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Instagram Summer Contest Winners ☀️

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Thank you to all who submitted great photos!

As the contest ended yesterday, we are happy to announce the winners of this year's 2019 Instagram Summer Contest. For more information about this summer's contest, read about the giveaway here.

As a refresher, participants had to take a picture of themselves with the Quizlet Dog found in our highlights and share it to Instagram. Participants had the opportunity to be selected as the winner for the following categories:

  1. Most Memeworthy 📷
  2. Most Creative🎨
  3. Most Chill 😎

And the winning photos are...

Most Memeworthy, Grand prize winner 🥇


Most Creative, 2nd place prize winner 🥈


Most Chill, 3rd place prize winner 🥉


It was such an exciting and fun experience for Quizlet staff to look through the submissions and see everyone's fun summer travel. Stay tuned, we'll have more exciting opportunities for our followers to win more great prizes.

Thanks everyone!