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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from Quizlet

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Here at Quizlet, we believe teachers deserve our appreciation every single day. So obviously, we’re here for Teacher Appreciation Day, especially this year.

Teachers have gone above and beyond, pivoting between remote learning, hybrid models and masked in-person lessons. All the while, they have done their very best to engage students and build the next generation of thinkers through Zoom lessons or plexiglass.

We know there’s nothing we can do that will equal the monumental effort teachers have made this year. But in the spirit that nothing is better than homemade, we wrote you a poem celebrating the awesomeness of teachers. We hope you enjoy it.

Pandemics and academics are not a good mix
It was up to our teachers to offer a fix
So let’s celebrate them, they’re doing their best
Giving lessons, telling stories, devising the tests

They’re up early each morning, not sure what’s ahead
“Is today a remote day or a hybrid instead?
It’s hard to prepare for this class in advance
Oh wait, it’s IN-PERSON! Better put on some pants!”

Teaching kids during Covid is a challenging task
“Suzie, what did you say? Can you take off your mask?”
An hour of this could make anyone grouchy
Thank goodness for the vaccine and dear Doctor Fauci!

Yes, the heroes are many in this challenging time
The doctors and nurses, the folks on the line
And our teachers are right there, heroic as well
Finding new ways to reach, to teach and excel

Lots of schools have reopened and kids are in class
Our teachers are happy because this virus will pass
You see, Zoom’s not a classroom and remote can’t replace
A hug or a handshake, a well-earned embrace

We appreciate teachers, we salute what they do
Underpaid, overworked yet they always pull through
They rise to the challenge and answer the call
They’re a reason why “normal” will come in the Fall

It’s time to applaud them and laud them with praise
But that’s not enough time to give them a raise!

If you are a teacher, share this poem on Twitter using #QuizletAppreciatesTeachers for a chance to win a $100 Amazon Giftcard or a 1 year Quizlet Teacher Subscription. Share the poem link on twitter by Friday 5/7 and we will randomly select winners. See giveaway details here.


  1. Swati_Pundhir

    Thank You Quizlet ,Awesome Poem!

  2. Debra_Clem1

    That made me smile on a Monday. morning! Thank you!

  3. Wendy_Molina

    It has been a challenging year to say the least, but for those of us who enjoy teaching it has allowed us to think outside of the box. Congratulations to all the teachers around the world! May you finish your year strong knowing that your reward is in seeing the smile of a student saying, "I got it!"

  4. OHFrench TEACHER

    Thank you. <3

  5. Peter_Terry6

    Vielen Dank! Merci! Gratias Tibi! grazie! Muchísimas Gracias!

  6. kisssell0628

    Thank you Quizlet! I love the poem, which is thoughtful and beautiful.

  7. Joy_Peterson17


  8. stephanietay TEACHER

    Thank you for the recognition of what a topsy-turvy year this has been. my mother would say..."We are making memories." At some point we will look back and laugh...I hope! :)

  9. A_Key862 TEACHER

    Thank you very much!

  10. sgilbert419

    Thank you! This is great!

  11. Cynthia_Kmidowski

    nicely stated! thank you! it is good to be appreciated.

  12. ShafferClass

    Thank you so much for the words of encouragement!

  13. QLvenegas TEACHER

    so true! Thanks:)

  14. Raul_Urrunaga

    Thank you!

  15. Monica_Morales6 TEACHER

    Great poem, Thank you!!

  16. Catina_Robinson

    Thank you!

  17. Chris_Grossman7

    Thank You!!

  18. Adriana_Zambrano5 TEACHER

    Muchas gracias !

  19. Felicia_Beckworth

    Thank you, this is an awesome poem. Perfect for a Monday!!!!!

  20. Minnie101029 TEACHER

    Thank you!!

  21. Eileen_Erskine

    That was excellent! Thank you!

  22. laccampbell TEACHER

    Thank you for these accurate and kind words.

  23. AmandaJeannePace

    ¡Muchísimas gracias!

  24. Frau_Ayotte TEACHER

    Danke sehr!

  25. Jose-Garcia87

    Thank you, awesome poem.

  26. seejeffhike TEACHER

    Pants!!!! I knew I forgot something. Thanks for the reminder.

