(screenshot from a list of famous people) This afternoon we launched a new design of the Quizlet set page, with the goal of making it more intuitive and more visually appealing. While the old design looked pretty nice, there was a lot of wasted space and some key features were not very obvious. This update fixes a lot of the issues with the old design.

The major change was getting rid of the "Familiarize" study mode and building it right into the set page itself. This is great because you can now browse through a set very quickly and see if it's the one you want. For those who don't want to be cramped by its slightly small dimensions, you can make it "Full Screen." The "Full Screen" link will expand the flashcard box and, more excitingly, give you beautiful full size images (no other study mode on Quizlet does this yet).

We also made the various actions on the page easier to understand: sharing is less chunky, study modes are more clearly labelled, and the edit and delete links are in a more logical place. We also got rid of the myspace link and added a twitter link, which we've found is much more useful.

You can check out our Find Flashcards page to see some great sets that have beautiful new set pages.

Here's the old design, for reference.

In addition to the set page refresh, we made a ton of improvements to various parts of the site, from small bugfixes to speed optimizations, to improved Facebook integration, to adding features to our API.

Thanks to the whole Quizlet team for collaborating on this redesign: Dave, Phil, Melissa, Ben, and me (Andrew)! The team at our office in San Francisco is growing, and they're doing a great job of quickly releasing and adding new stuff. We're also hiring! If you're interested in working for Quizlet, click here.

Let us know what you think! It may be jarring to see things change a lot, but once you get used to it I think it's a lot better! We have more exciting improvements in the works, so stay tuned.

UPDATE 4/1/2010: Due to popular demand, we just added a button to "shuffle" your set when using the Familiarize mode built into the new set page. Enjoy :)

UPDATE 4/6/2010: We just lightened the color of the flashcard lines to make them less distracting... hope that helps!


  1. Christian

    haha that's cool
    I noticed it a couple minutes ago and was surprised

  2. David

    looks good, thanks for the great site

  3. ...I can't seem to see how many terms the Set has anymore, nor other specific parts under "Set Information".

  4. Vy

    I KNOW!! It's so nice. Thanks so much for the update!! :D

  5. Hikarino

    That's great and all, but in familiarise the sets shuffled, and in this they don't... Which ruins my method of learning! ):

  6. It's really great, but I agree with Hikarino, there's no familiarize with shuffled terms.

  7. MaxRabbit

    It's cool, but can't we have a checkbox to randomize? I'm afraid it's quite irritating to learn in the same order every time :(

  8. The_Dude7689

    I'll agree with several comments above, in that there is no option to randomize the set in familiarize mode. I think myself, and many others, would love to have that option!

    Other than that small hiccup, great job on improving the site! It will take some used to, but in time, we'll all get used to it!

  9. daniel salgado

    I was here

  10. Evilweirdo

    Perhaps an option should be included to switch back to the old design for those nostalgics out there...
    I like it, though, especially the term switching animation in Familiarize (swoosh!).

  11. Michelle


  12. ::::??????:::::

    Thxz this is great thxz sssooo muchh..!!!! Peace

  13. Kurt

    Thanks. Down with myspace! Good work removing that link. +1 internets.

  14. Steve

    Thanks so much for this new page redo. I really like the new redesign and hope you do more. Change of webpage looks is almost always good.(makes it more interesting) I really like that you added share for twitter because I think that is alot more helpful than myspace. I think you should make an option in user settings so that you can make it so that you always automatically come to a fullscreen page and just have the normal page link so that you can edit etc. if you want to because I only edit, comment etc. occasionally. A randomize option would be nice.

  15. Angela

    :lol: :roll: awesum!!!!! it's different but it seems so new i like it!!!!!!!!!! a lot!!!!!!!!!! :!:

  16. Brittney

    BTW i also think u should do something about putting the questions in order and u should have a randomize button............

  17. bmmurr

    plz really?!?! r u kiddin me quizlet is betta the way it used 2 b! the original was ALWAYZZ BETTA!

  18. Gardensnail1

    This is fantastic. I love the new design. Keep it up, quizlet!

  19. taylrd

    Is there a way to remove the new line graphics on the flashcards? I realize that you were just trying to make it look more like a real notecard, however, it can be a HUGE distraction for those with ADHD. They really get in the way for me. Thanks for all your work on this great site!

  20. Phil Freo

    @Anonymous - you can see the # of terms at the top of the Term List

    To all - thanks for your feedback - *we will be implementing a way to shuffle*

  21. smileandtheworldwillsmiletoo

    wow...i noticed it and was like what happened? i used to never use the familiarize part, but now i think i might. anyway, thanks for being the main reason i do well in school!!!

