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This Teacher Appreciation Week, win upgrades for your entire school!

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This week we’re celebrating teachers for the important work they do year-round — engaging and mentoring students, serving their school communities, and educating and inspiring others!

We’d like to show our appreciation for all educators by giving one deserving teacher plus their colleagues free upgrades to Quizlet Teacher!

Nominate an amazing teacher

Please nominate a teacher who inspires you (or an amazing colleague you know) by filling out the form below and telling us why your nominee is so great. Does she run an amazing after school program? Does he integrate technology into the curriculum in an innovative way? We want to know!

Once you’ve submitted your nomination, you can increase the teacher’s chances of winning by sharing the contest with others, following Quizlet on Twitter, or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway 2018

At the end of this week, we’ll randomly select one lucky nominee to win Quizlet Teacher for themselves and up to 100 teachers at his or her school. Four additional winners will be chosen to receive an upgrade to Quizlet Teacher. To enter, make sure to use the widget above to tell us all about the great teacher you know.

We’re honored to play a small part in the invaluable work that teachers do. Thank you, teachers!

No purchase necessary to enter; terms and conditions apply.


  1. CoachBill12

    Keep the students motivated and engaged with every lesson.

  2. Cynthia_Davis81

    Please select our school to win this upgrade. We use Quizlet in our ACT preparation for all students in the high school and in our individual classes.

  3. spanfrenchflanagan

    This is a great idea, my students love using Quizlet.

  4. Jon_Mannion

    Thank you

  5. Frenchfaty TEACHER

    Happy to be a Quizlet teacher!

  6. Aarian_Dhanani TEACHER

    Awesome opportunity!

  7. Rachel_Kochav

    My students are learnign a lot of new vocab using your wonderful program.Thank You!!

  8. Cyprian_Pungong

    Great tool for learning. It makes learning fun

  9. ccorlettrm6

    Thank you for this opportunity.

  10. Maria_Demeo TEACHER

    Thank you. Quizlet plays an important part in vocabulary building in my classes. Thank you!

  11. Kimberly347 TEACHER

    Quizlet is engaging for EVERY student!

  12. MrsJoAnnFiler

    My students love Quizlet Live. They look forward to our weekly vocabulary reviews. Students requested other teachers in the district use this very valuable and intuitive web tool.

  13. cwchism TEACHER

    I know that the students that use Quizlet have had higher retention of materials and higher test scores because of the different ways to practice materials. This is an amazing resource!

  14. makdamaam

    Wow it’s very handy and engaged students

  15. jbjnesbitt

    I nomimate Mrs. Rodgers.

  16. Yomo4class

    I would enter myself because Quizlet is one of my favorite class resources, but it just seems wrong.

  17. KerryAnn19

    I think this should extended to Jamaica because we also use quizlet in the classroom

  18. MrsMullinTech TEACHER

    I nominate Mrs. Fredo! We love creating quizlets for our students and having them create their own as study tools. Students absolutely love Quizlet Live!

  19. Yalocalwhiteboy2

    Please vote me

  20. JacksonVance30

    And Thank You teachers for everything you do

  21. SraLioy

    Quizlet is the perfect way to encourage ELLs to work with non Ell students! Quizlet is AWESOME!

  22. jody_converse TEACHER

    I shared this with my fellow Master's Program students! ! ! Thank you, Quizlet!

  23. Tamara_Lopez21

    Love this program! Thank you for all the hard work that goes into it!

  24. David_Rodriguez1218

    Quizlet is a great tool for learning. Thank you.

  25. dcoleman316 TEACHER

    I hope it's okay to nominate yourself.

  26. marvelouscamtheman

    Choose our school!! Burnet middle school in TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Sub_to_Zink_Zoodles

    I am on a student’s computer right now, but I would LOVE it if you chose Jude. We study for ISEE with Quizlet!

  28. cadwello TEACHER

    I love using Quizlet Live to go back and review vocabulary terms prior to semester exams. The student like the format of the "race" using the multiple iPads/computers.

  29. superElizabethE2711

    I use quizlet for everything!! I have a quizlet class and my students love it!

  30. Shandle_Waskom TEACHER

    Thanks so much for the chance to upgrade!! I teach at a great school and would love this free upgrade. I use quizlet all the time in my classroom and my students love it!!! I know it has increased my test scores. Thanks again.

  31. Rabbid45


  32. katrocada

    Quizlet is an essential tool in my classroom! Thank you for this amazing resource!

  33. yahiea27762

    I think this should extend to Jordan as. Well.

