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Quizlet recreates "The Office" confessionals videos in quarantine

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Here at Quizlet, we’re serious about staff well-being. We also love The Office (who doesn’t?), so we decided to recreate it from our respective home offices. Health concerns prevented us from sending in an actual documentary crew, so this video comes to you directly from our staff.

We asked our colleagues to provide footage of their daily life that was both real and funny. The finished video features an instrumental introduction, B-roll footage and confessionals just like those of our favorite characters.

What we found was … basically what we expected. Like all of you, Quizlet staff are finding creative ways to cope. Whether by learning sweet new moves, working in the bathtub, or stuffing a sweatshirt to look like a colleague, we’re all making working from home work for us.

After completing the video, we celebrated with an Office theme day, complete with a screening of the video, and our own mini presentation of the Dundie Awards.

We had a blast making this video, and we hope you enjoy watching it.


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