  27. mrswikehoms TEACHER

    Thank you so much! Awesome poem

  28. Judith_Ryan4

    Thank you Quizlet !

  29. Deborah_Bulliard

    Thanks, loved it!

  30. rylan2106


  31. Sara_Taggart83

    Thanks for the laugh and the love. : )

  32. Lisa_Jeter TEACHER

    Good poem! I was reading it with a Dr. Suess tone! I had pictures jumping in my head the whole time! Nice start to the day!

  33. garco10

    Fantastic article!

  34. kpatinella TEACHER

    If you want to make this teacher happy, bring back the traditional menu view where I could easily see my classes.

  35. Freddy_JR_3


  36. peaparamedic2000


  37. Adewale_Ajenifuja

    Aww SO Nice of You!

  38. Yesenia_Diaz486

    Well-said! Almost made me tear up! I miss my students.

  39. cblairteach TEACHER

    Lol! Thanks for this pick-me-up today. Awesome...

  40. cshilen

    Thank you for this inspiring poem.


    This is awesome!!

  42. pksdst

    Awesome poem! Thank you!

  43. spanne8

    Thank You Quizlet, You are made my day. This is wonderful. God bless the entire Quizlet team!

  44. MelDurant TEACHER

    Thank you!!! :)

  45. madamespence TEACHER

    Very nice. Brightened up my Monday morning!

  46. Andra_Freeman

    Thanks so much!!!

  47. MrsStaffo TEACHER

    Precious. Thank you!

  48. acouch1979

    Thank you. It was wonderful to see such positivity this morning.

  49. hhuck

    Thanks for the love!

  50. saucedosDHS TEACHER

    Thank you! I really enjoyed your poem :)

  51. MReyes85

    Thank you!!!! 😊😊😊

  52. Jami_Sipe

    Thank you! (Especially because Dr Fauci was mentioned! :)
    LOVE him!

  53. Uy_Phi

    Thanks for sharing the poem. This is truly describe everything we need in the passed year and a half.
    Educators, students, and the parents were working together to make the learning affect and success.
    I also appreciate the para who worked hard by zoom in with the students out of their time pay to hep the students finish assignments and be able to pass the class..
    I also truly thanks to the scientist, doctors, nurses who work in medical field. They have had working even harder and longer hours than anyone else. They are produce the vaccine to prevent the virus spread. But, at least their paid aren't low as educators.

  54. Karlas_Moore

    Thank you Quizlet! What a wonderful poem tribute! I appreciate you!

  55. Debra_Travis3

    You made me cry--thanks for the beautiful poem!!! I shared it with my team and my students!

  56. jgblaker TEACHER

    Thanks QUIZLET staff for this cleverly creative poem. Much appreciation, too, for being one of a few, consistent "life-preservers" that has offered much help with staying afloat in this turbulent, choppy sea we've all been trying survive. Staying afloat is quite the challenge (*audible sigh).

  57. cberg TEACHER

    That was great! Thank you Quizlet!

  58. adhoughton

    Thanks! But let's rework the Fauci part.

  59. Amber_Freeman687

    Thank You! Love the poem!

  60. Diane_Scott88

    Love it! Thank you, Quizlet! And thank you for being such a great resource!

  61. Jan_Gunter

    "You see, Zoom’s not a classroom and remote can’t replace
    A hug or a handshake, a well-earned embrace"
    My favorite lines - Thank you!!!

  62. DBrunnera TEACHER

    This is nice! Thank you for being part of the solution.

  63. Leia_Osborne

    Thank you!!

  64. Toni_Church7

    Thank you so much for the appreciation.

  65. Janine_Hrcak TEACHER

    It is so nice to feel appreciated. Thank you.
    The finish line is in sight. ¡Lo podemos! We can do it!
    Hang in there friends!

  66. Yolanda_Munoz64

    Thank you so much!!! Made my day!!

  67. Hope_Googe

    I really needed this.

  68. noneill1024

    This is awesome!!
    Thank you for this!

  69. kcollver TEACHER


  70. JLBruss

    Awe- accurate and needed. Thank you!

  71. mariferw TEACHER

    Gracias! Me encanta!

  72. Ann_Morris30

    Thanks! Love it!

  73. Julina_Walker

    Thank you! Great poem!!

  74. ZTeach13 TEACHER

    What a fun and creative way to start this week!
    THANK YOU, Quizlet! I appreciate you all, too!

