To say “I am a teacher” means doing so much more than standing up every day in front of students and lecturing. Teachers mentor, coach, inspire, and serve their communities selflessly all year. This week, Quizlet wants to celebrate teachers and show our deep appreciation for the amazing work they do.

We want to give one deserving teacher and his or her entire department free upgrades to Quizlet Teacher, our premium subscription for educators!

Nominate an amazing teacher

Think about a teacher (or a colleague or even yourself) who has inspired you. Is this person a master of integrating technology into the classroom? Is this person an amazing coach or mentor? We want to know! Please nominate this teacher here! Enter your teacher’s name and email if you think he or she deserves a FREE Quizlet Teacher account — it’s as simple as that!

Once you’ve submitted your nomination, you can increase your teacher’s chances of winning by sharing the contest with others, following @Quizlet on Twitter or Instagram, or subscribing to our YouTube Channel. In fact, shout out to your teacher on your Instagram story and tag us! We will feature some of our favorite shout outs throughout the week.

One lucky teacher winner will receive Quizlet Teacher (valued at $35.99/upgrade) unlocks even more features to help keep students engaged and on track — including real-time data on student progress, as well as more ways to customize your material and games of Quizlet Live! #QuizletLovesTeachers

At the end of the week, we’ll randomly select one nominee to win Quizlet Teacher for him or herself and everyone in their department. Four additional winners will be chosen at random to receive Quizlet SWAG packs. To enter, make sure to use the widget above to tell us all about the great teacher you know.

We’re honored to play a small part in the invaluable work that teachers do. Thank you, teachers!

No purchase necessary to enter; terms and conditions apply.


  1. josephsaji

    hi happy teachers appriciation week to every teachers

  2. kc41053

    good luck teachers.THNX for All youve done

  3. PineappleArtist

    Thank you teachers for everything you do

  4. sfleet708

    Big shout out to Mrs.Cothern 6th-grade language arts teacher you are the best teacher ever Thanks for all your help.

  5. Mariocool451

    Thank you teachers

  6. lunes102

    happy teacher appreciation week👍🏽

  7. Joseph3486

    thanks teachers for your hard work to us students!!!

  8. ExicitedKangaroo

    Thanks to all of the teachers at Matoaca- you are the best!

  9. XimenaGua

    happy teachers appreciation week

  10. krimmelchoir

    hi and happy teachers week love you all

  11. abbster_k

    happy teacher week!

  12. The-RealFunForLife

    WOOO TEACHERS! You are able to teach and deal with kids/ students. That's hard. You make it look so easy, thanks for dealing with us.

  13. Legolas_01 PLUS

    I love teachers

  14. Legolas_01 PLUS

    one teacher helped me with a research paper so they lit

  15. paytonbush1234

    Thanks, so much to all the teachers out their. You always try your hardest to help us, and take amazing care of us. We all need to thanks you for your all the time you have given up to help every one. We love you!
    Shout to all my teacher at BGS!

  16. asmivinu123

    A big THANK YOU to all those teachers out there! I can't even begin to describe how much you've helped me. Shoutout to my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Demarie Anderson, for showing me how much I love to write. Shoutout to my sixth-grade science teacher, Mr. Mike Martin, for letting me teach some of the days in his class when I was feeling down. I think it helped both of us :). I wouldn't be able to do it without you!


  17. LordOfTheRings04


  18. RohitSharmaRS

    Big Shioutout to ms.baria my english teacher

  19. jman1805

    Thanks to all of my teachers

  20. Jerrythefishberry

    Big shout to Mrs. Strauss 7th grade language art teacher. You have given me a different viewpoint of English and helped with my grammar. I will really miss you as you leave.

    We love you.

  21. LHack17

    shout out to my 8th grade english teacher mrs denton

  22. RohitSharmaRS

    Shoutout to my other teachers

  23. finlayarcher

    Let's talk about how these amazing people who teach us all the important and interesting things during our early years earn approximately a tenth of a footballer's weekly wage a year!

  24. odingo604

    Thx every single teacher who has helped me through school🥳

  25. Rohit_Rachapudi

    every tecaher has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo great during my schooll. it has been super fun!. Thanks Teachers

  26. ths_oneguy94642

    teacher are good teacher are great so we appreciate them

  27. amazingjett87

    teachers rule!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. draidep117 PLUS

    Thanks to all teachers of the whole world, for always teach and share all theirs knowledge.

