Getting 30 students to open up a Chromebook, type in "w-w-w-.-q-u-i-z-l-e-t-.-c-o-m", and launch a study mode in a coordinated way can take up precious classroom time that could otherwise be spent learning. Thanks to Quizlet's Chrome App it's simple for school admins to pre-install Quizlet onto their students' accounts, making it faster to get started with it's time to learn. Laura Smith is one of the teachers at Chaparral Star Academy ( a charter school in Austin) who uses Quizlet with her students.

"I have recommended [Quizlet] to my coworkers; it is one of those wonderful apps that actually make my life easier, enhance the students' understanding, and introduces an objective way to teach and assess vocabulary."

Since Chaparral Star Academy has Chromebooks for students, using the Quizlet Chrome App makes it simple for students to access Quizlet with a single click. Mrs. Smith uses Quizlet on a weekly basis with both her English and Drama classes. "I have made vocabulary sets for my English I and II classes, and I also uploaded vocabulary lists to use with the literature to help comprehension... In Drama, they have the lists to use for objective test questions, and everybody benefits from the audio option."

With Quizlet, Mrs. Smith's students have a fun and engaging way to study on their Chromebooks. And thanks to the Quizlet Chrome App, it's simple for her school to manage Quizlet accessibility across the school.

"Because my students have reliable hardware, I can make expectations for them to use helpful software. The games work with Chromebooks, (they love Gravity and Scatter,) and they either get competitive with each other, or they have numerous opportunities to learn the words and catch up with their classmates."

Interested in using the Quizlet Chrome App to give students across your school or classroom easy access to Quizlet? Access it here and learn how to use it in our Help Center.