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Since we introduced Quizlet Live last spring, more than 100,000 teachers have played our collaborative learning game with over 4 million students. The Quizlet team has loved seeing all the excitement and learning happening in your videos, blog posts and tweets from all over the world. Students and teachers have played a key part in developing Quizlet Live since the beginning. And now, we're excited to announce a new set of features, inspired by requests from all of you.

Photo courtesy of Megan Priebe

With the start of the school year, we’ve added the top three most-requested features to Quizlet Live, available today — but only for Quizlet Teacher subscribers. Included with the Quizlet Teacher upgrade, you can create your own teams, keep the game going from set to set, and even play a game with audio!

Customize teams

Want to group your students together based on level, who gets along, or keep your students seated where they are? Quizlet Live can still assign teams randomly, but now you can customize who’s on which team before starting a game. Pair students together that can learn from each other, or keep the same teams from day to day.

Keep your teams while switching sets

Expand the material you can cover in a Quizlet Live session by switching between sets with a click of a button — all while keeping the same teams. You can start with a review set and then jump to introduce new content without losing time shuffling students around.

Play with audio

Help students learn how to pronounce the words they're seeing by playing the game with audio . The audio feature is great for foreign languages, ESL, or even reinforcing English vocabulary. Just turn audio on when you set up your teams and you’re ready to go. Warning: using audio can add to the occasional cacophony of a round of Quizlet Live!

These three new features are part of Quizlet Teacher, which also includes the ability to add custom images to your study sets, record your voice, remove ads, and track class progress. As always, we very much value your feedback, so please let us know how these features work for you, and what you’d like to see next. Have a great school year!


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    I completely agree with profemandy! I too would love to be able to choose how many teams I have in the room so I could have them in groups of two instead of just four. Right now my "fix" is to have two quizlet live games going at once! I also would like to choose how long or how many questions are included in the round.

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    Love this game and the students do, too....two suggestions:
    (1) Ability to switch which side of the card is shown without having to log everyone out
    (2) keep a record of team answers/points/playing. I like to give extra credit to winning teams.

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    Love "LIVE" but we need more functionality:
    1. A choice to have more or less problem to answer than just 12.
    2. Set a number of teams per class.
    Thank you!

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