  29. blazershatoya

    i want to give a shout to my teacher mrs abbaitello

  30. Proverbs_2_6

    One of my favorite quotes on teaching: "I touch the future. I teach."

    Thank you teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. amazingJaely


  32. alerep2024

    no 1 cares

  33. AWR15

    Thank you all, teachers, you are appreciated!

  34. whiteswan030207

    thank you teachers for all you have done for us

  35. alanacarlene15

    A Huge Shoutout to Mr. Umburg for everything he has done for me and to help me get through so much stuff. Also another huge shoutout goes to Mrs. Seay! She is an amazing teacher and has helped me make sure I have turned all my assignments! Thank You so much for everything

  36. Mr_Womble

    Good job. I want to see more like it.

  37. zmarple

    Great teachers = great students

  38. Chaterboxkitty

    Thank you Teachers, you make the world a much better place.

  39. majestictyler54

    teachers are the best they helped me through rough times

  40. donovenl

    Shout out to teachers everywhere

  41. XimenaGua


  42. Bailey666666


  43. Chicken0305

    Thank you teachers, for what knowledge you gave us we thank you! We hope you have had a great time teaching us! :)

  44. HungryAndNormal

    To any teachers reading this:

    Thank you for what you do! Thank you for your efforts to help us understand difficult concepts, and to make that process of learning FUN! By trying to integrate technologies (such as quizlet) into your classes, as a student, let me say that we appreciate it SO MUCH!

    If you feel like your efforts are in vain, please teachers, DON'T GIVE UP! Every class you give, every paper you grade, every quizlet live game you host matters, and we benefit from it more than you know.

  45. Sherichy25

    Good job all teeachers for your hard work!!!

  46. Angelic_Power

    Happy Teacher's Appreciation Week!

    To any teachers reading this:

    Thank you for what you do! Thank you for your efforts to help us understand difficult concepts, and to make that process of learning FUN! By trying to integrate technologies (such as Quizlet) into your classes, as a student, let me say that we appreciate it SO MUCH!

    If you feel like your efforts are in vain, please teachers, DON'T GIVE UP! Every class you give, every paper you grade, every Quizlet live game you host matters, and we benefit from it more than you know.

  47. amazingangelina08 PLUS

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! : )
    Thank you teachers for all you do for us. You are all very hardworking and always try to help us understand more. You are always helping us to understand and teach us in many ways. It is very hard to be a teacher (especially if you have kids who don't like to listen). But, you all put in the effort of trying and teaching us no matter what. Teachers, you are all the best! You are amazing and incredible. Great job for all that you do everyday. Thank you for all you have done for us!

  48. epsbscott05

    Shout out this year to my English teacher and Spanish teacher for making studying easier.

  49. EllahibNajwa

    Gracias teachers! :)

  50. mkreitman18

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! I want to thank all the teachers out there for doing what you do, and I want to especially the teachers who really care about their kids and are more than just teachers. Teachers like that are hard to come across, and try to make learning fun. Being a teacher is very hard, but some teachers take it to the next level to help us learn and understand things, and help every individual. But the most important thing is to have fun, and certain teachers ace that test! I want to give a special shout out to the teachers at Forsyth School, for helping me as a student in many different ways. But thank you to every teacher out there in the world for doing what you do!

  51. kaylee_ranae25


  52. kaylee_ranae25

    i agree

  53. SuperMario211

    Thank you to all teachers!!!

  54. SuperMario211

    Students really appreciate what you do and have done for us over the years.

  55. miroslav_ksenak TEACHER

    I hear that quite often "Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region"

  56. VytenisP


  57. chris123623

    HAPPY TEACHERS APPRECIATION WEEK!;) shout out to all my teachers love you all. !!!!!!!!


    And HAPPY TEACHERS Appreciation WEEK

  59. kdude3

    And HAPPY TEACHERS Appreciation WEEK

  60. cutiefox56

    hi and thx teachers for everything

  61. Mufasa_1305

    Thx to all my teachers theyre the best

  62. tigers2121

    Teachers are amazing

  63. Jalen_Stephens15

    Shoutout to :
    -Dana Cook- MHS ECON
    -William Hammond and Jennafer Hall - MHS WH1
    -Michelle Herrin-MHS ADV. ENG
    -Jaqueline Gebhart- MHS PT
    -Jamie Dottavio-MHS GEOMETRY
    -Eric Ludden-MHS DR. ED / PE 10
    -Renee Johanessen - MHS MARKETING
    -Mary Pietro- MHS ADV . BIO
    -Delphine Ngo Kattal - MHS SPANISH 11
    -Mrs.Quinnan- MHS PT

  64. Jalen_Stephens15


  65. amihalko2021

    Love them teachers!!!

