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The Limmers are experts on all things EMS. Dan Limmer is the author of major EMS textbooks like Emergency Care, EMR Complete, and EMPACT. He and his wife Stephanie founded Limmer Education in 2009 to help students succeed on their EMS tests using high-quality, clinically accurate, and educationally sound content and tools.

Since it’s National EMS week, they shared with us the most important things to know as you prepare to take your national registry certification exam, the NREMT.

There are 5 sections in the NREMT exam

  1. Airway, Ventilation and Respiration – this covers material beginning with the first assessment of the airway, through opening and maintaining the airway to oxygenation and ventilation.

  2. Cardiology and Resuscitation – this covers CPR, defibrillation and the application of running a “code” in the field. The NREMT focuses heavily on the American Heart Association guidelines in this section.

  3. Medical Emergencies and OB – this is the biggest content area on the NREMT and covers a wide range of emergencies. The obstetrics questions are often considered the most challenging since only a small portion of the EMT class is dedicated to this important topic.

  4. Trauma Emergencies – This section covers bleeding and shock as well as injuries to all parts of the body from the head to the neck, chest, abdomen, spine and extremities.

  5. Operations – the easiest way to describe this is to say that it is everything that is not covered in the first four sections. This usually includes the front and back sections of the EMT book.

Plus the final category is Pediatrics, which isn’t a section in itself. However, ten to fifteen percent of all sections (except operations) contains questions on pediatric patients.

What to know about the format of the exam

The NREMT exam is computer adaptive. This means the exam will measure your knowledge by increasing the difficulty level of questions as you progress and get items correct, until you begin to get questions wrong. The exam also uses a “best answer” format. It is written with many choices being possible but only one is clearly correct. This is different from most in-class exams in an EMT course.

Many students complain that the exam uses words or terminology that they aren’t familiar with. LimmerEducation made their first Quizlet study guide on Medical Terminology which helps that issue directly. Learning prefixes, suffixes, roots and specific terms through the flashcards in the study guide and testing yourself with the exams helps students break down words and improve understanding—not just on the exam but also for everyday in EMS.

The Medical Terminology study guide is a great way to get started mastering the medical terms so that when you do practice tests, like the ones included in the Quizlet study guide, you feel really confident.

On finding the motivation to study well

Being an EMT is rewarding because it is different. While there are certainly routine calls, the people you meet and the occasional unpredictability is what many people like about EMS. It’s not your average desk job! It may sound a bit corny, but if you are becoming an EMT to help people, you will not be disappointed.

See all EMS study guides and use code EMSWEEK to get 40% of study guides through Sunday!

In the coming weeks LimmerEducation will be adding more EMS flashcards, practice questions, and study guides to Quizlet that will help students prepare for the NREMT and other certification exams. Stay tuned!


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