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Tell 3 Teachers about Quizlet, and get PLUS free


Do your teachers know about Quizlet? Teachers tell us all the time they hear about Quizlet from students. So we've decided to give a free Quizlet PLUS account to any student (or teacher) who gets three other teachers to sign up for Quizlet by March 1st.

Here's what to do:

  1. Get three teachers to sign up for Quizlet
  2. Email with all four of your usernames, first and last names, and proof that they're teachers (e.g. link to your faculty page or school website)
  3. We'll upgrade all four of you to Quizlet PLUS!

The Fine Print: - offer ends March 1st, 2011 - for 7th grade teachers and up only - groups of four only (no more or less)

Thanks to middle school French teacher Joanne Thomas of Atlanta, Georgia for the above photo of her classroom and three colleagues.


  1. anonymous


    ...... Just kidding. Anyway, that sounds like a good deal.

  2. anomymous


  3. ha ha

  4. Mary

    Totes diong this!

  5. Gary Chapman

    Hello come join quizlet it lets a lot in all sorts of subjects and i'm here tto bye.



  7. ctyonahl

    Cool! Would be cooler if the STUDENTS could tell their teachers/class and get Quizlet Plus FREE!!! :) :P :O

  8. nick

    thats such a good idea!

  9. pie

    good idea

  10. Michelle

    I'm SO going to do it.

  11. ctyonahl

    NM!!!!!!! I'm soooo stupid! Didn't even read the whole article!!1 :S

  12. Jacqueline

    Is this Quizlet Plus only good for a year?

  13. Iceydude168

    Lol I told my whole school about quizlet...

  14. Wow..this is like heaven on the internet haha (:

  15. heyy

    urgghh.... i dont like my teachers :(

  16. anna

    this is great! thanks quizlet!

  17. barteltsh

    Pretty cool!

  18. Tina

    Oh this is so going to be awesome! I am okay with being at the Quizlet level I am already at (free) but why not a little extra? It benefits my teachers and me so I am totally going for it! :)

  19. Aura of Darkness

    Hmm, if only my teachers didn't already use Quizlet, lol~

  20. memyselfandi

    what if you're homeschooled? Can I get my mom and other homeschool parents to sign up?

  21. will

    Hi memyselfandi,
    Please contact us directly at and we can help you with this question.
    -Will (Quizlet Staff)

  22. gs

    lol u crazy

  23. The Benevolent Guava

    My teachers are stubborn. All of them pretty much know about quizlet, and if they don't have an account now, they're not going to change too easily...

  24. i had those teachers

  25. imcoolareyou

    My teachers will not sign up. That is so bad I want unlimited groups. You should join my group named IM BORED. Please join.

  26. You

    GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Adel

    Wow! this is awesome website! it helps me a lot! Thank you

  28. Anonymous

    wow that's sooooo cool!!! I really hope that my teachers will say YES!!! This website has helped me sooooooo much!!! thank you!!!!!!!! :)

  29. Panther


  30. mh7493


  31. this site rulezzz!!!!!!

  32. Panther

    How are you notified about it though? And how long does it take???

  33. Hannah

    More games please!!

  34. Adam

    I told one teacher already...I should get more lol, I can ask my bro's and sis's teachers! SSSSSSOOOOOOOO CCCCCCOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways I suggest using quizlet for all studying! This website IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Adam

    I know I look like a freak when I say that... Sorry world! :) :) :) :P :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) !

  36. ronnie-has-bieber-fever

    my teacher asked me to join! i am crazy-loco to do thattt! :p :p hee hee, and lol :) :) :) :) :) :D :) :) :) :) :) :D

  37. ronnie-has-bieber-fever

    ;) hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  38. bob

    this is cool but most of my teachers already know about quizlet :(

  39. arwen

    hmm im homeschooled also(: i only have one teacher(:

  40. person p.

    i am in 6th grade, so it sucks for year maybe...

  41. Maddie!!!

    awesome!!!!! :) :D :P

  42. Emily Bieber

    great!!! but all my teachers know about Quizlet :'( but i could tell my cousin's teachers (:

  43. Justin Bieber's Favorite Girl


    iLoveJB! <33

  44. Me

    Didn't see that coming... sahweet! :D

  45. i did

  46. this is great I've already got one teacher and I was completely unaware of this!

  47. allisonn2013

    I got my 3 teachers! ha. this site is amazing. my test grades (from actually studying) have gone up and they make it so much fun here! <3

  48. HarryPotterRocks


  49. Azania


  50. I am already plus but still cool

  51. zaknownperson

    This is an incredible idea.
    Keep up the good work.

  52. ~~~

    darn! all my teachers already know about quizlet. i found out about this from one of them, actually. sounds like a great deal though. go quizlet! :D

  53. -

    my teacher told me about quizlet

  54. Anonymous#1

    lol~i would tell my teachers about Quizlet, but they discourage it at my school, because they think that using Quizlet is cheating~ thats boogus! :(

  55. the unknown man

    a marical

  56. Anonymous#1

    ^ I feel you man! Wait why am I talkingto myself?

