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Teacher Tip: Playing Quizlet Live "11"

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Marty Brandl, an algebra and computer science teacher at Marshall High School in Minnesota, recently wrote in to us with a great tip for encouraging more participation with Quizlet Live:

We play a variation of Quizlet Live in my classroom that we call "11". The goal is that every group gets to 11 correct answers — and then they stop. Sometimes we use a timer and track how long it takes to get to 11, and work to get faster as a class. Other times, the last group to 11 will have a "penalty" like being the last ones to leave the classroom at the end of class. It's amazing how motivated students can be when they don't want to hang out for an extra 30-40 seconds after the bell! This also motivates all teams to keep going, where in a regular game to 12 they might see another group up to 7 or 8 when they are at 0 or 1 and give up.


Mr. Brandl is in his 14th year of teaching. You can learn more about his use of technology in education by visiting his website,