  75. robinson_jimenez80

    Thank you Quizlet, it is really a great poem!

  76. Diane_Nielsen

    This was so cute! Thank you!

  77. MrsB61

    What a lovely poem and recognition! Thank you Quizlet and fellow teachers!
    Hang in there, everyone! Summer is coming!

  78. mlewis510

    Love it!


    Thanks so much!

  80. MissPecoraro TEACHER

    Would not have been as successful with this year with my kiddo without my Quizlet classrooms! Thank you Quizlet team!

  81. Lauren_Galarza

    Thank you! <3

  82. Michael_Boze

    Thank you so much!

  83. theMadameKidwell TEACHER

    Thank you for the poem, and for the support in the classroom! We do it together!!

  84. andrestrev_

    Thank you for this!

  85. Lisa_Cephas1

    Thank you for a much-needed reminder of all we have endured and overcome

  86. Nancy_Cowchok TEACHER

    Very nice, thank you

  87. Ella_Westbrook

    Thank you so much for the poem. It's right on time.

  88. Marcie_Pratt1 TEACHER

    Muchas gracias. Fenomenal.

  89. Tonya_Anderson487

    Awesome Poem!! Thank you!!

  90. Clarissa_Parmer

    ¡Mil gracias!

  91. FrauAyranci TEACHER

    Awesome!! Thank You!

  92. Christine_Wohlers

    Nice! Thank you.

  93. mrsrylander

    Cute, love it!

  94. Geralyn_Lewis TEACHER

    That was special. Thanks!

  95. sbendinsky

    Thank you!! This definelty made me smile today!

  96. amaida33

    Much appreciated!

  97. Rosa-Maria12

    Thank you VERY much. It made me smile :-)

  98. Kimberly_Maness2 TEACHER

    That was uplifting. Thank you!

  99. Ana_Barros52 TEACHER

    ¡Gracias, Quizlet! No lo pudiera hacer sin ustedes. I truly appreciate having you as a resource. You are awesome!

  100. Jessica_Stotler2

    Thank you! very nice!

  101. quizlette517961 TEACHER

    Thank you, great words of encouragement.

  102. Rossina_Leal TEACHER

    Thank you! ☺

  103. WillieMaeBrown

    Thank You So Much! I Agree With You And It Really Made My Day!

  104. Nancy_Baldwin84 TEACHER

    Love the poem!

  105. Pam_Koskovich

    Awesome poem!

  106. WCSCurry TEACHER

    I adore this!

  107. jocitomoli

    Gracias por el poema!!!! It made my day!!!!

  108. SenoraWillson

    ¡Mil gracias! ¡Qué sorpresa tan agradable!

  109. Mrs-Bothwell

    Awww wonderful Poem! Thanks! <3<3<3

  110. ikoulbanis TEACHER

    Merci Beaucoup to all the Quizlet Team! Much appreciated!

  111. QuizleVero

    Well, this certainly brought tears of gratitude to my eyes as I reflected over this year. Happy Teacher's Appreciation from a school social worker who appreciates you so much!

  112. ElonTeacher

    Thank you !

  113. Heather_Perryman1 TEACHER

    I enjoyed this poem! Thank you so much!

  114. AmLyons27

    Enjoyed this! Thank you for the funny and kind words. Very accurate for how I feel about this year.

  115. quizlette2699101

    Thank you.

  116. Erhijula_Gusain

    Enjoyed the poem! Thank you.

  117. Mark_Byron7

    Merci une mille fois!

  118. Nicole_DeGidio7

    Thank you!

  119. Patricia_Lashbrook TEACHER

    Thank you!

  120. Crystal_Jenkins1

    Thank You!!

  121. dctsprof TEACHER

    Muchas gracias!

  122. mbeltranz TEACHER

    Muchas gracias!

  123. Nathan_Lynch63

    Thank you

  124. SuniWeatherby

    This is adorable. Thank you so much!

  125. Cindy_Fry81

    Great poem. It has been an interesting and unusual year.

  126. Johnnie_Johnson88

    This is a Wonderful Poem! It's really heart-warming! To hear my students say, "I've got it1" is a continued drive for me. Because of God's Grace, He's given me a personality that gels with most of my students. They were willing to meet the challenges of being a student and coupled with my constant encouragement, they're doing well! Thanks again, Quizlet! Bravo!

