Brian McKenna, a middle and high school social studies teacher at Chagrin Falls Schools in Ohio, recently wrote in to tell us about a variation on Quizlet Live that he and his student teacher, Cody Shell, have been using to motivate individual students to focus on the game:

During our Quizlet Live time, we have started to do different variations to keep it fresh and challenge the students more. We have used Marty Brandl’s “11” option that was mentioned in a previous blog post with success. In discussion with my student teacher, Cody Shell, we also developed one that we call “Pairs” or “Solo.”

When we are about to begin a round, I will call out that we are going down to pairs. Two students from the group will play, while the other one or two will sit out. The students sitting out will let the students playing use their laptop. Now a student will have two computers sitting in front of him, which puts added pressure to learn the material. The students sitting out cannot help during the round. Once the round is over, the students switch. If you have long enough tables or can use the floor, then you can take it down to singles. We see some students, who normally rely on their group members in the normal version, now more motivated to do well for the focus is on them.


Brian is in his 22nd year of teaching. Cody has just completed his student teaching program with Brian and will be graduating from Baldwin Wallace College in May of 2017. To view and use sets created by Brian in your next game of Quizlet Live, visit his Quizlet profile.