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This post was contributed by Quizlet Teacher Ambassador Rachelle Dene Poth from Riverview School District.

Around this time last year, my class had a fun time beta testing Quizlet Live, which was a big hit then and still is today in our classroom. Recently, I decided to see if I could help students learn vocabulary and verbs in a more independent and engaging way. We had played Quizlet Live in class throughout each unit and before a test, but I decided to mix things up by actually leading the new unit with Quizlet Live.

To do this, I gave students the chapter vocabulary list to copy and define for homework, and the next day decided to play Quizlet Live right away. To help, before starting the game I coached them a bit and told them to consider their word choices. For example, if the word given was a verb, do not select answers which had an article placed before them, indicating they were a noun. Or, if the word was an adjective, do not select an infinitive or a noun. The students were very engaged and wanted to continue playing the game over and over (even more than usual).

What happened?

I found the students quickly started learning these new terms through collaboration, saying the words out loud, and felt more confident with them after having played a game of Quizlet Live, rather than relying on traditional introductory methods such as the video and audio activities from the textbook. Also unlike after normal introductory sessions, the students wanted to keep going, to keep challenging themselves to do better, and told me how helpful it was. They even requested that we do this “all the time" — and hearing that is good enough for me! As a teacher with several different tech options, I want the technology I integrate into the classroom to serve a clear purpose and add value. And when students are telling you they want more of it and that it's helping, that's when you know it's working.

Interested in introducing new vocab to your students with Quizlet Live? Try playing a game with one of my Spanish sets:

Rachelle teaches French, Spanish, and STEAM at Riverview Junior-Senior High School in Pennsylvania. Read more from Rachelle on her website.