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The 2019 Quizlet Unconference is now available on YouTube

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Were you unable to attend the 2019 Quizlet Unconference? The presenters shared their innovative work and provided teachers with applications for the classroom. In fact, every teacher who attended got a certificate to fill out and turn in for PD (personal development) credit. We enjoyed hosting everyone, and we hope those who attended enjoyed watching.

Luckily, if you were unable to attend, we’ve recorded the sessions and put them on our YouTube channel for everyone to watch! If you were able to attend and enjoyed the sessions, here's your chance to re-watch as many times as you want and to take as many notes as you want. 😄

Find Day 1 of the Unconference here

Find Day 2 of the Unconference here

If you like what you see, subscribe to Quizlet's YouTube channel. We'll keep you updated whenever a new Quizlet video drops.


  1. Zunainsami

    Smart, just please add less upgrades

  2. Zunainsami

    I know I'm just 13, but I'd like to recommend a few ideas to make Quizlet better, if, I can.

  3. Angel_De_La_O08

    lol im in school

  4. IBTopper23 GO

    Got so many youngsters in this chat that imma be booling off this site.

  5. applesquasher

    What is there youtube channel name?

  6. applesquasher

    Lol im
    also in school

  7. katie13n5

    im not used to this new quizlet upgrade..........

  8. A-Stranger-Trustme


  9. lisacantor TEACHER

    I was looking for the session on Quizlet and math. Will this be posted?

  10. SZ89481

    add a select multiple button

  11. SZ89481

    I use this for answers in school, pls don’t. I actually use it for practice

  12. Alumnoupa TEACHER

    I´m a teacher and I´m very grateful Quizlet has included the italic and underline letter. It will allow us to distinguish literature works from papers or books in the new cards :) Thank you very much for this new improvement.

  13. mfaithk

    That's really cool!

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