  127. Jennifer_Vega21

    Such a kind and sweet gesture. Thank you very much!

  128. ccheatwd TEACHER

    Oh, how true this poem is! Thank you!

  129. Betty_Benoit TEACHER

    Thank you! You made my day!

  130. kshaff4

    Absolutely spectacular! Thank you, on many levels.

  131. H_Ochoar TEACHER

    Great poem, Thank you!!

  132. Jane_Hanna71

    So very True!

  133. Isaiah73262

    What a great feeling to be appreciated and recognized! Thank you!

  134. John_Coulanges

    Wow. This is so awesome! A great thank you.

  135. Lanae_Kruk

    Thank you! This was very cute and made me smile!

  136. Rosalyn_Rodriguez2

    Feeling appreciated and grateful, thank you so much!!

  137. Annita_Malott2

    Awesome Poem! Thank you.

  138. srtazaragoza TEACHER

    love it!

  139. Martha_Sifuentes

    Thank you so much Quizlet!

  140. quizlette16040004 TEACHER

    Quizlet you have made my year easier to handle, so THANK YOU!!!!

  141. Dolores_Muhammad


  142. Judy_Harris53

    Thank you very much.

  143. SenorLimonessshs TEACHER

    Muchísimas gracias

  144. beccalynne484

    Thank you, QUIZLET!!

  145. Deborah_Vann1

    Great poem! Thank you for thinking of us.

  146. Heather_Brown507 TEACHER

    LOL Thank you

  147. Pamela_Williams83

    Thank you and I love this!!!

  148. Christine_King67

    Thank you. Th poem did brighten my day and make me laugh at the end.

  149. cjohnson541 TEACHER

    It’s hard to prepare for this class in advance
    Oh wait, it’s IN-PERSON! Better put on some pants!”
    You guys are hilarious! LOL :0

  150. David_Kitchell

    Many thanks Quizlet. You just said what every teacher in America needed to hear

  151. RemsenSpanishIzzo TEACHER

    Muchas gracias! Me encanta!

  152. Beverly_Warshai

    Nice poem. Hit the mark several times. I agree with the last line the most.

  153. Krystal_Naranjo TEACHER

    Loved it! Thank you for thinking of us.

  154. jwalker202021

    Sums it up pretty good!! Teachers are super heroes!!

  155. Jagueda1

    I loved the poem, it just made my day:) Muchas gracias!!!

  156. Connie_Orsak TEACHER

    Fun, Quizlet,


  157. Susan_Higdon

    This is so true. THANKS SO MUCH! I love QUIZLET!

  158. Brent_Butler37 TEACHER

    Muchísimas gracias Quizlet! Que poema bonita. Te aprecio mucho!!!

  159. Russella_Harker

    Thanks Quizlet

  160. Walshdeana

    I love using quizlet! I just wish I could connect the scores to schoology. Thanks for the kind words!

  161. Michele_Manning688

    Awwww shucks, guys! Thank you!

  162. dbutler9-13 TEACHER

    This poem hit so many High notes! Right on Target! Loved IT

  163. Dina_Parker7

    This is terrific. I don't twitter, but I do use Facebook. I would love to post it there.
    Thank you!!!!

  164. MrsGriffin_Stewart TEACHER

    Thank you for this lovely poem. It was truly needed this Monday morning!

  165. Denice_Ulrich

    Omg! This is so funny and creative but mostly true. Thanks for this, it is greatly appreciated!

  166. elena_southard TEACHER

    Great poem!

  167. Isantiag84

    Thank you so much,it was a great poem. And it feels nice to be appreciated once in a while!! <3

  168. Magister_SmithSAA TEACHER

    Wonderful poem! Thank you!

  169. Bertha_Prieto

    Thank you so much for this poem. I love it.

  170. FrauWysoczanski TEACHER

    Loved the poem! Truly made my day!!! Great job, Quizlet!

  171. vruiter

    Thank you for the poem. Regarding printing of Quizlet cards:

    I am writing again about the new "streamlined" printing option on Quizlet.
    I am a Resource Teacher and I work with students with learning disabilities. They often need to review with a parent/partner. The hard copies of the Quizlet flashcards worked so well for them. They have difficulty studying independently. The new streamlined printed version of the Quizlet cards do not look like flashcards and will not work as well for my students. PLEASE asked your tech people to restate what was previously provided regarding the print options. Now, there is just one option.