  66. Manzer10

    Thank you to all of you! I love my job!

  67. Manzer10

    Shoutout also to Mrs Reckner, Mrs. Ford, and Mrs. Salazar

  68. Tears_of_Pains

    Thank you teachers for sharing us what you know without yall we would know nothing about the world

  69. catfiss22

    Happy teacher appreciation week all over the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️

  70. silverlake2018

    Yeah right

  71. davsan122

    teachers are very important to the community

  72. TSM_MATIN12345

    appreciate it teachers

  73. nour17446069

    happy teacher appreciation week

  74. BJCJSZ


  75. davmar123

    H yeah brother

  76. theDaniel_Becker

    my daddy touch me

  77. Tristan_Shropshire

    I thank every teacher and im sorry that you go through dis respect

  78. Filmon2018


  79. Filmon2018


  80. bhunnit101

    Thank you teachers!!!!!

  81. Ian____Robert-Wagner

    also mrs crelas better than mrs ramdin


    mrs. frazier


    she the best

  84. redblock5678

    Teachers are fun some of the time. I know sometimes you don't want to be in a class room & doing homework,but you will need to learn everthing your teacher teaches to you. shout to sis Kelly PCG ACADEMY

  85. Ana_Arvidson1

    Mr. King

  86. Ana_Arvidson1


  87. cecilia50907

    big shoutout to Ms. Shouemaker. best religion teacher ever!

  88. khankail

    A big shout out to the best teacher in the world, Mrs. Stilts and many more at New England Public!

  89. bobamakesmehappy

    Teachers are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Mrs_Silman

    Shout out to the Tri-North Teachers
    Mr. Watkins
    Mr. Frazier
    Mrs. Breidenbach
    Mrs. Harden
    Mrs. Ratzburg
    Mrs. Zimmer
    Mrs. Eads
    Mrs. Newell
    Dr. Bowman
    Mrs. Walsh
    Ms. Morgan
    Ms. Sutherlin
    Ms. Hawkins
    Ms. Wever
    Mr. Williams
    Mr. Chavez
    Ms. Rice
    Mr. Eckerle
    Ms. Arnold
    Mr. Ahearn
    Ms. Martin
    Ms. Reeves
    Mr. Roberts
    Mr. Landrum
    Ms. Nichols
    Mrs. Farmer
    Ms. Riggins
    Dr. Marchese
    Mrs. Silman
    Mr. Halterman
    Mr. Basinger

  91. Bozzer12345


  92. rosie2189

    I'd love to thank my teacher Mrs. Makaroff from Pioneer Baptist Church and School in Norwalk, California.

  93. katie13n5

    Happy teacher's appreciation week to all those awesome teachers in the world!

  94. The_Heritage

    I'm proud to be as a teacher! If you're a teacher, your kids love you!

  95. Nothando9702

    A greatest appreciation to our teachers... You're not only our teachers but parents as well. We thank you for your everyday good work.

  96. john_cooper404

    My teachers the homies

  97. Anonymous269

    Mrs. Meyers Is the best teacher by far

  98. TheLitGroupCreator

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

  99. Bli268

    Thanks Teachers

  100. cuyler27



    I love you Mrs. Coots and Mr. Goddard.

  102. Lucifer---

    The amount of patience teachers have is outstanding

  103. trinitycampbll127

    thanks to all the teachers out there and good luck to middle school teachers😇

  104. SurefourCanada

    Thank you teachers
    (and staff)

  105. iihaley

    thanks teachers

  106. am20581

    techers rock

  107. alyssa4882

    thank u techers

  108. favian_sanjuandiaz

    Thank You teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  109. noach_benz

    thank you teachers! If you see this Rebbs, no, I am not thanking you....

  110. kingzboy928

    happy teacher appreciation week!!! Id just like to say thank you to Mr. pardue for being the best 5th grade teacher ever!! 😎😎😀😀

  111. majesticlawson2006

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd like to thank all the teachers:) :0

  112. JB108221

    Thsnks to all of the teachers out there we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. fortnitesavage369

    thank you to all our teachers

  114. ChristyK54321

    Thank you teachers for all your help and inspiration!

  115. kkolqm

    thank you all OLQM teachers you r the best

  116. Abbyrh10

    Thank u all teachers. Our schools would not be standing without you.