  34. mabbeyquiz

    It would be so awesome for our school to win this award. We use Quizlet to review for tests and to challenge students online at home. I love receiving videos of them from their parents... excited to learn!

  35. MsChenLPMS

    Besides many great features, I love the feature that I can assign it as homework through google classroom! Students can retake it as many times as they wish for the grade they are satisfied with.

  36. Lisette_Guttery

    This program really helps in the students' vocabulary retention. We use it for content and general vocabulary needs. Students and parents like the accessibility from school or home.


    This would be so awesome to win. I love Quizlet and use it in my classroom every week!

  38. Ponce787

    I never thought what a difference Quizlet was going to make in my classroom (behavior), students learning and my lesson plans! Bravo Quizlet!!!!

  39. MmeJBelanger TEACHER

    Hoping my nominated colleague wins this award. She is very deserving and inspires us and her students daily. Personally, I love quizlet and even upgraded myself to "teacher" this year whereas I was always using the free account!

  40. RebeccaCross88

    Thank you, Quizlet!

  41. kimbrathomas PLUS

    Thank you, Quizlet, for being a valuable resource as we scramble to prepare for our STAAR tests! I hope you will consider my nominee for Quizlet Teacher. She is quite the super star! :)

  42. Gina_McCane5

    Thank you, Quizlet!!!!

  43. PHES-Schroeder3

    Our 3rd grade team could really use the upgrade! We love quizlet!!!

  44. Frank_Lambert TEACHER

    Using quizlet at the end of the year and making it "silent mode", meaning having students put in nicknames or emojis enables students to learn through mistakes. Plus makes the games 10 times more competitive!

  45. ashtonroyeu2

    don't have mjms win they are sports based and they think sports are the only thing in the world that matter also athletes get special treatment

  46. undercoat

    Yep, subscribers of quizlet get so much good studying in, this saved me from my test!

  47. superincredibleCEO13

    Yessssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i love quizlet even more.

  48. Linda_Doering

    Quizlet! Thank you for your service and commitment to students and learning. Congratulations to whomever wins this great prize, and I'm sure there are SO many wonderful candidates that would benefit from this upgrade. Quizlet - you make studying with my students FUN!

  49. Aiden_Stanford


  50. Kerry_Wells1

    My students enjoy Quizlet! :)

  51. theMadameKidwell TEACHER

    This would be great to win! I love the excitement I see on my kids' faces when we use Quizlet in class! How cool would it be to be able to upgrade to Teacher for FREE???

  52. magsdchs

    Mrs. Appelgrijn is the best!

  53. nguadarrama

    This would be amazing to win ! My students learned a lot from this site. They have in proof on their vocabulary and on so many other things. It would be an excellent opportunity to be able to upgrade to Teacher for free!!

  54. lilybrown5

    this app is soooooooooo much fun. #Ilovelearning


    Ms Mcallister is the best

  56. SteveOpp

    *thumbs up*

  57. Konnor_Wangen

    hey guys scarce here

  58. Carrie_Deering TEACHER

    I have been using Quizlet to keep my kiddos engaged as we prepare to take our State exam next week. The vocabulary review is incredibly helpful as they prepare to tackle these big tests. I also use PearDeck to help my students remain engaged as we review and have used GoFormative to assess their level of understanding. Technology has certainly helped keep my kiddos engaged as we near the end of the school year!

  59. walker_11866


  60. ddesrochers TEACHER

    I am in trouble with my students if I don't post a Quizlet for an upcoming vocab quiz.

  61. Robin_Gosdin

    My students use Quizlet for their Medical Terminology review. They retain more by using the Quizlet tools. We would love to win.

  62. amyleeexxx

    vote for pigeon forge middle school.

  63. noplinger123

    thanks quizlet. i would have failed all my classes without you

  64. Jaxon_Klug


  65. CDW05 PLUS


  66. CDW05 PLUS


  67. Jamiebeachgirl


  68. myname2134


  69. myname2134

    teacher is good

  70. tman1771

    Thanks quizlet. I would not have A's in all of my classes without you. You are what I use to study for all of my vocab tests/ quizzes I just need diagrams so that I can do geography studying too. Thank you Quizlet

  71. Pocky100

    I hope my teacher wins!!

  72. lydialprice TEACHER

    Thank you for doing this!! :)

  73. jkingg123

    I loveeee QUIZLET!!!!!!! #Quizlet4Life

  74. goup07

    my fav teacher win

  75. Kiernan1


  76. AmazingGummyBear161


  77. silverseafoam

    I love this....lets us express our feelings & love for oue teacher!
    *Love this!!!*infinity

  78. Bethany_Buss

    Im a student, I am wondering how to nominate my teacher?

