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The OFFICIAL Quizlet iPhone app is here!

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Download it now - free! We've packed all the best parts of Quizlet into a mobile version you can use anywhere — even offline. Now you can seamlessly sync with, access all your sets, audio, and use study modes like Flashcards, Learn, and Scatter right from your iPhone.

The complete Quizlet experience:

• Full integration with your account
• Audio in 18 languages
• Search 13+ million study sets
• 3 distinct study modes — Cards, Learn, and Scatter
• Works offline
• And it's FREE!

This is just the beginning. We'll be bringing you regular updates with feature improvements. If you want us to add something or if you find a problem, let us know at Quizlet Feedback. If you like the app, please rate it!

Finally, a huge thank you to Quizlet staff members Jake and Anand, who led the design and coding of the app.

Happy Studies,


Download it now - free!

PS - Yes, we plan on building an iPad and Android app!


  1. katechan TEACHER

    iPad! iPad! iPad!

    And TY! This is GREAT!

  2. brod123

    Please my school has gone all iPad.

  3. Will

    This is Will at Quizlet. You can use the app on the iPad-simply hit the 2x button in the lower right and it scales well.
    We are working on an iPad specific version, but for now you can access all the features of the app on the iPad in this way.

  4. brod123

    Thanks! I greatly appreciate the work you guys have put into in programming this application!

  5. Philthy3 PLUS

    An android version would be magical!

    Thank you for everything so far!

  6. 3DGmpm

    I can't wait for their to be an android version!

  7. bellalucca

    Freakin' awesome!!! I love it! keep up the good work!!!
    Thank you!

  8. mrpogi PLUS

    Thank you!! I really need this

  9. so_sew

    Yay!!!! I have been waiting for this. Thank you so much.

  10. katyenok

    :D I've been using alternative flashcard apps all this time, finally you guys have a real Quizlet app. It's way better than all those other apps, I love it. Thank you!

  11. kaarn

    Bravo! Finally. All other suggested Apps were giving me a hard time.

  12. GlennG

    So cool with voice also works fine on the Ipad , now I can remove the other apps. Well done, full Ipad later will be great.


  13. Cherry_Yu

    Awesome, I've always been waiting for this app to come out ;D

  14. Nathan_pie

    you guys are the best! thanks

  15. accranford

    How do you download the IOS 5. I have the iphone 4. Srry im really bad with these type of things.

  16. MonsieurHowells TEACHER

    Awesome, thank you! And yes iPad please! :)

  17. Koitan TEACHER


  18. BMHollingsworth

    android please!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks for everything! your site is amazing!

  19. Dwadeheatfan

    Ipad app!!!!!!!!! I'd love it!!!

  20. Job_so TEACHER

    WOW! amazing! great app! you guys really are doing great things!

  21. Jane_Petty_Miller

    It's a great app! The students in my middle school will love it! Have you thought about it's potential for seniors (the kind not in school, but up in age) who want to keep their minds sharp? I'm relearning the state capitals and brushing up on some Spanish words with this app on my iPad! It's a fun (free) app!

  22. deanhassan7

    Make it for ios4.2.1 and ipod touch 2nd generation!!!!! I want this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  23. deanhassan7

    I agree with Jane_Petty_Miller, it is great for middle school students (my sister), and high school students (me and my brother).

  24. marcome31

    Thank you all for your hard work! It would be great to have an Andriod App in the near future :)

  25. substatic

    Looking forward to the Droid version! (Flashcard Buddy is ok and imports from Quizlet, but the actual Quizlet app it great, testing it out on my iTouch).

  26. danhoang

    Please add a "Classes" functionality to easily organize things with others

  27. Em1ly15

    Finally, So happyyyyy now :))

  28. zms_199

    Can't wait for the iPad version! This app looks AWESOME; I'm a big fan of Quizlet, and soon I'll be able to use it anywhere! :D

  29. az_ze

    Only supports iOS 5. Disappointing.

  30. MemVerseFanatic

    Yes! Can't wait for the Android app! :mrgreen:

  31. jay_birdX

    Awesome!!!! Thank you!!!! You're amazing!!!!

  32. jackwiseman4

    OMG!!!!! cant wait to download it! and offline too!!!

  33. HarryPotterRocks

    Yes! I can't wait for the iPad app!

  34. siamak82

    This is awesome. I have been waiting for this for a long time. User experience is way better than all the alternatives I have tried.

    One thing missing is the "ignore (stuff in the parentheses)". I have filled all my flashcards taking advantage of this feature and have lots of description in parenthesis for example the context for the vocabulary. In the learning mode I simply skip the stuff in parenthesis. It doesn't seem to be possible in the iOS version yet. Would be great to add it to match the web version.