  57. musubi123

    haha this is awesome

  58. Virginia A. Adams

    Hey ever-body how is you!? ;)

  59. Maddie S.

    i love quizlet! it is such a big help!

  60. wow look at yall

  61. Robin Hornberger

    If I, as a teacher, have 105 students sign up, can I have the same deal?

  62. Anonymous


  63. Kat

    Great Idea!!!! :)
    I think every student should have a quizlet... It helps me sooo much in every class

  64. Anna

    Aww man why just 7th grade and up??????? Im in sixth grade but i could tell like 20 teachers!!!!!!!!!!:)

  65. Patrick

    I wish i could get in on this deal. I'm in sixth grade

  66. Virginia A. Adams

    Hey every body how are you!? To bad all this nice weather is over! :(

  67. Elena

    awwwwww i am in 6th grade and thats not fair!:( o and btw virginia nice weather is over has NOTHING to do w/ the thingy! no offense!!:)

  68. M

    Too bad that all of my teachers already know about quizlet. They're the ones who introduced me to it ;)

  69. Terry

    Just found quizlet on Twitter. I'm excited about exploring the possibilities of using this with preschool through grade 2 students on the classroom ipods. I was disappointed the upgrade to pro was for grades 7 and up.

  70. to bad i am already Plus

  71. Suppose you get more than 3 teachers, will they all be upgraded?

  72. Aw man. I only have like one hour left. Too bad tomorrow is March 1st!

  73. My teachers already know about Quizlet

  74. I'm in 6th Grade:(

  75. Edith

    it`s not fair why just teachers???

  76. HEEYY

    thats a good idea cause this helps me a lot


    this is goinnngg too helpppp kidsss all overrr theee worlddd i meannnnn it iss awesomeee anddd itt has helpedd mee soo mucchh !

  78. Softball Chick #5 (:

    to bad all my teachers already know about this site...... darn !..... is AMAZING !! My grades have come up so much by using this website !
    -Sports Girl-

  79. Virginia

    Dont get me wrong at least i had the decenciny to capitalize his name!

  80. Eugene

    yea this is awesome

  81. Lizzie

    our entire school uses the quizlet system for study already... does that count? i mean, all 200 something students plus a few teachers of Monsignor Haddad Middle School are using quizlet even now. :)

  82. LHefferman

    wish i had seen this earlier...
    no-one in my school except Mr. Chamberlain (my English teacher) uses this service, and it'd be nice to introduce them to it
    oh well...

  83. Virginia

    lol! :mrgreen:

  84. Virginia

    Hey memyselfemi or whatever i am home schooled and my sister got all of her teachers to sign up so i am sure you could.

  85. ur gurl jazz

    its biebers b-day..right?

  86. ur gurl jazz

    yo dis be awsme although im like really late!!! :(

  87. Mother Focker

    Personally I like Drizzy Drake.

  88. anonomous

    whats good about it

  89. bbygir


  90. Megs 'n Bacon

    I've got to do this... :D

  91. bombgirl21

    aye dis is cool

  92. Kate

    Hey everyone - Kate from Quizlet Staff here. Thanks for all the interest! Note that the deadline was March 1, so this offer doesn't apply any more. It was a huge success, so look for similar promotions in the future!

  93. Amber

    Ughhh haha I wish I saw this sooner :D
    bad me :D

  94. this is awesomess

  95. sophielovesgriffin

    yeah. if my teacher knew, she would make her tests even harder. lol

  96. awsomepaces

    what if everyone did it...thats a lot of quizlet plus

  97. awsomepaces

    and if everyone one did it....there would unlimited groups.......

  98. awsomepaces

    YAY 100 comment

  99. elee3

    100 comment yea

  100. elee3

    101 comment yea

  101. lala land

    wish i had seen this sooner...

  102. awesomegiglez

    im going to be first to tell my r=teachers and get 100 points so we could all study all day and get every spelling word right yayaya =) yay=0 awesomness yay

  103. Mystery

    can u extend the date???? i just heard about it, and i really would like to get QuizletPLUS!!!! i can think of some teachers that i dont think know about it, and it would be perfect to tell them about Quizlet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. me

    please extend the date!

  105. cool, can we get latin on here

  106. mrsbeebe

    I would love to see this offered to ALL teachers, not just grade 7 and up. Please extend your offer!!

  107. qwerty

    ugh do this more often...

  108. Dark_Vegito

    Darn....i was too late.

  109. Dark_Vegito


  110. Adi_007

    This offer should be forever, and for all teachers.

  111. BradleyPelicanShrek

    Yes. . .make this offer permenant, not temporary!

  112. iWoof

    Can you make this offfer permanent? I'd love to have a motivation to tell my teachers about this! (lifetime plus would be super cool!)

  113. maxim_ciscato PLUS

    aww.... 5 years too late -_-

  114. maxim_ciscato PLUS

    could i still get plus tho?! :DD

  115. Emanuel_Sanders


  116. BuckieNV

    i think its 7 years since this post came out

  117. milenkaaaaa

    darn, im just 7 years too late

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