work and restoration with the Student Conservation Association. I'll be completely incommunicado the entire time - no Quizlet, no email, no Internet, no phone. The only way to reach me will be snail mail. Hey, maybe I'll post my address (when I get it) and you can send me cookies :)

The SCA is a national program that puts high school students on small volunteer crews that perform trail work and nature conservation in almost every national park. Last summer I spent four weeks in Rocky Mountain National Park building trails, smashing rocks, traversing glaciers, and making friends. It was, in honesty, a life-changing experience. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in volunteering and getting out of the city. It's probably too late to sign up for a crew for this summer, but I highly recommend checking out it's programs for both the coming school year and next summer. All the information is on their site.

my summer SCA crew

Me crushing rocks on my SCA crew from last summer.For this summer, I'll be spending four weeks in the Bay Saint Louis area, and four weeks in Acadia National Park in Maine. My crew of eight people will be from all over the U.S. (Some of whom I've already met via Facebook - hey!) We'll be working on who-knows-what. I'm really just looking forward to whatever they give me. It's a chance to get out of the city, out of the world of computers, and into new cultures I've never experienced. I should arrive home quite a bit tanner and more muscular - working on Quizlet isn't exactly a full body workout ;)

Practically speaking, that means I won't be able to answer support messages, write blog posts, or remove naughty sets. But never fear - I've got a few friends who should be able to step into my place for awhile and keep Quizlet humming while I'm gone. Because it will be summer vacation for most students, I'm expecting Quizlet traffic to slow down a bit, so the stress of keeping the site running should be less than it is now.

But after my summer SCA crew, Quizlet will be gearing up for a big 2008. I have several large-scale improvements, partnerships, and general expansions worked out already.

I'll be gone from June 16 to August 13. My last day of school is Friday, June 15. Can anyone say "end-of-the-year party?"


  1. VJ

    Wow, some of that stuff is pretty wild!
    (yay im first!)

  2. Nik

    Man, sounds like you've got your summer made. The SCA sounds really awesome – and they even have stuff in Virginia. I think I'll check it out next summer.

    You've talked about possible Facebook integration before, though not as in depth, and it sounds really promising. Still, you've also said you don't want Quizlet becoming a MySpace, but I think a balance can be found between the social and educational aspects. You've been able to do it so far.

    Anyway, have a great summer. You deserve it.

  3. Magee

    Do you 12 weeks off of school, or more? your lucky; i only get 10 :( what exactly is facebook? :?

  4. Andrew

    We get 11 weeks off - June 15 to August 31. It always seems pretty short.

    Facebook is a social network, sort of like Myspace, but much better and less stupid...

  5. :)

  6. Hewhoisnameless

    Facespacegoogorkutmapusergentubequiz the ultimate social networking site

  7. alicia

    Oh yeah, I get out June 13th, and go back to school September 4th!

  8. katymogle

    :) I get out of school June 8th but i dont know when u go back yet. i think august 25

  9. Sue

    "much better and less stupid."
    hahaha. :D

  10. sam

    Ya. Sounds very interesting. I hope you have fun. Im going to canada for a week, here ad there and possibly to asia somewher e but ya that's it. I get off school on June 6th so i have plenty of time to relax. School is a blah now. finals finals finals uuhhhhh. i spent the whole memorial day weekend studying for finals and tests.... teachers go crazy this time of year , so do students. ugh.

  11. /gradster(1)/

    Ha. 72 hours left for me... <a href="" rel="nofollow">hazardandy</a> is counting.


  12. Pyotr

    Are you going to look like this when you come back?


  13. genova

    thats funny poytr and ur totaly right, andrew, myspace is stupid................. for me.

    I dont know whats so kool about it.

  14. alicia

    Oh and by the way, Andrew. I'd totally go to that hack-a-whatever, just for the M&amp;Ms! B)

  15. alicia


  16. amricasnxttpmdl

    i am going to hawaii and i am in south africa and i get out of school june 14. yayayayyayayayyay. that is in like........2 weeks. yay!!!!!!!!

  17. peach1

    omg. amricasnxttpmdl i

  18. peach1

    that got messed up. what i meant is. omg. amricasnxttpmdl i luv ur name. that is my all time favorite show. anyways i just wanted to say thanks to andrew for making this the best website eva. THANKYOU ANDREW!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. amricasnxttpmdl

    thanks its my fav. show also. i agree with peach. THANK YOU ANDREW.

  20. 200591

    Sound totally awsome!!!

  21. frenchfanatic

    that is sooo sweet, jealous :)

  22. meme453

    wow that sounds cool :)

  23. yup

    yup i can

  24. Summer

    Please don't make QUIZLET part of myspace !!

  25. its here

    its here so take it off

  26. Kailey

    Cool ! i think? =-)

  27. Angela

    No fair! :) we get off on June 14th, but that's coming up soon...

  28. Heiswhoisnameless

    im out

  29. Thunder_Dude

    Sounds cool. My brother got out on Wendsday. Curse you, seinors... anyway, I'm still happy, cause my family's bailing to the beach the day before! :)

  30. Thunder_Dude

    sorry, that came out weird... I meant to mention that I get out on the 18th and we're bailing to the beach the day before that. I type way too fast... :)

  31. Tamika

    i cant wait until summer. it is in 2 days 4 me

  32. Ariesangel416

    whoever made this site: OMG U ROOL! thank u so much! ive studies for all of my finals and tests this year on it! it rox my sox off &amp; bak on again!!

  33. horselover101

    hey i got out of school in march and go back in august!!

  34. anonymous

    yes school is out :razz:

  35. LILLY

    Summer is sooooooo awsome!!!!!!!!!!=)

  36. Chocoa

    YEAH! my in Wisconsin.....starts on the first Tuesday in September!!! but why is it a Tuesday....??? oh well! one more day of FREEDOM!!!!!! :D

  37. tiff

    wow that is the coolest thing i have ever seen so i will talk to you later

  38. tiff

    it is so hot otside

  39. crystal

    i miss summer soo much :(

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