Google Classroom is where high school teacher Carrie Feist keeps her students current on everything going on in the classroom. Quizlet is one of her go-to learning tools for her class. Together, they allow her to keep her language arts students current on what they should be studying, no matter if they're in class or out.

Google Classroom is super useful to Ms. Feist in a number of ways. "I post EVERYTHING we do in there as an assignment, even if it's not something to actually turn in, so that absent students can see what we did in class and go ahead and do it. It has also helped me to be more paperless in my room as I can just post PDFs and students can open them on their own," she explains.

With Quizlet's Google Classroom integration, Carrie can make sure her students know what they're supposed to be studying on Quizlet even if they miss a day of class. The weekly vocabulary is posted on Google Classroom in addition to be announced in class, so students can easily track what they should be learning in a given week. "I put all of my vocab lists in Quizlet and introduce them to the class through the Flashcard function," Ms. Feist says.

Quizlet's Google Classroom integration is simple; it allows teachers to share a given Study Set on Quizlet directly into a Google Classroom class. Teachers can choose to post the set as an announcement or an assignment — both options are available.

In sum, Ms. Feist is a big fan of using Quizlet and Google Classroom together. "I like the easy integration of Quizlet into Google Classroom. If students miss a review, I can post everything I had on Quizlet easily and then students can study that in any way they want. It really takes their "excuses" away."