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Teacher Tip: Silent Quizlet Live

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Felicity Beede is a 7th grade social studies teacher at Brunswick Junior High School in Brunswick, Maine. She recently wrote in to us with a creative suggestion for playing Quizlet Live, that makes the game even more fun for her students (and quiet for her neighboring classrooms):

While we do play Quizlet Live in the traditional way, we end our Quizlet sessions with what we call "Silent Quizlet Live." We shuffle teams, and then students have 30 seconds to meet somewhere in the room to strategize how they're going to communicate silently during the game: via hand signals, American Sign Language, eye contact, etc. After 30 seconds they zip back to their seats, zip their lips, and play a round without any sound at all, and without sitting near each other. It's not only effective and wonderful to watch, it makes everyone smile SO MUCH; there are kids whose teeth I get to see (because they're grinning and silently chuckling) that I don't always get to see!

Have a fun take on Quizlet Live that you’d like to share with other teachers? Let us know.