  79. MystaryPi

    Woah! This is really cool!
    Great way to express our appreciation to our teachers!
    Thanks Quizlet!

  80. pmichiels

    Thank you Quizlet for an excellent product. I appreciate how you keep making it better. It has really helped my students learn the vocabulary and they enjoy playing

  81. Faith_Drescher

    What a great way to recognize the hard work of our teachers and to say thank you!

  82. TyloBones18

    How do I vote? Other than that, THANK YOU TEACHERS!!!!! I wouldn’t be able to write this without you!

  83. masonatore

    i can do that.

  84. wonderfulVjohnson

    We're happy to be Quizlet teachers at our school. Our students have fun while learning with Quizlet!!

  85. MelanieGrace_19

    I love quizlet and I love when my teachers use quizlet in the classroom. Please request to join my 6th grade studying class we have sets for all 6th grade subjects. I nominated my favorite teacher Mrs.Wright. She always uses quizlet in the classroom. Please choose Mrs.Wright!
    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

  86. JackCosta

    My teacher @FHS_Flood (Mrs. Flood) is incredible. She opens doors to new ideas and teaches like as boss. Keep it up best APHG teacher!

  87. LeaCampo

    My teacher is the best Spanish teacher there ever was or is!!!!!!!!!!! Love you Senorita Depraect!

  88. A_L_I_V_E

    Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

  89. SciTeacherJane

    I can see a huge difference as my students collaborate to "win" the competitions. We have tried some of the variations, and my students like Silent better than Cacophony.

  90. ethanhockey12

    This should be the teacher of the year: This should be the teacher

  91. M_Schwaegler PLUS

    Do you leave the teachers birthday or is it the student entering the teacher?

  92. bu_hannah TEACHER

    Why can't Australian/Tasmanian schools enter?


    I see a lot of comments about vocabulary, but Quizlet is so much more! I use it in my High School Math classes. It is a great way to get students talking to each other about math! Give them individual whiteboards and a Quizlet or Quizlet live (they love it) and they are all engaged and talking about solving problems and defending their positions. I have shared this with my school! Thank you for the opportunity!

  94. algebrastudent7

    I don't have Quizlet plus. Can I make posts?

  95. MediaSpecialistBower

    This would be awesome!

  96. HawaiiPanLaoshi TEACHER

    I can't imagine life without Quizlet!

  97. CampanaD039

    I am glad the teachers have this opportunity; they tend to make a lot of quizlet sets for their classes. If anyone deserves to get a free upgrade, it's the teachers who will utilize this website on a weekly basis. Good luck, Teachers! Good job, Quizlet!

    (Hey, by the way, quizlet asked us to subscribe to their YouTube Channel...)

  98. longiansam

    That's Cool

  99. Austinc5904

    Woah thats cool il try to get my teacher to join

  100. ka-lop

    i have the nicest teacher so dont say eww to this great update it shows how many people like this type of week

  101. HMSDass PLUS

    Entered my teacher! :)

  102. Madison_Phillips89

    I entered my science teacher.

  103. Darian_Wright4

    please select my teacher she is amazing and she will truly appreciate this and i will surely love this as well, she have no clue i'm doing this

  104. greatherm

    thank you

  105. TheCandleSalesman

    yey teacher will win some good stuff

  106. idriishaji

    you are genius. i want to thank you with your help

    i want to say one more think. you are the best

  107. Tardiswolf12

    I hope Holly Smith wins.

  108. Petiot

    Thank you! You make studying better! :)

  109. awesomemperry


  110. Buhari_Idris1

    Iam so glad thank you

  111. melaniewilder22

    This seems like an incredible way to give back to teachers! Thank you so much for giving back to the people that deserve it the most!

  112. sethgarza12

    that is cool

  113. hburris555

    PLEASE vote for mrs.Hayes!!!!!! She is a wonderful teacher and teaches us new things every day!

  114. Kittencat345

    pls vote for miss denton she is kind sweet funny and will always care about her students and lets the spotlight shine on someone else she is awesome🙂😋

  115. siennavery

    Th Rogers really deserves this. Our school is for both Vanguard, and MI, and hearing impaired students. We provide many programs for these special needs students, but may not be able to support them for long, due to massive budget cuts from the HISD school district. Our kids at this school could really deserve this chance, please nominate TH Rogers.

  116. WadawVEVO

    I really hope we can get accounts for our school. The sisters and the teachers use this for tests and for other things.

  117. superglitter24

    I would really love for steck elementary to win

  118. superglitter24

    I would really love for steck elementary to win

  119. William_Noujaim

    I hope Foothill High School wins this fabulous contest. Good luck to everybody!

