This is a contributed post by educator Anna Cuyar.

In my classroom, assessments are framed as celebrations of success: the success of what students have allowed themselves to accomplish. I have used various strategies throughout the years to help my students see that this is a very real and integral part of our classroom community.

Quizlet makes accomplishing this goal so much easier, with its effective tools and the instant-engagement factor of Quizlet Live! Additionally, aligning our classroom efforts with fun, timely themes can further incentivize learning, prevent the doldrums, and keep us moving forward in a positive way.


Before the winter holiday break, we celebrated the 12 Days of Quizlet Live. Each day for 12 days we played one round of Quizlet Live in the last few minutes of class, using pertinent Quizlet study sets. When the round was over, I cued holiday-themed music as a student emcee asked winning team members (in Spanish) to rise to their feet while the rest of the class applauded. Winners proceeded to the 12 Days of Quizlet Live board and wrote their names with festive-colored markers, for lasting recognition. It made for great learning, a fun send off for the holidays, and something to look forward to upon their return.

Most recently we celebrated Second Semester Slam Dunk. To prepare for this theme, I asked volunteer artists to decorate boards in my classroom. Students then worked through two Quizlet study sets using Flashcards, Learn, Write, and Test for individual review. We also played Quizlet Live, with the winning teams rising to their feet, accompanied by applause. Along with writing their names on the Second Semester Slam Dunk boards, students were encouraged to add their own creative touches, like positive quotes and drawings.

Second semester slam dunk boards.png

We concluded this classroom theme with two fill-in-the-blank tests, easily generated from a Quizlet study set. (I created multiple versions, as well as answer keys, using Test mode's print feature.) One student aptly named these assessments Slam Dunk 1.0 and Slam Dunk 2.0, resulting in fun sub-themes.

Thanks to their previous investment in practicing with Quizlet’s activities, more than 50% of the class received 100% on both tests! These students got to add their names to the Slam Dunk 1.0 and Slam Dunk 2.0 boards, and all accomplishments were recognized by applause. The atmosphere in the classroom was one of celebration and optimism — mission accomplished!


We’re looking forward to themes like Countdown to Spring Break, AP Spanish High Five, and Final Finale as we wrap up another amazing year of learning — made even more successful (and fun!) with Quizlet.

Anna Cuyar has taught in high school, college, and business and industry at the corporate level. She currently teaches Spanish and is the World Language Department Chair at Hillcrest High School in Simpsonville, South Carolina, Greenville County Schools. She is also a Quizlet Teacher Ambassador.