More than anything else, people are missing Menstrual Cycle. It's the most missed term on Quizlet, with 188 incorrect scores logged. That's just funny :)

Also near the top of the list, is Jefferson City → Missouri. I guess we can call that the least well-known of the US State Capitals. Sorry, Jefferson City.

The award for the most used set on Quizlet goes to Reprise Ch. 23 - Relative Clauses. Second place goes to the previously mentioned US State Capitals list.

Sixteen is the most common age among Quizlet users, with 387 users. Runners up are 15-year-olds, 17-year-olds, and 26-year-olds. This data is from the birth year entered when users sign up.

The user with the most terms entered is suresh, who has imported some very large word lists. He comes in at 11,034 terms.

I may only have entered 3,118 terms, but no one is touching my 68 created sets.

Finally, one last statistic that consistently blows me away is that even though I created Quizlet, I'm not its biggest user. That honor goes to my good friend KevinFace.

Well that was fun. Perhaps I'll make this a regular thing State of The Quizlet item. Let me know if there's any other interesting data you think would be cool to find.


  1. Nik

    Heh, that's priceless. Of course, those 188 incorrect scores for the Menstrual Cycle are divided among a mere 7 users. Something tells me they're all guys.

    I agree, this should be permanent - plus, a State of the Quizlet is more entertaining than false political promises any day. Keep at it, Andrew.

  2. Neil Kelty

    Must be the guys, looks like some of us "Quizleters" need to get out more.

  3. Andrew

    The top users list is limited to 7 users only...

  4. MrAT

    Judging from the other terms on that list, I think it's inconceivable that 'menstrual cycle' was mis-defined 188 times due to clueless guys. I think it was more likely misspelled about 150 times by clueless guys.

    I like the State of the Quizlet theme. How about figuring out who has created the most number of sets they haven't themselves used?

  5. cheeseman557

    Maybe largest group and group with the most number of sets would be an interesting stat.

  6. michael-the-videogamer

    wat does menstrual cycle even mean?

  7. Andrew

    "The hormone-controlled cycle in the human female, lasting about a month, in which an egg matures and is released from the ovary and the uterus prepares to receive it"

  8. eld-needhamsw


  9. TheAirplanePilot

    If 11k is the highest, then I have 13,882 terms...

  10. TheAirplanePilot

    Actually 15k now e.e

  11. phlatball

    11 comment, 10 person!

  12. Edeitz54

    Most quizlets created

  13. McKieran PLUS

    Wow, Quizlet is SO much bigger now!

  14. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    Before March 2016, indivisuals could not even post Quizlets-yet now pobspanish-the person with the most Quizlets-has 201 sets with some sets having over 400 terms! Despite having 127 sets at the time of the post, my largest set has 50 terms and my total is about 1,200 terms. Pobspanish must have at least 18,000

  15. Andrew-Cubs2 PLUS

    Hello? Y is nobody responding?

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