  172. Rachel_Svec TEACHER

    They’re up early each morning, not sure what’s ahead
    “Is today a remote day or a hybrid instead?
    It’s hard to prepare for this class in advance
    Oh wait, it’s IN-PERSON! Better put on some pants!”

    This just made me laugh so hard. Thank you for the poem and the appreciation.

  173. LeGena_Clark

    Whew! That poem is on point. Thank you

  174. Kimberly_Terrell

    So sweet! Thank you!

  175. ivana8078


  176. Amy_Thagard TEACHER

    Much appreciated, Thanks!
    I, too, want the old Class view to return! PLEASE!

  177. magrans TEACHER

    I like the the rhyme it will make for a good Rap. Not too sure I want to give Fauchi too much credit though, yet I can see where the rhyming was needed there.

  178. Colleen457 TEACHER

    Very clever- Quizlet has been a good partner to us during this challenging time. A little humor often conveys some true moments as well.... The light is beginning to shine folks:)

  179. Ann_Adams8

    Thank you sooooo much Quizlet!!! You made my day, my week, my year!!!!

  180. Teresa8831

    Well said and thank you for recognizing that teachers have struggled to have all our students succeed.


    Hats off to the poet. This poem was so well written to cover the entire pandemic with its challenges. Amazing!! and Thank You!!!!

  182. Selenia_Tello8

    What a wonderful poem! I truly feel appreciated! Thank you, Quizlet!

  183. Laura_Rauhut

    Wonderful! Had a rough day and needed to hear this! Thank you!

  184. Debbie_Cobb

    Thanks so much! We really love our kiddos!

  185. Rachna_Khanna

    Thank you, Quizlet for an amazing poem.

  186. A_Casper

    Your poem provided a much needed smile on a Monday. Thank you!

  187. TERRY_JONES307

    Thank you so much Quiet !!!!!!!

  188. Mr_Tamney

    Great Job Quizlet and much appreciated.

  189. Absol_4_L1fe

    Thx to all the teachers!

  190. Angele_Larson TEACHER

    Cute! Muchas gracias!

  191. maestrachurch TEACHER

    How thoughtful of you! Thank you.

  192. Diane_Toombs

    Thank you for a fun poem. Appreciate the appreciation!

  193. Yolanda_Smith17

    Awwww, that's really sweet!

  194. DrMac7

    A Haiku of Thanks

    A poem for our time
    Expressing thanks and respect
    Metered and in rhyme.

  195. zaida_louni

    Love the poem! Thank you Quizlet

  196. Annette_Steinbarth TEACHER

    My students love playing Quizlet! 💜 Dank! 😁

  197. Noga_Paulino3

    Humans need to meet in person, although we can do so many things the virtual way, I am glad we are able to do an important job like teaching! Great poem!

  198. MsVazquez8

    Love it !!!!! Thank you


    Loved the poem, it made me laugh! ;)

  200. silvanel561 TEACHER

    Gracias! Me gusto muchisimo!

    Silvia Herrera-Parra

  201. Ella_Henderson2 TEACHER

    Thank you! I love it!

  202. sramatic TEACHER

    comma after "enough"... awesome, thank you, de verdad genial

  203. Mr_AMoore TEACHER

    This was great, much needed as the year is winding down!

  204. quizlette10251957

    Thank you! I love this poem!

  205. Nancy_Bain1 TEACHER

    Reposting, this is great! Thanks! =)

  206. Isai_Macias2

    This is very nice indeed. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks

  207. jockeyokie

    Somehow I feel that Quizlet has lost some of it's better study quality's though. Especially after all of the current updates, thus making studying and focusing skills almost impossible (at least for me!).

  208. JunZhu_NCS TEACHER

    Thank You Quizlet! It is an awesome poem! Love it!

  209. Tina_Clark86

    Thank You Quizlet!! Loved the poem!

  210. Gustavo_Urrea5

    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. I shared it with the rest of the Teacher at Chavez High School in Santa Ana, Ca. I know that they will put a smile in their face when they read it, just like i did.

  211. jockeyokie

    "Better put on some pants!” Seriously!!!

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