  22. me

    i liked the old style =[

  23. v

    love it, but would love a randomize button. and i agree with taylrd about the lines

  24. dora

    i luv u bby !!!!

  25. Tigger LOL!!!

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha i luv......

  26. Boots


  27. Anonymous

    Frankly I do not like it, it is rather slow and the "flow" feature just wastes time in between the words.

  28. Anonymous

    Could there be an option for it to revert back to the old format?

  29. Anonymous

    It also skips words with the arrow keys, for instance i tap the right key once and it goes past 3 words at times, at times 2, and ever so often 1. Sorry about the additional comments but just putting them up as they come up.

  30. Andrew Sutherland

    @Anonymous -- Can you submit a feedback request (top right corner when logged in) from the page you're having this issue on?

    @taylrd -- I'm sorry about that. We'll evaluate what we can do to help on that.

  31. Michael Kr

    I think it would really be great if my students could randomize the cards, learning them in the same order every time isn't very helpful.

  32. Michael Kr

    P.S. The new layout is an improvement!!

  33. Krunchyman

    Yes, great job, Andrew. It is a totally new and reorganized set layout. I approve of this myself.

  34. JoJoJoy

    I like the new look, but... it has bugs. =(
    It should only be upgraded if it is bug FREE.


  35. Anonymous

    Finally, something good and free. Good job quizlet!

  36. anonymous

    i liked the old one better because it had a familiarize activity... i was really disappointed when I realized I couldn't study with that.
    But thanks anyways :)

  37. Junebug

    I like the whole new update and I really appreciate it, but I wish you could have added a randomize button and not show both pages in the beginning. I put the term in the term box when i'm making the set of flashcards to memorize the meaning of it, but I can't memorize it if it keeps on showing the answer in the beginning. and it gives the answer away. I wish you have the term in the beginning rather than both. And you guys should add a start over button too. sorry if I'm complaining too much but.... it's just I like the old set page better. But Thank you anyway. I know you are working hard to meet our wants and demands.

  38. rbird17

    The background from the set cards is too distracting. I liked the way the cards were set up before the design change. It made it so the terms were what you were focusing on. The lines just make it distracting. Maby you could just take out the background?

  39. Luke

    The update pretty much broke the familiarize feature for my phone :(

    Now I'm restricted to typing in all of the answers on my Blackberry, which isn't very practical for 60+ card sets.

  40. Quizlet-user

    When using the new layout, I was testing out the built in Familiarize flashcard thingy, and when I changed the mode to show just the term (definition on the other side), I could not get to the definition (even though there was a label reading, 'Click here to flip'.) I clicked the card in various places to see whether I was just clicking in the wrong place, but it didn't work at all. So I just changed the mode back to 'Show both term and definition'.

    I was a little bummed, however, I know that you all are working really hard to help all of us studybuddies out! And I have confidence that this little glitch will be fixed soon! :)

  41. egsa

    Am I wrong and seeing things or not...
    Are the "voice" modes gone???

  42. iBeAdorkable

    I liked the old design better- I don't like seeing the "familiarize" mode right in my face when I log in.
    But I usually just study my cards on my iPod, so I guess I'll get used to it.

  43. Phil Freo

    To all -
    We just added a "shuffle" button back into Familiarize. Thanks for your feedback!

    The voice modes are not gone - just like before, they are only available on sets in English (and one them requires that the set have no special characters).

  44. Krunchyman

    I just don't like how you can't see how many terms you have for your sets.

  45. QUser

    Is there a way to show the terms first instead of the definitions? I remember in the old version you could choose which side was shown first; I always flipped the side to show terms first instead of the definition because it's easier for me to study like that. If not, would it be possible to re-implement? Thanks for your hard work!

  46. QUser

    I also forgot to add that an option to remove the lines would be very helpful too, as taylrd mentioned. They are a bit distracting for me as well!

  47. Phil Freo

    @Krunchyman - You can see how many terms are in your set. It's at the top of the terms list.

  48. ????

    OMG!! This makes studying (and Quizlet) WAY more appealing! when i saw the new page... i was like "WHOA!" so 22 thumbs up (if that's possible... ;-) )

  49. ME!!!!

    I don't really like how the page is set up. I think the flash cards shouldn't be in the middle of the page. It makes the whole page too crammed with stuff. Maybe you could have the "Share Flashcards" at the bottom so you don't have to scroll down to see the Disscusion Box. But these are only 1 users opinions right?

  50. Krunchyman

    I love to complain on every blog. I am a whiner.