  117. jfdez

    Yeah...what people are saying! Amazing job, teachers!!!

  118. Camille0203

    Thank you teachers. Most people think teachers are not cool, but how would we be here without you? Our teachers come to help us learn every single day. Thank you teachers

  119. MystaryPi

    Happy Teachers Appreciation Week!

    Thank you to all teachers!

  120. dogs0807

    Thanks to Mrs. Duver my 6th grade LA

  121. teasia84

    Happy Appreciation TEACHERS

  122. Berlandes

    Thank you teachers, you are the best!!!

  123. Maddy2662

    THANKS, teachers. The amount of focuse and love of teaching that they have. WOW!

  124. Maddy2662

    Thanks Teachers

  125. fantasticPoppy1234

    go teachers

  126. Shrikari123

    Best shout out to Mr. Waltrup and Ms.Rock they are the best 8th grade teachers

  127. Alyviaking-

    Thanks, teachers you are appreciated !!

  128. Duck27

    thanks teachers! every teacher should get the fancy one for free

  129. Brightheart333

    Thank you teachers for everything that you've done! You have helped us students become better people and we never seem to thank you for everything that you've done for us. You do things for us that we can't ever repay. It's to much to ever b possible to give you. You support us and are always there for us. You deserve more love and appreciation than we could ever give you in-class. Again, thank you for everything that you do for us all! We love you!

  130. Brightheart333

    Shout out to all the teachers of Mountain Avenue Elementary School, Rosemont Middle School, and Crescenta Valley High School!

  131. abbie_da_pidget

    Shout out to Mrs. MENKE!!

  132. bustamante56

    thank u teachers :)

  133. DavidB638

    Shout out to Ms.rosenthal

  134. kadenmerrick

    this day is for all the teacher's out their

  135. meenuanoop

    Shoutout to Mr.Fitzhenry! He was my 5th-grade teacher.

  136. kadenmerrick

    huge shought out to miss. vandusen

  137. Sabrinalamm1

    if you can read this thank your teacher. And ef yu cun reed thes yu probuly ar a teacha

  138. GoldenSwanlake

    I love my teacher she's so awesome sometimes we might think she's cray cray but she was really stressed for leap and all she wants to do is help us learn

  139. dhwggewf

    Teachers rule.

  140. SkoolYearStuff

    Happy Belated Teachers Appreciation Week #thankateacher

  141. cutepup47

    huge shout out to Mr.Roberts

  142. XavierWinston3877

    Happy Teacher Week to all of my teachers out there!!!

  143. ThisHerron_

    Happy Teacher Week to Teachers teaching

  144. Dank_Sans

    Happy Teacher Week 2019! am i late

  145. lfaleni60

    Big shout out to Mrs. Liland Kimberly from East High School Anchorage District, thanks for being patience with us even though we give you headaches.......
    thx for everything, we appreciate you, and thx for always feeding me in 1, 2, amd 3rd hour............................

  146. lfaleni60

    Happy Teachers Appreciation Week to all the Teachers in East High School Anchorage District...........

  147. Naruto3801

    Happy teachers Appreciation Week to all the teachers in Bradford Elementry

  148. JamesWagnerJimmy

    Shout out to Elisabeth Lundry. A 6th-grade science teacher at Northwest Valley Middle School!

  149. masonatore

    this sounds really worth it

  150. FA7761

    Happy Teachers Appreciation Week! Thank you teachers for teaching us students!

  151. WhoIsLogan

    Thank you teachers you make my every day funny and enjoyable for me, and you have really changed my life and education forever.

  152. WhoIsLogan

    Thank god for teachers at Aynor Middle School

  153. kseleazer

    Happy teacher appreciation week

  154. lildude3000

    happy teachere appreciation week

  155. Wishingstar19

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week,
    There wouldn't be this good of a world if you weren't here to teach us, thank you for that
    I'd like to thank Mrs. DerryBerry, Mrs. Hinman, Mr. Murphy Mrs. Palin, Mr. Smith Mrs. Boucher, Mrs. Fessler Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Hendricks Mrs. Inabnit, Mrs. Mckenzie, Mrs. Mourten, Profe Murphy, Profe Downey, and Mr. Jensen, Mrs. Beckely, Mrs. Koppang, Mrs. Wolferman and last but not least; Mrs. Anderson. I love you all and keep on teaching. Even if we give you a hard time.
    I love you all and keep teaching.

