The Quizlet team recently visited math teacher Krista Bradham's classroom at Hill Country Middle School in Austin, TX. Krista is the math department chair and also coaches the UIL Math Team. She shared that Quizlet has revolutionized her students' level of interest and engagement in learning. Her students depend on Quizlet study sets as they tackle new topics and concepts, and they eagerly request Quizlet Live games to review whatever they are learning.

To set up her Quizlet Live games for her math classes, Krista creates sets that contain written problems on the term side (e.g. "Find the compound interest end balance on $10 at 2% for 70 years") and the answers on the definition side. That way, when her students are playing Quizlet Live, they have to solve the problem before knowing which member of their team has the right answer on their screen.

QLive w Math post 2.png

This method means the game goes longer and every student gets a chance to individually work through the problem to find out the answer. The game is generally more quiet and focused, and can easily be played on sets students haven't seen before (so questions are new to them) or without having students get up to sit with their teams — though it works great collaboratively too!

Have more tips for how to use Quizlet when teaching math? We'd love to hear them.