  120. CrankyCrusaders

    My high school uses quizlet a lot so it would really help to win since we aren’t the most rich school

  121. darkshadow123yt

    go ISB for the win

  122. Yagirlmarie93

    I would nominate my 10th grade Earth and Space Sciences teacher, Ms. Dannielle Morgan. She had a humility and kindness that radiated enough to brighten anyones day. and i dont think she was even aware of it 99% of the time. She is one of the few left of a rare and dying breed. Never change! SHOUTOUT MS. MORGAN! HOPE YOU REMEMBER ME LOL :)

  123. MontgomeryPowell TEACHER

    Please open this for people in the United Kingdom!

    If it were, I would be no doubt dominating my French and German teacher, Mr Syrus. Not only is he a fantastic teacher but he uses Quizlet all of the time in his lessons which make them even better. He doesn't have Quizlet teacher but I think he would really benefit from it, as would the other teachers in my school. He is really passionate about languages and uses Quizlet to support that.

    His username is syruso

    So I would like to nominate him even though I am not in the US.

  124. sac_offense_44


  125. sac_offense_44

    I would love for The Park School of Baltimore wins this.

  126. bubblethe3

    can you please choose us. We always use quilt for our tests and quizzes

  127. Emmatonge

    i wish i could be a lepricorn

  128. richiehawkes333

    I would love for @mrsmbowen she is a wonderful teacher and interested me in French so much

  129. ka-lop

    my reading/social studies/writing teacher is already in and she makes sets for the whole class (theres 30 of us)

  130. basketball1343

    good idea

  131. Darkdestroyer-owen

    I hope Ms. Pietrak from William S. Cohen school wins. :)

  132. Abdi0154

    Good ideia

  133. BuckyBarnes17

    this is a narly competition

  134. a128burgess

    ^ya totally tubular

  135. mgoose47

    ^^You two are so grovy

  136. mgoose47


  137. BuckyBarnes17

    Any of ya'll like Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier?) CAUSE I DO!!!!

  138. a128burgess


  139. aesthetic_malik


  140. Masonvail

    Ms mock is the best

  141. A0000000000000000Top

    Pick me please!!!!!!

  142. A0000000000000000Top

    Yes Please!

  143. Masonvail

    Mock guna win

  144. Michael_Melvin42

    hi people

  145. MarioTheMaleficent

    ohhhhh yaaaaa

  146. Cecilia_Barras1


  147. bellawesomeness101


  148. Paige_Tschirn


  149. aliljeberg


  150. Paige_Tschirn


  151. rtalb21


  152. oelam21


  153. sophmeister48

    #Mode modemodemodemodemodemodemodemodemodemodemode

  154. sophmeister48


  155. alliehingle

    he loves teaching!!

  156. enguyen23

    @alliehingle WHO LOVES TEACHING?

  157. Cecilia_Barras1


  158. pigman1234444

    This is amazing!

  159. corn_dog_man

    I need to win this for my school
    the school and the gang

  160. grabowskim2002

    Please make this available in the U.K.!

  161. Tara_Kelley16

    The students love the games and activities on Quizlet especially Quizlet Live. What a great opportunity for teachers to have this feature. Thank you for offering this has a gift for several to WIN!!!

  162. VuxVux04

    I would Like to have The upgrade for quizlet. Quizlet is AWSOME!! Hope we win my class would love it!!! :) ;)

  163. Oloops_ PLUS


  164. H20kaiden


  165. I_Listen_To_Hop_Hop

    This is pretty cool!

  166. piracy1 PLUS

    Quizlet is an amazing app

  167. Catfish_boi

    I nominate mrs. Wendell

    Idk why.

  168. destiny20026

    hey what up

  169. Austin_shell1


  170. GattiB


  171. rowan_keith

    Our school has a quizlet account with over 300 students in it used to study over 10 subjects and over 600 sets. I think our School deserves this upgrade. Lots of teachers add to the student's quizlets and make their own quizletlives

  172. rossk21

    Quizlet helps me learn vocabulary faster in Mrs.Sexias's class

  173. JocelynCohen55

    Mr. Hunt is a very hard working teacher, along with Mr. Johnson, the two who have made me love history class. Our school has used Quizlet to help teach the students, but we have not upgraded. Personally, my scores have increased and I would like to share this with my fellow classmates.

  174. CampanaD039

    I know this is an odd request...
    for some reason, I am unable to create a Quizlet Diagram. I can enter it, but I cannot place a LOCATION on my diagram. when I place a point, it won't let me enter a definition. Also, when I click to place another point, the first one deletes. Is this because I have standard-grade Quizlet? Do need to pay to make a diagram???

