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The Quizlet App: Now With VoiceOver for Users with Impaired Vision

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At Quizlet we're deeply committed to providing powerful and free learning tools to students everywhere, including those with special needs.

That's why we're very proud to announce complete VoiceOver support on the Quizlet App for iOS6 and up.


VoiceOver is an advanced screen-reading technology from Apple that lets students hear what's onscreen and control their keyboard without visuals. So even if a student is vision-impaired they can still use the Quizlet app.

To enable VoiceOver on your iPhone or iPod, click on Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> VoiceOver

PS. Special thanks to iPhone-toting Quizlet user "Pumkey" who first recommended we support VoiceOver. We deeply appreciate feedback like this. Even though a 1-star iTunes review stings a bit at first, it's passionate users like this who help us continuously improve Quizlet :)


  1. schiefm

    that's really cool

    1st comment, boo! yah!

  2. Dragonetta

    How thoughtful!
    (Second Comment!)

  3. NehemiahMcGowan


  4. HarambeIsAlive123


    4th Comment!

  5. HarambeIsAlive123

    Nice update!
    YAY! Fifth comment!

  6. photosamyam


  7. Jocie_7864

    Thats amazing! So cool to make an app to help students study on the iPhone with impared vision!
    *Whoop Whoop 6th comment :b

  8. Jocie_7864

    Wow, I obviously cant count. actualy 7th comment, and 8th :b

  9. cam_tierney

    That is really cool

  10. Ellembee PLUS

    Nice, but an Android app would be great.

  11. Sooper_Rayenbo_Babie

    P.S. I got 13th comment...

  12. christinagrins99

    Awesome update! 12th comment :)

  13. Abby12512

    that is a great idea people actually think about others who have disabillity as someone just like you and me

  14. Achilleia

    thats cool! btw, are there any good quizlet apps for android?

  15. sciencewiz08

    Once again Quizlet shows its greatness, 17 COMMENT!!!!!!!

  16. klm12


  17. Grizzy

    cool beans
    first comment for november 2nd!

  18. lisakeyes

    I am proud of your hard work!
    Mrs. Keyes

  19. mi5sjessica

    Wish there was an Android app for this!! Would totally even BUY it too. The other apps substituting for quizlet are ok. Request for Quizlet App for Android asap!!

  20. katelynstubbs

    that is a great idea

  21. silasbob

    i too think its a cool why is it soo great to be top 5 coments

  22. alharima

    Android App!!!!!!

  23. CyrilBiselx

    Well, I'm going to put one star for not having an iPad App...maybe it will works...

  24. aaronrip

    That's nice, but what if you don't have iOS6?

  25. Pegasus99


  26. miaowmiaowh

    please please please make an android app!!!!

  27. Cristina_Elissabetta

    awesome!! it's nice to see quizlet showing consideration for visually impaired kids...a cause close to me because I'm partially visually impaired (need to wear glasses/contacts all the time) and I suffer from a rare eye disorder. kudos to quizlet for thier new VoiceOver technology

  28. aaronrip

    You need to read under the subheading of "Meet Joan Lee, Science Teacher" - "The Importance of Mobile" says, "Android is in the works!" Having it for iPad would be nice too though.

  29. goobledegak

    I love this idea. Now Quizlet is catering to those with special needs. Amazing. Even Facebook among other companies hasn't done that. AHEAD OF THE CURVE!

  30. saras_sawhney

    is an android app in development? it would be really nice if they made one :)

  31. zachsabel

    35 comment?

  32. Genio

    When will an android app be available?

  33. Glitterati

    Please get HD app for iPad. Thank you

  34. Przemek_Jankowski

    Need the app for Android for me and my students ASAP! :)



  36. Aidan-McGill

    Windows phone FTW!

  37. alyssaquiroz23

    This is incredible! :D

  38. choward19

    awesomeness =)

  39. geesaurus

    that's awesome, quizlet!

  40. Learnerhall_English PLUS


  41. Shweta_tete


  42. CyrilBiselx

    You really have to do an iPad and Android app asap! We all have an iPad in my school and it will be fun to have the possibility to study offline...

  43. I_want_a_phoenix

    I think that this is really nice of Quizlet!

  44. bcknapp

    Android app please. Please open up more API functionality to developers other than just searching for packs. I'm talking about syncing my own packs, being able to edit and save them from a mobile app.

  45. Cristina_Elissabetta

    quizlet, here's another idea...making a font selection option so we can make the font of our flashcards as big or small as we need it. It would be great for those of us who need glasses and/or contacts(one of those people being me) or have eye strain when they read small print (also me) who's with me??

  46. adrianakl184

    @ belladinonna0123 I agree. And make this work for the iPad! We should be able to study offline on anything.

    First comment today ;D

  47. nbrizill

    I love it, when it works. I have one-to-one iPads for small group instruction and I can only pull up my lists on two of my six iPads. I can't login or search for myself under username. Suggestions??

  48. HarambeIsAlive123

    55th comment!

  49. Kahverengi

    Waiting for Android App.

  50. Cookiedoughlover101

    That's cool!

  51. kneedham15

    Yes! Android app please!

  52. dbzbroly


  53. jackwiseman4


  54. adrianakl184

    I downloaded this on my iPad! It's great1 Thx! ;)

  55. Kazaam

    It would be nice if they also added a "create set" aspect to the current app. There are a lot of times where I'm studying something remotely however I want to review information that I'm in the process of learning (e.g. reviewing over Arabic words I've learned while reading an article on Al Jazeera while on the bus). I love the app and I love the site however I can't count how many times this thought has passed through my mind while sitting on the couch, vegging out a reading some Arabic to pass the time.

  56. jwsj2323

    Pretty cool

  57. milespepsi99

    Yeah. go 65 comment
    Pretty cool though

  58. ashrafm

    yay sixth comment

  59. ashrafm

    i mean sixty eight comment

  60. mcioffi86

    Please create an app for the Google Play market! You're missing half of the market out there with Droids!

  61. Collins31

    Wow!!! awesome news, now <a href="" rel="nofollow">voice over</a> services on iPhone.

  62. smexysunny

    70 beats 68!!!

  63. vmdk7

    one of the most important things about a product is accessibility, and Quizlet has finally done it with both site and app.

  64. Spencer32795


  65. sharono1

    I am visually impaired and could really use this on my Droid!!!!

  66. NicDisney

    That's good, it'll be a very handy tool for those with impaired vision! How thoughtful of Quizlet! (:

  67. bmendonc


  68. Jai_Kathuria

    When are we getting Multiplayer back?

  69. am0110

    whoo hoo!

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