  51. I don't like the way that you are now launched straight into the flashcards whether you want to see them or not. And I don't want to see both sides of the first card by default - can the option to turn this off not be an option that is saved across sessions? And I find the lines on the flashcard distracting and untidy. Again, it would be better if the lines were an option that could be turned off, and saved across sessions. So I'm not sure that the new layout is an improvement, but I still think that Quizlet is a great tool, and I look forward to its continued development.

  52. mariobros

    i really want to have a checkbow to randomize... love the new set page though.

  53. mariobros

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  54. mariobros

    i agree with Krunchyman kinda...

  55. Okemo

    You got your randomization.

  56. SGUmedstudent

    Love what you guys have done with the new layout. I like that I can do my cards in order now and the shuffle button is great too. I tried the voice race/matching games with the cranial nerves and it worked great!
    I do however miss the feature to edit cards as I flip through them, sometimes I like to simplify the cards if I've mastered a concept, or sometimes I need to correct or reword some of my answers.
    Keep up the great work.

  57. i dontlike that we can only have 8 groups now. HE should not punish the ppl tht had more than 8 study groups, but now cant. WHT IS UP WITH THT

  58. Krunchyman

    Yes. Anonymous, or commentor 57. You are right. Join the group Boycott Quizlet Plus.

  59. Bri

    I love it! The animation that comes up when you flip the words is really entertaining. Thanks for making my studying a little less annoying :)

  60. I like it, but I think there should be

    1. An option to remove the flashcard background lines, I find it hard to read sometimes.

    and 2. A way to bring the edit option back while going through flashcards! Very often I'll find a mistake or typo while going through them, and it used to be so easy to go and fix it.

  61. Girl with Brains!

    I like the new upgrade. It allows you to look at it in flashcards. I think thats pretty cool. keep doing good work! :D :)

  62. allie

    this is wierd

  63. Krunchyman


  64. Krunchyman

    Get a life, instead of copying mine.

  65. Phil Freo

    Update: we just lightened the color of the flashcard lines to make them less distracting

  66. Iceydude168

    Sweet! It is a bit distracting however...

  67. Bob

    Luv the new dizin

  68. saddleup4Jesus

    I really really miss the feature where you could combine sets and familiarize them... Please bring this back! *begs*

  69. Pirate_Yoho

    I like the new set page; it's nice to have everything easily accessible in once place. The lines on the card also give it a "cuter" look. I didn't find them distracting at all because I use lined paper daily and so the lines just automatically fade into the background for me.

    One feature that I do miss is the ability to edit terms directly on the set page by double-clicking the term. If that would be brought back, it would be perfect!

  70. copy link option

    I love the new look, but I don't see the copy link place anywhere. I had to e-mail it to myself. Parents only want the link that takes them directly to the study cards.
    I really do like that the study cards are displayed right there!

  71. Phil Freo

    @copy link option:

    You can simply copy/paste the URL as it appears in your browsers address bar.

  72. egsa

    hey phil, maybe you can just make the blog posts use their actual user name instead of all this impersonation crap. (see comment #50)

  73. Youdontknow




  74. egsa

    what a fab idea :idea: i love it i lov everything lol i LOVE this site :cry:

  75. uuuuuuuuuu

    giv me a q
    giv me a u
    giv me a i
    giv me a z
    giv me a l
    giv me a e
    giv me a t

  76. somedudenamedmilan

    i liked the old way better:( :sad:

  77. h135

    great idea! luv it! :-)

  78. Timothy

    this is great. maybe if you could make it less overwhelming, though, that would be great. Thanks

  79. unknown

    the learn section wont let me start over!!!!!

  80. copy link option

    The copy of the url gives me a long address, where before I got a short link. I like the previous option.

  81. egsa

    seiously, thoguh, phil, do it. comment #74 was not me.

  82. cthomton

    Help! I can't find the "tiny link" to give to my students! How do they access a list?

  83. SCR

    Love the new look! But maybe add a "go back to the old way" button. I don't want it, but it sounds like some others do.

  84. D

    Can't find the voice games! Even on sets in English. Where are they?

  85. boss

    yo guys whats up

  86. zjl

    JOIN Awesomeness Group For Awesome People!
    it truly is only for awesome people

  87. jacklouis

    Interesting improvements! I would suggest that the familiarization flashcard definitions always be a smaller font then the term that's being defined. It looks messy when the definition font constantly changes sizes.

  88. Jon

    Love the updated interface. Now it looks like a real stack of Flash Cards!

  89. yo

    @ D,
    They're under the scatter/ space race things.

  90. Michael Kr

    Thanks for the shuffling option, love the color lines!

  91. mgtlin

    So now we cannot "familiarize" words in "combined sets?!" And the only way to do so is to export the "combined data" and create a new set? I miss the old mode because of this... Still feel grateful for the wonderful service you've provided, of course.