  156. Darkstar_is_Angry

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week,
    Thank all the teachers all over the world for teaching us. Your wisdom has lead us students to realize how important learning is.
    I'd like to deeply thank Ms. Hu, Ms. Barnes, Mr. Hunsberger, Ms. Young, Ms. Laprade, Ms. Rabitoy, Ms. Kelye, Ms. Fatheringham, Ms. Babani, Ms. Heady, Ms. Allman, and Mr. Peterson.

  157. diyashetty135

    Happy teachers appreciation week. Thank you to all those who have strived to teach us kids for such a long year

  158. sofia_1208


  159. Vincent868

    so cool...

  160. Icequeen0331

    Happy Teachers Appreciation Week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Elijah_P_66 PLUS

    Good job teachers!

  162. Ramsey_Duke


  163. averyhallen

    go teachers! shoutout to mrs. bradley

  164. amazingOreo567

    WE LOVE YOU MRS. STANLEY!!!❤️💛💚💙💜🖤



  166. Volderex

    Thank You Miss LaRocca

  167. hedwig9342

    Thank you teachers!!!!!!!

  168. Godspeed01

    Mrs. Hearn
    Mrs. Waravdekar
    Mrs. Wetzel
    Mrs. Naugle
    Mr. Tobery
    Mrs. West
    Mrs. Sica

  169. larahw

    Thank you to all the teachers at Scarsdale Public Schools.

  170. Chetas_Batra

    Thank you to all of the teachers in the world and happy teacher appreciation week.

  171. SleepyBender

    Thank you, Mrs Stockard, for showing another side of me I didn't realize I had. Thank you, Mr Martin, for making all your lectures fun. Thank you, Mr Brandt, for adding in games like Kahoot and Quizlet Live for us all to learn the material. Thank you, Ms Bogdanowicz, for allowing us to not fail and being our conscience to save our grades in Physics.

  172. Paige_Morrison83

    Thank u teachers for all u do for us

  173. brie_bern

    thanks teachers :)

  174. huskiesjt

    thanks teach

  175. wolflover895

    Thank you for guiding us in the right way to a better life.

  176. FelixP442

    teachers are so awesome! i love teaching

  177. DravenV11130

    teachers are so awesome!

  178. CalabBurch-09cycat

    Shout out to all of the teachers, we love you all!

  179. wonderfulBeanstalk5

    teachers help us out every way they can

  180. JohnFurry21

    Good luck Teachers! Thanks for teaching me stuff.

    Shout out to Mrs. Orzel

  181. yasyahDZ

    Some people (and teachers) cannot nominate other teachers because it says; "Sorry, this promotion is not available in your region". It's a bit of a nuisance.

  182. Jonty2019

    Thanks to all the teaches out there

  183. Tristan_Ebrahimi

    Thanks teachers of MMS.

  184. greatJEANNA1

    Thank you because today is it 😉😉😉

  185. CampanaD039

    Cha Cha real Smooth

    Thanks for teaching Mr.Leible


    He lets me draw memes on his whiteboard.
    I guess we annoy him but he is a fun teacher!

  186. Neeko_The_Neko

    my teacher is soooo nice!!!
    she lets us listen to music in class!!

  187. The32stPlays

    Thanks To Every Teacher Good Luck

  188. Nolan12318

    Teachers are lit

  189. AzHotPink13

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!!! I love Teachers!!!

  190. christina2008s

    Happy Appreciation Week teachers! We love you all! Big shoutout to my teachers Ms.Rush, Mrs.Andrews, Mrs.Popp, and Mr.Kretzman! They teach me and my class mostly fun stuff and more.

  191. avocado9811

    Thank you teachers for all you do! Especially my wonderful 7th grade teachers in Bow!! I am so happy to celebrate my teachers Mrs.Garfield, Mrs.Dion, Madame Khasanova, Mrs.Shaw, and Mrs.Dine. Thank you so much for teaching me all that I've learned this year! Also a shoutout to all subs you guys are great too!

  192. avocado9811

    Subs are teachers too and I would like to thank them! Since they are even more underappreciated than the real teachers! Also all the helper teachers who have helped make me who I am today!

  193. M_C143

    Teachers are the best! I love them! Happy teachers appreciation!

  194. NotMeMe

    thx teachers

  195. CAMPFALLS2019

    Happy teacher's appreciation week! Thank you teachers!
    I don't get how people are ridiculing teachers and calling them dumb. Good teachers give alot of their time to students, so please don't call them dumb, especially on this comment zone to thank teachers.

