Quizlet is already the best way to study online and now we are also the best way to print flashcards on the web!

We've added a completely new printing interface so you can study on the go.

  • larger fonts to print flashcards and study on the go
  • print out actual 3x5" index cards
  • print a list of terms to fit everything in your pocket
  • double-sided flashcards to help save paper
  • additional options to alphabetize or flip terms and definitions

Let's dive in!

To begin, click on the "Print" button from any Flashcard page.

New Visual Layout

The new layout shows you what the printout will look like on the left and a full suite of printing options on the right.

Step 1: Choose mode

Select a printing mode. You will see it highlighted in green and can preview the printout on the left side of the page.

  • Glossary: terms and definitions side by side — good for cramming lots of info in your pocket.
  • Table: terms and definitions in a table — great for studying line-by-line with a covering piece of paper moving down the page.
  • Small: 10 flashcards per page.
  • Large: 4 flashcards per page.
  • 3x5 Index Card: double-sided index cards.

Step 2: Open the file

Click "Open PDF" to open the printing file within your browser. It will look exactly like the preview.

Step 3: How to print

Select File -> Print from the top of your web browser.

With a keyboard you can use Command + "P" on a Mac or Ctrl + "P" on a PC.

Why Print?

  • For some students, the simplicity and tangible method of physical flashcards works best. We're pleased to now support that in a comprehensive way.
  • Many Quizletters use a mobile app to study on the go, but if you don't want to worry about reception or batteries, printing your study sets is a great option.
  • For teachers, printed flashcards can be an alternative fun and interactive way to engage students in the classroom.

Questions? Check out our Help Center FAQ!


  1. Kate H.

    That seems very helpful! I tried to make flash cards a while back, but I couldn't make a 3x5 index card. Now, this will be wonderful! Thanks!

  2. Fred

    Love this! It's convenient for studying before class for a test.

  3. ctyonahl

    That's cool. Still waiting for multiplayer...

  4. Andrew


  5. SD

    Love the double-sided option. Quizlet keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the free updates :)

  6. Rahul

    #4? Cool.

  7. MB

    Very helpful, thanks

  8. Caroline


  9. Anon

    Bien! Sugoi desu!

  10. Emily

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! I love this! thanks for alll you do! keep up the fabulous work please!!

  11. I love the new interface: looks really good and simple. This is what I want my education to look like. Thanks

  12. KONA

    Sounds Great! I bet the traffic on the server must be hitting record LOWS today after so many people have finished their finals.

  13. Bryan

    Great! I can't tell you how much use this Quizlet tool has been to me since I joined in April. It does keep getting better and better! Thanks! I do agree with Andrew and ctyonahl, though. I would love to have a multiplayer study game! But this is cool too! Thanks a million!

  14. Andrew

    Post if u want multiplayer and more study modes

  15. Andrew

    Post for multiplayer

  16. Andrew123

    There should be multiplayer games

  17. Andrew123

    Multiplayer would be very helpful and allow more compotion and there for more studying.

  18. Andrew123

    The new design is great but the home page should also show how many total visitors to quizlet each day.

  19. Andrew123

    I love quizlet and believe it is imporving incredibly fast

    -Go Multiplayer

  20. Iceydude168

    Dang, the new interface is so... awesome

  21. Chris

    yeah the new interface is much more user friendly! Has something more of a professional feel and less--- dare I say Geocities look?

    @andrew123 multiplayer would be awesome! Deffo a good idea!

  22. Pandalover623

    So many new changes with quizlet since I started! Change is good!

  23. Pandalover623

    I love quizlet! Keep it up!

  24. chi

    I really love this but I cant wait for more study modes. Keep up the good work and happy holidays!!!!

  25. TheThirdPew



    Everyone go to this link and suggest MULTIPLAYER...


  27. lovinmulti

    multiplayer!! best new update ever! Post if u want it

  28. BlackPearl

    Thank you so much for all your great work. You make helping my kids study so much easier!

  29. minda68

    love being able to print double sided index cards. Thanks

  30. Joe Joe

    AWESOME! Thanks alot Quizlet team

  31. CinnamonRolls17

    Awesome!! Thanks for all you do Quizlet!!

  32. CinnamonRolls17

    Awesome!! Thanks Quizlet!

  33. maggie

    quizlet rocks my world.

  34. Evie

    Hey! This is a really awesome update. It will save me SO much time to print double sided, and the interface is super cool! Thank you for all your hard work, and keep up the fabulousness!

  35. ACC Girl

    Thanks!! Now, my flashcards look super neat!

  36. SNACK

    Wow. This is an update I have been waiting for for a while!
    Does this mean I can print on 3x5 flashcards?


  37. carolinefk3

    OMG! You guys are awsome! This is exactly what I was looking for....being unemployed and going to France in 2 months to see new found family, now I won't feel so lost. This tool has been a great help financially, in my situation. Thank you for helping out a person who was in need.

  38. Andrea

    cool new way awesome and easier

  39. Justin_13

    i love quizlet

  40. Suha

    We almost had no such resorces for Arabic to teach students,niether to put on edline for them. now it is not only fun and time of joy in Arabic lessons time, but also a big help for them at home to be motivated to learn more, Thank you to all who is directing this and keep up the good job. It is really AWSOME.