  92. egsa

    i love life

  93. egsa

    and this site

  94. ok??????? any way i agree i think there should be mare games for learning than the older ones. if you are going to change the page why not change the games too. The games are fun but they are alittle boring. can you come up with something more creative to h elp us study than the old ones

    - thanks

  95. Panther

    I agree... more games please

  96. Hotwater

    The Voice Race function does not work on my computer. The set was in english too. Can you try to fix the voice race.

  97. A Quizlet Fan

    I think the new set page is cool and it works better than the other one. I want to clear my history of all the sets I have studied and I don't know how to do that!Could you tell me how? Thank you.

  98. A Quizlet Fan

    or give everyone that option?

  99. hills

    On the old site you could print off sets of flashcards. This was my favorite part of quizlet. Where is it now??

  100. hills

    Never mind, just found it:-)

  101. egsa

    stop it 93 & 94


  103. rbird17

    Even though you made the lines lighter it is still hard for those of us who have ADD. It would be great if you had a thing in User Preferences that alowed us to get rid of the lines, like a box you can check if you want them or not. Its easier for me to study if the only thing I see is the term without any distractions.

  104. v

    I agree with post #91 I would like to familiarize on combos!

  105. lol

    i aggree more games

  106. kkkkk

    i think more games would be a good thing

  107. egsa

    i also agree

  108. peace:)

    me too

  109. v

    me three

  110. sweetie416

    more games would be a better way to help us study and learn the words in a more creative and fun way. instead of learning out of a textbook. the other games r fun but getting kinda old.

  111. Irene

    At first, I will say thank you for the hard work that is done for helpuing us to learn vocabulary.
    I see, it is not only me who wants to have back the edit button IN the familiarize area. That would be very helpful, because it is faster when I want to correct or change something.

  112. Cho Maki

    I liked the old way better, also we need more games because these can get boring...otherwise.....good update i guess. :(

  113. Me


  114. peace:)

    I agree more game. out with the old and in with the new

  115. Poop on quizlet

    Haha U SUX

  116. hookah

    i love life

  117. mandy

    i agree btw this website should let you go to the home page even when u r logged in. Just a sugjestion. thx! :)

  118. Mnady

    i guess i luv life 2 :roll:

  119. mandy

    quizlet doesnt sux it roxs

  120. Too

    okay, i love the pictures. they're great, but sometimes i just get a white box with a little x in the corner! does anyone know how to make it go away?

  121. peace:)


  122. Krunchyman

    Complaining is my hobby. I complain every blog.

  123. Jewels31_87

    When I saw the change i was like "Cool". I still think the lines are a little distracting but you guys did a HUGE improvement with the updates. Thanx! :)

  124. Jewels31_87

    I also really like the images. The new set page looks a lot better. it will take some time to get used to it though.

  125. pearl39cj

    Could you redo the group pages too? Please?

  126. anonymous

    The new layout is awesome! 2 things-
    #1--maybe a better organization system for all of your sets! It gets pretty annoying when studying for a test to have to go and find the set from all of the others-- folders??
    #2-- what happened to the familiarize option on the combo page??

  127. Jaluicymama921

    I cannot STAND this set up. I can't find the link to send to my friends. I everything looks SQUISHED!!! Please change it back. I dislike it sooo much. please please please change it back!!!!!


  129. ;) KiT-KaT (;

    i would like some new games too because even though the old ones are fun, they are getting kinda boring....but i absolutly love this site!!! it is the only reason i am not failing like all of my tests so THANKS SO MUCH!!! but PLEASE MORE GAMES!!!!!!

    -thanks, great site-

  130. ;) KiT-KaT (;

    BTW, i just tried to play a game for one of my sets and it went right to famialirize (or howevr you spell it) and i have NEVER used famialirize b4 so this really stinks but i guess i could live with it because your site is the only thing that helps me learn so well watevs...



  132. With the old design, you could edit the flashcards' information while studying. I can't figure out how to do this anymore. If there is a way, please let me know.

  133. Krunchyman (The real Krunchyman)

    Stop using my name, poster #122. I did not write that, and don't listen to that guy, because he keeps copying me and my friend Egsa's name. He is not using his name only ours and is trying to give me a bad reputation.

  134. Elliot

    Thank you so much for finally updating this!! Whenever I have to show my teacher the flashcards, it makes my time one click shorter!!

  135. Boucheza

    yea more games sounds great

  136. behappyridehappy

    I like the old way better - it was A LOT LESS CONFUSING! I think we should be able to switch back to the old way, like you can on Yahoo.

  137. austinr21

    50th hi five!

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