Last week we launched a contest all about Quizlet Live and how teachers like you use it in your classrooms. We’ve seen hundreds of entries so far, complete with colorful pictures, rightfully noisy videos, and creative ideas on ways to use Quizlet Live.

Quizlet Live is an incredible in-classroom learning activity for your class, right from the get-go, but some teachers can’t help themselves from adding their own customizations and special applications Here are some of our favorites:*

Shanna Meyer.jpg
Shanna Meyer’s class uses Quizlet Live to review older concepts in a fun way before diving into new topics. Here her class is reviewing pre-calculus before starting on Calculus in the new school year.

Beth Gross.jpg
Beth Gross and Ashley Landreth suggest that for an added challenge, don’t have your class physically shuffle into teams; instead, have students stay seated where they are during game-play, so each student needs to choose on their own if they have the right answer.

Extreme Player Bonus Round.jpg
Teresa McCammon Asche holds an “Extreme best player bonus round” where each student from the winning team competes with three devices in front of them.

There’s still plenty of time to tweet your entry to our contest — you can enter once per day until September 20. Good luck and we can’t wait to see all the amazing ways you use Quizlet Live with your students.

*And don’t worry, the winner will be picked randomly, so just because these ideas are getting some extra love from the Quizlet team, doesn’t mean they have a better chance of winning the big DonorsChoose donation.