  196. lovey450

    I wanna thank Benjamn for teaching me Spanish

  197. VuxVux04 TEACHER

    Mhm....I'm a teacher I need It for my class Thanks Quizlet!

  198. nce963080

    Happy teacher appreciation week

  199. amazingJT24

    good luck teachers

  200. Definatlynotarussian

    Happy teacher appreciation week

  201. TheAmazingKMAProob

    Looks very Cool i like It.

  202. REDSKULL823

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week. Shout out to my Dad he is a teacher at a special ed school called Heart Land. It is a school for those on their way to YDC . He has a hard time so, give him a lot of love and appreciation.

  203. AnnaFlor123

    Happy Teacher week!


    Have a great week teachers! You all deserve a break. You all have done a great job teaching and did it in a fun way! My favorite teachers are: Thompson, Cripe, Cheshire, and Sade. (Not in order) Have a great week y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. gracielmullins

    so grateful for all my wonderful teachers. i luv u guyz!!!! :P

  206. NathanWojes

    I had a 5th Grade teacher named Mr. Grismer who was always very nice and was very caring and asked if something was wrong when I was upset. :]

  207. RainbowPanda13

    Thanks to my teachers Mrs. Castell and Mrs. Marana.

  208. haileymkoch

    I love my teachers because they care about me!

  209. WolfiesROCK

    Thanks to all the teachers of the world, I know you don't get paid enough for the quality of your work, so I wish all of you good luck!

  210. snowwolf39

    this is one smart,good,great teacher i love you are a great teacher you have been there when i was to fail thank you also im going to make it for me and for you thank you

  211. alita00

    Happy Teacher appreciation to every teacher around the world.

  212. supermajesticLAURE

    Thanks to my favorite teachers Mrs. Glennon and Ms. Sherwsbury thanks for all your help through the year and every thing else.

  213. Kate8149

    Thank you to all of the teachers out there. You all deserve our respect. You work so hard and don't often get credit for what you do. You are all so important and deserve to be recognized for what you do on a regular basis. Please continue doing what you love and inspire the next generation of students. You inspire many students each and every year and you all deserve to be known.

  214. JakeBaker14

    Thank You Wellington College Teachers, Happy Teachers Day!!!

  215. gilianrobb TEACHER

    i don't know what id do without my teachers my favourite is mr masango my zulu teacher hes so nice
    and my english teacher ms van vyk

  216. ashimation

    thank you teachers for inspiring our students all around the world to be able to do and learn to their needs.

  217. MMudkip

    Happy Teacher Week!

  218. TotallyNotFern

    Congratulations to teachers for teaching us the material we need to pass school and life.

  219. SHANIYABRAY2765

    who won the compitition

  220. vadonm

    Happy Teacher Apperaction week Dear Mrs Balsamo And Joanne Dianne we Like to Thank all Of you For a Big help i will Miss you Very much and You both Are the Best Love both of you

  221. crnicholas

    Yeah Yeah go teachers

  222. Im_a_godly_god

    Love you teachers

  223. Baseball6711

    Thank you to all the great teachers that work tirelessly to help us and teach us to be great students!

  224. S000120

    Go Mrs.M I love my teacher she is the best teacher ever, now let me name a bunch of other teachers I appreciate.


  225. amazingReyes2006

    Teachers are the best,
    They put us to the test,
    Making us learn is the best. ;)

  226. Sky_Welch

    thank you teachers

  227. Captain0JackSparrow

    Thank u for teaching us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. hamm20058

    thank you teachers!!!!

  229. melissac_123

    Shoutout to:
    Mr Crumpton
    Mrs Crumpton
    the best French and maths teachers ever :-)

  230. melissac_123

    Thank you teachers everywhere!!

  231. dora_the_explorer10

    thank you Mrs.park for helping me with everything you did to try and help the whole class'

  232. Ava20061312

    Thank you so much to all of the teachers that have helped me in the past. I'm so grateful to have had anyone to help me, but teachers, thank you!

  233. Ava20061312

    Shout out to R.D Head Elementary, FFMS middle scool, and GGC college. I love you all!

  234. teacheraccount101 PLUS

    Shout out to Sarah Palumbo, my amazing magistra (latin for teacher)! Because of you, I really appreciate the Latin language (and your dedication)--I hope to see you again next year now that school has ended!🤧I will miss you!😭

  235. amazingpopxgrande

    All teachers are awesome on Quizlrt !!!
    Thks so much

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