Do you ever wish Quizlet Live games lasted longer? Check out this pro tip from Quizlet Teacher, espanolextra:

"Try to create a study set that requires students to research in order to answer the questions — this slows down the game and gets students to multitask, do teamwork, and actually learn new material too! For example, I use Google Earth with the following "Geographical locations in Spain" set to get students to learn Spanish vocabulary and about the country."

Quizlet Live and Google Earth.png

To replicate this idea in your own classroom:

  1. Find or create a set about geographical locations that are relevant to your focus. Make sure it has at least 6 terms and definitions.
  2. Start a game of Quizlet Live to introduce the material at the start of a unit.
  3. Have students open Google Earth on their devices — they must review the map to find out the answer, then work together to see who has the match!

(And if you teach math, check out a version of this idea using equations instead.)

Teachers: What are ways you adapt Quizlet Live? Share in the comments below. 👇