  41. Kira

    I like the new options but for some reason the font prints smaller than before on the glossary and now also the table format. Is there anyway to change that? It's just that it's really hard to see the details of kanji when it's that small.

  42. Kyri

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My teacher always makes us write out index cards even if they have an extremely large definitions. These will really help in the future, especially with frustrating vocabulary words!

  43. Dee

    I like this but I need to be able to print the old way, so I can make the print larger . Please , give it back .

  44. SkyDays

    I would enjoy multiplayer. I suggest that with the many others that suggest it!!(And awesome new update!!!)

  45. MB

    just used it. so cool

  46. Mme Thomas

    I love the new print features! Thank you for all the options! Now what about making the answer being typed be the first thing spoken when doing Learn-Speak-it. My students continue to hit the button for the next one and never listen to the French. It's a waste of a perfect audio opportunity.

  47. Louis


  48. Apples

    This is so helpful for tests thank you so much for this oppertunity

  49. elisakim

    Very convenient.
    Liking it...

  50. Madame Bosch

    THANKS Quizlet for helping provide new ways for me to engage my students! QUESTION: Is there any way to print cards WITHOUT the images if a set was made with images... Just to have the text (save toner, and make text more legible) MERCI!!

  51. Rachel D

    I would never be where i am without quizlet!! Thanks so much!! I could not have done it without ya'll!

  52. E.T

    This is waay better than the sites my school has provided! Thanks so much to the amazing peeps who make amazing flashcards (especially french ones)!

  53. Matt

    thanks. Just one thing, for the instructions where is says How to Print and such, you should be able to scroll because on a small laptop screen you cant read all the steps

  54. Nicolo Martini

    Wow, there are some pretty fanatic people on here. So many "OMG"'s and strings of capitalized letters, I'm a little scared. (Maybe you should make some flashcards to help people with punctuation; that seems to be a problem too, hehe).

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say thanks for all that you guys do. Quizlet is a great study tool and much more efficient than hand writing flashcards - especially helpful for the busy student. (Yes, I am too a busy student. And yes, I am wastiing time because I don't feel like working.) The new printing interface looks very exciting and should prove to be quite useful. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  55. Nicolo Martini

    P.S. What's up with the whole "Multiplayer!!!!!!!" thing?

  56. KingYoshie

    Now I can study a physical copy of my flash sets. Appreciate it

  57. Micahel

    New printing sucks
    Change it back or at least have the old option

  58. KingYoshie

    My lucky number!!!! I love it since it is a multiple of 3!! Anyway, this is great. Printing has always been a problem for me. The flashcards used to be very hard to print. Now it is easier, thanks!!!

  59. Chuu chuu train

    Thank you!

  60. Stephanie

    thanks for all that you do, Quizlet. I'm not sure what this "multi player" is all about, but whatever, LOL!!!!!

  61. Purplish7

    I didn't know you could do that!?!? OH, SD I JUST BEATED YOUR SMILY FACE.

  62. kristyne09

    Thank you so much for the changes to the print options. Very nice!

  63. KM

    We're struggling here with the new print options. We used to be able to print out in the large format with 5 to a page - perfect for word sets of 10 - and now there's only 4 to a page. However, the bigger problem is the font!! The preview looks fine, but in the PDF the font is too small to read on definitions with more than a few words. We've tried all sorts of workarounds with no success. Please fix ASAP!

  64. Reg

    Great options & looks terrific but unfortunately they won't print & always seize up my printer. Then it's very difficult to sometimes delete the print job from the queue for some reason. Any suggestions?

  65. clarabelle220

    How any index cards are on one page?

  66. LittleButtercup


  67. kelcush

    What kind of paper do I buy to print these index cards?

  68. tht012

    THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thank you very much Quizlet for helping me with my academics. : )

  69. vgabrov

    Thanks. Great tool.

  70. ahuney123

    Is there a way that it's possible to make the "large" set print front and back without having to fold them? Or maybe a way to put multiple 3x5 cards on a piece of paper so I don't have to use 324578340 sheets? Either I'm stupid for not being able to figure this out or this is something that I recommend for the next update. Thanks xx

  71. JacquelineKing

    I can't print!! Where is the FAQ on printing problems!!

  72. amalianc STAFF

    @JacquelineKing -- please write into quizlet.com/feedback about this, so we can figure out what is going on.

  73. cmortloc

    Hey guys how do I print my flashcards because on the study set I want to print I don't see any 'print' button. Help?


    This feature really helps with my studying, it's so easy to learn now this this feature!

  75. eband2017

    The feature is broke now. When you bring the PDF to print the font size changes drastically and the PDF not longer looks like the card in quizlet. It is way too small to see when you print.

  76. idontnotlikefrogs

    Don't see the print option at all in the flashcards study mode. HELP!

  77. Sumyx

    There isn't a print button and I cant print these flashcards any other way ;(

  78. kstrand3

    I think you may need to upgrade to be able to print now. It is no longer an option

  79. shruti_roy

    i have a question, so im new to quizlet and i cant exactly figure out how to print double sided flashcards. I wanna print flashcards that have term on one side and definition on the other. But i cant do it, it doesnt work, it just prints them out separetely. Anyone have any help, tips, or suggestions on what to do???

  80. noman_bin_alam

    ssorry this is not working at anymore. pleaase do something

  81. Sharkbite01835

    Post if you want multiplayer

  82. fionamaepf

    Thank you so much for this!!

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