At the start of the school year, it's important to get students on the same page about classroom expectations and policies — but, usually, this isn't anyone's favorite part of those first few days. Thanks to this tip from Spanish teacher and Quizlet Teacher Ambassador Stephanie Sheridan, you can actually get your students excited about following the rules this year:

Since we loop with our students, they already know our expectations, but it's still important to remind them, and there are always new students. This year, I put all my policies into a Quizlet set (which you can modify!) and gave the students 5 minutes to read over them. (Suggestion, have them use the flashcard feature, but select "start with both" so they see the whole thing at once.)

After 5 minutes, I started a game of Quizlet Live. I had planned to play 3-4 times because it's fast paced, but they begged me to keep playing, so we played for about 15 minutes. They were so incredibly engaged and I didn't need to do a thing! It worked so well that I did it with my first year students as well, and I'm willing to bet that I won't have to remind them of things nearly as much as with previous groups where we just read through rules the boring way.

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