Are you a teacher who uses Google Classroom and Quizlet? Or are you planning to this school year? If so, we want to hear from you. Quizlet will soon release an integration between Google Classroom and Quizlet classes and we need some teachers to help us test it out.


Interested in helping us? Fill out this quick survey here and we'll be in touch.


  1. Acts16_31


  2. HemantS




  4. HemantS

    @PurplishAmina I don't know why it's a "competition," but it sure is fun!!!!
    Even some of the Quizlet staff participate in this "competition" sometimes.

  5. to-remember

    That's a great idea!

  6. Sara_Tsesmetzis4 TEACHER


  7. pbbakkum


  8. gaixixon

    10th! Done!

  9. jjpyae


  10. marshmallowdragon

    12th!! (Not as good as last blog post but... I'll take it!)

  11. abramring TEACHER

    Sounds fun! I'll try it out.

  12. goat1080


  13. edrodezno


  14. sunnyalexiana


  15. Kai-Marsh

    17th Yeah

  16. Kai-Marsh

    Thanks Techies

  17. Fheba

    wonderful ! im sure it will be fun

  18. Monsieur_Fritz TEACHER

    I'm in :)

  19. ReptileLover


  20. ReptileLover

    I Will Help

  21. ssiekman

    I'm new to quizlet but I'd like to try.

  22. nguyen1234

    I'm in because I'm boring already and i don't have the right thing to do 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😒😒😒😒😒😒😒:)$$$$$$$$$$$$@@@@@@@@@@@&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&'jjjjjjjjjjjjjm $$$$$$$$'nn

  23. s-a-miller

    I can't believe it! I got 1st once and that's it!! I guess that is the way it is...

  24. Swim301

    Awesome.........................☺☻☺ ♥ing it

  25. shadowdashgirl

    That is a cool idea! Bring it on! I love classroom and connecting it with quizlet is GENIUS..... Thank You!!

  26. matti_phyre

    Looks awesome! Count me in amigos...
    PS. I totally lost the competition here. Rats.

  27. drpradeep

    i am in

  28. timotar

    if i was a teacher, i would so do it! but alas im not...

  29. Michael_Herres2 TEACHER

    Hope I am in!

  30. madamedignon

    On the list please! Our school is FULLY GOOGLE INTEGRATED!!! And I use Quizlet with EVERYTHING!

  31. Michael_Herres2 TEACHER

    I registered early today but I have changed my email from to
    Didn't see a way to update with re-registering.

  32. firaro

    I am in

  33. adrianasturesson TEACHER

    Please I would love to test it with my students in Sweden!

  34. jojorf


  35. Anthony_Silvey TEACHER

    Count me in.

  36. sbaknott


  37. senoracoffey TEACHER


  38. Steven_Henry4

    Sounds very interesting. I'm old school but count me in this very cool new school tool. Tech know logy rules!

  39. Ardys_Dunsmoor TEACHER

    Fabulous! Love this app even more!

  40. Kathryn_Thomas1030

    I would like to do this. Please send more information. I teach high school theater and dyslexia.

  41. tyler785

    boom yummy

  42. pgmeeks TEACHER

    I would love to give it a try!!

  43. Naijahboy

    I'm not a Teacher, but a mobile software tester on IOS and Android. Get in touch if you need me.

  44. ealeixandre

    I would like to try it!

  45. Sue_Merritt

    Just added a quizlet to my 3 classes. All three classes have ELL students in them. I love the feature that they can choose to read the quizlet and hear the quizlet in Spanish and English! I have one student that speaks only Spanish and I'm sure he will love it!

    Last year I had a student from China. Are there any other languages that will be coming?

  46. MKG07

    high five #99 HAHA!

  47. Ldwolflady

    say <3 if u love wolves!


  48. AndrewsGenericName

    After the whole Google+ and Youtube thing, I have low expectations.

  49. aharrell26


  50. MasonisAcez

    i love this and i want them to make it where u can chat about progects

  51. Anna3021

    I like Quizlet!

  52. amazingpizza5

    COOL For teachers!

  53. Diana_Lamb5 TEACHER

    Sounds great!

  54. kunger228


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