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The Best Thing to Happen to Flashcards Since Flashcards

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Quizlet is more than just flashcards, but flashcards is a feature that helps our users in their studying journey. So we wanted to have the best flashcards ever.


We're pleased to introduce our new, improved version of flashcards on Quizlet. Flashcards 2.0 is amazing to look at and even better to study with. Check it out here.


Focus on studying, not navigating

The old version of flashcards had two distinct actions: one for revealing the answer and one for moving to the next card. On mobile, you have to keep switching between swiping up and swiping sideways. In the new flashcards, we've combined these two separate actions into a single, fluid motion.

We designed the new flashcards so that you could study an entire set with just one motion. For mobile, you swipe up to reveal the answer and swipe again to move to the next card. On Web, you can press the down arrow key to do the same thing. With only one gesture to worry about, you can concentrate on what you're studying rather than how you're navigating.

Drill down on troublesome terms

A big request we saw in feedback is the ability to filter a subset of terms that you're struggling with and just review those terms. Now you can click on the star icon (or press "S") to mark a card as difficult. Review just the starred cards by clicking on the star tab (or press "L").


Your stars automatically save to the server so they'll be waiting for you next time you come back to the web or mobile web (and coming soon to our Android app too). Unfortunately they won't yet sync to the iPhone app (we're working on this).

We are considering expanding this system of starring to the rest of Quizlet so that you could work on just your stars in Learn Mode for example. Ideas on how you think this could work for you are welcome and encouraged!

Hear your flashcards

We've always had audio as an option on flashcards but it wasn't easily discoverable and it wasn't very customizable. We think audio is one of the most useful features on Quizlet, and a lot of people didn't know about it. We took the bold step of turning audio on by default for the new flashcards to introduce all our users to it. But don't worry, you can turn it off and we'll remember that setting for you in the future.

We added even more audio options as well. You can now adjust the speed and choose to hear audio for only one language or the other.


Hearing only one side of the card has been a top request from students learning foreign languages. It takes longer to speak the English word than it does for them to read it.

And...hear your cards hands-free

We added an option to play the cards automatically, so that you can listen to the words while you're doing your laundry or out on a run (on mobile!). Press the play button on the sidebar or press "P."

This is already a popular feature on our iPhone app and now it's available on our website.

Enlarge your images

Images can now expand to the whole screen. Just press "F" to expand the image (or click it).


Edit your cards inline

If you notice a typo in your set or want to add some more information to a card as you're studying, you can now edit directly from each card. Just press the edit button.


Extra speed with keyboard shortcuts

One great feature on our old flashcards was the keyboard shortcuts. We've made them even simpler in this version. Start studying by pressing the down arrow and continue through your entire set by just pressing down.

Up/Down Arrow = Navigate through cards

Left/Right Arrow = Show/hide sidebar

S = Star a card

L = Switch to starred cards

F = Expand image

P = Automatically play cards

Project your flashcards

A lot of teachers use flashcards on projectors or SMART boards to introduce a class to new material. We've built in a great full-screen experience for them: you can now hide the side bar so that students can focus on just the words.

4. noshadow

Jump to any card with the list view

Need to find a specific card or jump to a certain place in the set? The list of terms in the side bar makes that easy.


The list stays out of your way by default but you can bring it up by hovering on the right side of the screen (or using the left arrow key).

Do it again, with ease

At the end of your set, we offer some options for what do do next. You can jump right to your starred cards. Or if you've just gone through once with both sides showing, try testing yourself with only one side showing.


Instantly Switch Study Modes

During the construction of our new flashcards, we added a new header for all the study modes on Quizlet. Now you can quickly switch from one to the next without having to go back to the set page.


Move from Cards to Learn Mode to a few games of Scatter and then go to Test. You'll be done studying in no time!

Try pressing X

There's one more shortcut in this new mode. In order to animate the flashcards, we had to build this 3-dimensional view of how the cards moved. We've left it in (for now) since it's a pretty cool experience. Just press "x."


You could even study like this.

We don't take the summer off...


We delivered the exceptional study experience we set out to build. But flashcards is just the first step of more exciting developments we'll be working on this summer. Be prepared to see sweet new features next fall, including an Android app...

As usual, please let us know if there's something you think we should include in those projects (or anything else for that matter). Thanks to thousands of users who gave us feedback in person and on the web for this project. Enjoy your summer!


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    never done this before haha ;)

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  3. SHDHSxc11

    Not really a race. 3rd comment. Keep developing study games. Those help me study more than boring old flash cards. Great work though. they look great, but I just don't use them that often.

  4. snow328

    4th Comment!!!
    And just to say, this update is pretty cool!

  5. Kyl3Seva

    5th comment!!!
    This is awesome!!! You bring joy to the world!

  6. ruby20grayDimension

    thats all great but here a few suggestion, is there a way to organize set of flashcards into folder? Also, on the mobile app, there is not option to change testing option, only Cards, but the mobile web DOES allow to have testing option change. that would be great. Quizlet still rocks though, thanks

  7. dariusz_szalewski

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  9. earth8845

    10th comment! Keep making these games!

    P.S When is and iPad app coming out?
    P.S.S I haven't been on here for a long time but what happened to project Bismarck?