    In all very pleased with the app. Keep up the good work.

  35. Exoglycerin

    I am very pleased with the application thus far. I would like to give a suggestion. While working in non-latin scripts, the application does not allow foreign keyboards, e.g. Korean, Russian, Arabic. This would be useful for the learning option. If this could be added, it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  36. steelgator

    Finallt wish I could have it on the android though but still awesome app. :) :) :)

  37. steelgator

    (Finally sorry)

  38. swspn

    Android! Por Fa Vor!

  39. Alex_Simply_Awesome

    doesn't work with my iphone. :(

  40. alyssa525

    Hey! Is there the quizlet app for the kindle fire??????
    If not can you make a freee one ? thx :) :D

  41. legateau

    It doesn't work on second generation ipods!

  42. brainiac120

    Been waiting for this as well, and it seems great, but is it possible to add Space Race in?

  43. Sid96

    doesn't sync with my Quizlet account??

  44. Sultan904


  45. rosta

    Nice app!

    Mais Android s'il vous plait!

  46. KimboN

    I really like this app, but have a few suggestions for it :)

    1. On the learn mode it would be great if you could chose whether you want to go through the words once or twice. When I review on my phone, I'm usually short on time so having to do words twice in sets of 400 words to have them taken out is a pain

    2. On the flashcard part, it would be great if you had a way to hide certain cards that you have learned. This could be something simple like putting a check if you have learned it it having options to see checked cards, unchecked cards or all the cards. This would be awesome!

    But overall love the app and love quizlet! Thanks for all the work!!

  47. pollythedog

    yay its here! :3

  48. tuppenyone TEACHER

    I like it, but since you have gone to the class format, it would be nice if I can see my sets broken into the classes I have made. e.g. I have a couple of different sets in different classes called "useful vocab". As all my sets simply come up in a list, I can't determine which class this set is from unless I open it up.

  49. Greenwii

    Looking forward to an Android version!

  50. laura2lyn4

    If you could make it so that you can check off notecards that you have already learned so they would not be in the batch every time you go through, but then could have a "all" option as well, that would be awesome

    other than that.. good app!

  51. Will

    This is Will at Quizlet. We're going to be adding the ability to search by Classes to the app, as many of the comments suggest. That and adding create/edit sets are the two major features we're working. Thanks for the feedback...keep it coming! - Will (Quizlet staff)

  52. Will

    @siamak82 You're right about the parentheses issue! We're gonna fix that in the next version of the app. - Will (Quizlet staff)

  53. KH01henderson

    Great cant wait to download it.

  54. pollythedog

    XD ROFL LOL :3 THIS IS THE BEST!!!!! except for the crashes :\

  55. bluebluesky

    Can we also have the ability to scroll if the text too long? Another app uses an arrow to show that the flashcard has more content that doesn't fit the screen so the user knows to scroll for that card.

  56. huinnikki

    i really love this app. It great for studying languages. But i'm having a hard time with the international keyboard function in the "study" mode. So far I've only gotten the the korean keyboard to come up twice. The app keeps defaulting to the english keyboard (without the international globe key). After this happens I have to close and reboot the app about 5 or 6 times to get the korean keyboard to come back up and then it only last for about 2 flashcards. If your could fix this glitch then the app would be perfect. IT's only version 1 so I'm looking forward to many great new features. Thank you!

  57. Jenesuisrien


  58. summers_askew

    THANK YOU! I have been waiting for this forever!

  59. pollythedog

    Pretty glitchy and crashes a lot but i reported the problem. I hope your colser to fixing it Quizlet im look forward to a update!

  60. Mustard_Milkshake

    How do you sync sets form computer to app form your profile favorites

  61. chelseabillups30

    Is there a way to create new cards via the mobile app? Or do I have to create them online and then sync with my phone?

  62. RJR2000

    im on it right now

  63. JPerl

    Please make it compatible for 2nd generation ipod touch!!!!

  64. MontyRoxy

    I am looking to get an ipod touch so I can do the flash cards on the bus etc But can use the quizlet app to access your flashcards if you don't have internet?

  65. annief99

    When i play on my iphone my score does not come up on the computer so I cant get a high score for scatter

  66. liv_sawyer051

    Cool cant wait to get it

  67. chibisausage33

    awesome I want it for chrismas

  68. lunamond

    i love it

  69. Sarah_Gould9

    When I use the app I can only see sets I have already studied on the computer and sets I have created. So to use the app I have to study on the computer and then on the app. It gets kind of annoying. Can you please make it so on the app I can see all the sets in my class not just the ones I have previously studied on the computer of made myself.