  10. nancyyadav

    you are updating regarding these changes now............ but I've already saw and tried it all... And i must appreciate ..... great work........... cheers..... :)

    [by d way 12th comment] ;)

  11. NatashaRomanoff

    nice! i really like the star feature and i'm going to try the X thing now (; thanks quizlet!!!

  12. CraigMendonca

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  13. CraigMendonca

    by the way, *wheres that android app?*

  14. Ok-Ok

    The iPad should already be out. If its not appearing on the iPad category on the App Store , go to the iPhone category and download the quizlet app there. It still works on iPad, plus, it is resizable from iPad size, to iPhone size!

  15. Ok-Ok

    Also nice job, quizlet! Also can you make more vocabulary games because that is the type of stuff hat enthusiasts my class to study! Since quizlet they have been competing with each other on a French weather sets and now they are experts! A suggestion would be like faced own term cards and faced down definitions and you try to flip a term with its definition in the fastest time!

  16. debbie26

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  17. marshmallowdragon

    Ok that is REALLY cool! But I tried the X thing and it didn't work???

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    I would like to upload my flash cards from flash card elite. Why can't I do it? It gives me the option to upload to my quizlet account but it never shows up. I have done it before and it worked fine but now nothing. I am in rad tech school and we all share notes. Can you please help?

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    Nice touch! Thanks Quizlet!

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    This is 24th.

  22. ShrutiM

    Awesome flashcards... :) Memorizing just got easier - the new flashcards are interesting enough that they make me want to study!

  23. WaitWhat_

    This was great for my finals! Keep up the amazing work guys.

  24. JulieSnow

    I really like the star feature that allows you to pick out problem terms for review. Thanks for continuing to enhance the Quizlet experience.

  25. kitty99910

    In the Cards option my entire picture does not show up. I need to be able to see the whole picture without constantly hitting F for fullscreen. Help please!
    Otherwise, an amazing service. Keep up the great work!

  26. rjschehr

    Congratulations on the work. Looks fantastic! I'm excited about auto-play so that I can do housework and study at the same time!

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  29. ashleyl1n

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  30. Rose1520

    what happened to muliplayer game Sophia?

  31. Thinchey

    I really like quizlet for my school. We teach English to new immigrant Chinese and this quizlet really rocks. I am using words that are protected so the password feature is great for me. Also my wife teaches Chinese and quizlet does it again with her classes. I am going to take her classes to the $25.00 level this summer. I have a couple of questions if I may ask? 1. Can I move all of my wife's Chinese quizlet work with a single command or do I have to move them one by one? 2. Is it possible to have the students grades stored so that I may pull them up at any time? If so how? I currently have quizlet plus, $15 level.


  32. obiageri

    I just joined quizlet today, and taking my fundamental hesi exam next 2 weeks. And body with good info should let me know pls.

  33. Mr_Brook TEACHER

    Swiping to move through the set is not not working for the new card format on my Windows phone. Must move from item to item using the list in the side bar. But the new card format is very nice. Being able to edit is excellent.

  34. Pretty-Pink-Tractor

    Does that mean that the pictures are bigger?.....Awsome. :D

  35. Pretty-Pink-Tractor

    Is this available to use yet?

  36. sherrill_sturm

    I also would like a way to file my sets into separate folders to speed up looking for a particular lesson and to make sure the subjects are completely matched. Good work! This is the best teaching tool since I don't know when. I wish I had them available 40 years ago when I started out.

  37. MooneyThunderpaws

    Quizlet is very useful... But I think there should be ways to create subcategories for certain subjects. You know? Like in a similar way blogs format post categories. An example would be: Spanish >subfolder> verbs etc.
    *make things less complicated? :p
    But real nifty :P love the uses of Quizlet :D... can't wait to use the upcoming app. :)

  38. rivella TEACHER

    I couldn't say that I want to miss the traditional flashcards, but I like these as well! It took me a while to realise how this new set works and even I miss the possibility of showing only one side of the cards when going through them, I still think that this set has its advantages: the design is beautiful, the possibility to expand images is great. What I like most about it, is the option to star the cards you'd like to study in depth. I don't like to split the words of a unit into parts for students to learn them. With the option to star words, students can star the words they have to learn for their next vocabulary test and then just click on the orange 'star' sign at the top of the page. But they still can preview or learn the whole unit in advance by clicking an the 'all' button. So they can easily switch between learning for a test or learning for the whole unit. They also can individually star their words for repetition at the end of a unit or later. Thanks! :)

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    Fix this problem. My final is tomorrow.

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    @ebrown37 I understand you have a problem with your cards, and I have no problem with you posting it... But at least be nice about it... Not Quizlet's fault your final is tomorrow, Do you know how hard it is to code?!?!?!?! And, you should study from you book too, not just quizlet.... (no offense quizlet!)

    Great Job Quizlet... I am solo impressed! This is a late comment, and the "x" thing still works! Awesomesauce! Keep improving Quizlet!!!!

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    I think you should click the star when you know a card. That way it "disappears" and you are left studying the ones you don't know. Better yet, have a rating system where you can make how well you know them and they are shown more frequently based on how well you don't know them. Perhaps a 1-5 system.

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    Hello! Is there a way to change keyboard shorts to add a new card? Every time I use the given keyboard shortcut (ctrl+shift+R), it adds a couple cards before refreshing my browser. It's a hassle to constantly use the add card button and have to drag it back to where I was originally at.

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