  70. civid

    I will buy an iphone app for that reason alone :))

  71. shipraverma

    Wow I've been waiting for this for so long and it's finally here! I can finally use my sets on the go. Please add an option to edit on the app.. But awesome job Quizlet! I just got a shiny new iPhone and now I can use a brand new app :)

  72. Mooshie123

    iPad version is good, but their has to be both learn and speller

  73. peaceforever101

    you know it would be nice if for some reason the teenagers forgot about the internet and there cellphones for just a few days but then you wouldnt be able to do this awesome site of quizlet!

  74. totalrcll

    cool, can't wait for the android app!

  75. wafflen13

    its a really good handy app and the interface is really nice -i was just wondering when you would add the edit/add set feature? thanks :)

  76. tobtob4

    i like phone apps so you dont have to turn on the computer all the time

  77. cadd_lab

    a great app, the only problem that i have is that i like to listen to my cards when i drive, but the app shuts off when my phone locks due to inactivity. is there any way to run the app in play/audio mode so that it can stay active in the same way that music player apps do?

  78. Wild_Mage

    Can you please make an app for Android? I LOVE Quizlet and I would love to have a free app on my phone. Thanks! :D

  79. Rajeevsquid

    Please make an app for the iPad .

  80. BonnieMay

    This app would be perfect IF we could create a set on it

  81. viktoria_ontapado

    Please make it compatible for 2nd generation ipod touch. Thank you.

  82. jasondu

    Hi Will,
    Great job on the app. I have added a few new sets to my account on line, but the app on my phone is not updating them, it says "there was a problem with updating your recently studied sets". any feedback on this problem?

  83. dtranqv

    It would be nice if we could annotate certain flashcards made by others just for our own use, and have it be saved, or have the ability to save others' sets of flashcards onto our iphone and adjust as needed for our use, without altering their set.

  84. robinlebaron PLUS

    yes, having the same problem as Jasondu -- Quizlet is not syncing properly with my iphone

  85. Rudytg1

    How soon must we wait for the ipad official quizlet app.

  86. maisoon_jamal

    hi i have the app can someone tell me please how can i download the set to view it offline when my wifi is off please

  87. mufarge

    Please, please, please update the app soon to allow us to create sets on the app!!

  88. todd_biske

    When will Speller be added to the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad apps? I would love for my children to be able to quiz themselves on their spelling lists on their iPods.

  89. ifoundthishumerus

    android too please!

  90. vivian-lam

    is there a way to view your set without internet connection on an android?

  91. jooone


  92. mrscoop101

    Ability to assign tests to classes????

  93. javi_ake


  94. bengro PLUS

    Not being able to create new cards through the app is a real problem. (Especially because when I go to site instead on my phone—iphone 5s—it just crashes.)

  95. nicoleganiere303

    how do you do quiz mode please help I need an answer asap

  96. sbest687

    not seeing any indicator to sync with studydroid please xplain

  97. BethelScience TEACHER

    Is a Test/Quiz mode coming on the app? I thought it worked last year, but seems to have disappeared.

  98. preteach

    Can I play with cards offline on iPad?

  99. marquitap00

    How can you alphabetize on the iPhone? It gets really annoying when you have to just do the learning on the computer. It doesn't even update to when you alphabetize on the computer so please fix this.. very frustrating.

  100. silkie_queen

    Please update with an alphabetise feature. This was the key feature I was looking for when I chose the app and it is great on the web but I need it on my mobile device.

  101. deanna_whitten

    I love this app but what I really need help with is spelling. Do you think that you guys can update the app to include speller? That would be great.

  102. spellmanboys PLUS

    Can you take tests on the mobile app?

  103. studybuddyy1

    This website has helped me so much, I can not WAIT to use the APP, thank you guys for all the hard work you do to keep this website running to it's finest!!

  104. rusman0515

    I am unable to log into my quizlet app on my ipad and iphone. I am also using my school email, i dont know if that has anything to do with it.

  105. ramesh_nanditha

    I love this app! it is truly amazing. It is a wonderful bonus that it works offline!

  106. tp103

    Can you add the speller feature to the app?

  107. aapsb

    This app is amazing, especially with the update!
    join my class, the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee Preparation Class.It has over 300 members and is not a "wannabe" class that says it has a lot of members. This is a large class with an emphasis on spelling. A whopping ten percent of the national spelling bee participants were from our class. JOIN!

  108. edith_bogusz

    Can you please have Quizlet with iPad pen option for writing?

  109. thangdeptrai

    Not free for offline anymore

  110. rosynoir

    Please make offline available for computers as well!

  111. Dogfacedave PLUS

    Hello Quizlet!
    Any chance you will also be developing the "offline mode" for the PC/Windows App? Its super convenient on my IPhone but I am often stuck without internet for extended periods of time and like the ability to study using my laptop.

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