    I think making diagrams would help me study a lot better, but for some reason, I am unable to make any.

    Sooooo, my request... could any users leave a comment addressed to me for some help? Thanks if you do!

    (also, cool! good for the teachers! I hope someone who deserves it wins it!!! good luck to all!)

  175. DJTacotruck

    Please pick my teacher Mrs.Powell I'd be amazing for her to get picked

  176. alinyingyu1972

    Please vote for our teacher.

  177. julia_kocher914

    Vote Explorer Middle School in Washington!

  178. MemeulusMan

    Islander Middle School! Please we are awesome

  179. nts42116

    As a second year teacher at North Hardin High School, I have truly been blessed to start my career with such GREAT group of colleagues! Everyday feels like the first day in regards to how the staff has embraced me and allowed for me to grow as an educator. I would love to give something back to my FRIENDS and allow for all staff the opportunity to utilize the Quizlet program as a tool for student growth and success. Please consider NHHS as the recipient of Quizlet for they are truly amazing educators! Natascha Brown

  180. henryjcps

    pick mister crawford

  181. katiagymgirl PLUS

    Everyone I know form Cactus Shadows High School is always on Quizlet when they are studying. I know for a fact that I use it at least an hour everyday! It has been so beneficial and has made my high school career so much easier and successful. We would feel so honored to be chosen for this! Please consider Cactus Shadows AZ for this amazing opportunity! Thank you!

    Katianna Blackwell-Scott

  182. Awesomec8

    Please pick my school because we are always on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please and thank you !

  183. melford2002

    i nominate tyrone he's a legend

  184. melford2002

    i nominate jill bardsmith what a lovely young lady

  185. fatimahnazir

    i nominate tyrone what a guy

  186. alex2002x

    is it

  187. Adolph_Dagan

    Please vote me .

  188. Wilder_Rivera-Lopez

    I nominate Ms. Glendening

  189. rodr6641

    Thank you

  190. Iyonna_Summers

    Nominate Ms. Taylor @Saluda Middle School.

  191. lsardinas

    Ms. Collard!

  192. Shannon_Cook30

    I vote for Mrs.Cook

  193. michael-hammock TEACHER

    Thank you.

  194. p66666666666

    Mr. LePauloue!

  195. mvitro

    I'm a Quizlet user, and absolutely love it! My students enjoy the games. They're learning without realizing it!

  196. teacherjuanca

    This is great! Unfortunately I can't participate because it does not cover the area of Colombia, but I'd like to say that we all love Quizlet here at Montessori school. Keep it up guys, a hundred thumbs up!!

  197. Amazing3143957

    So Cool

  198. kittykittymeowmeow44

    thank you for helping us learn

  199. ellie_scott25

    Miss Parkes! She inspired my love of French and she is more of a friend than a teacher :)

  200. SamCoo8

    MRS. LAMB :)))))))))

  201. ShelleyFekete

    I nominate Alina Engstrom at the Academy at King Edward. She introduced Quizlet to our staff a couple of years ago and continues to promote it at staff meetings. As a result, our students are excited about practicing their vocabulary and love using the website. We post it on Google Classroom for kids to use at home, and it is awesome to watch how engaged our students get using this program! Now, many of our teachers on staff use Quizlet in a variety of subject areas and we are seeing excellent results! Thank you, Mrs. Enstrom!!!!

  202. Ball722

    its borung and my teacher dont no how to use it

  203. jmwab

    Vote Frau Petermichl she is the best german teacher EVER!

  204. nassereddinea TEACHER

    Quizlet is a great learning website.

  205. Pamela_Callahan

    I have never seen a more engaging program for students of all levels as Quizlet Live. It ensures that each student has a vital role in the activity. It is based on teamwork. It is fast-moving- literally~ Students are moving from group to group with a purpose and not wasting time getting there.
    As far as the basic activities, all of the activities are worth the time it takes to share them with your class. The newest activity that you've added that graduates in intensity is wonderful. I also am impressed with the audio when you use the Spanish/French voices. I teach Spanish and French and love this program!

  206. ebrahim_dadras

    this a wonderful opportunity to help others learn through robots

  207. yahiea27762

    I nominate yahiea277620

  208. katiagymgirl PLUS

    I nominate Mr.Bombaci.

  209. Miriam_Mata27

    Loved the Idea of this Giveaway & Congrats on Whoever Won!

  210. Jon_Norris818

    Was the winner announced?

  211. Goldie_Silverman

    I nominate Morah Shira Miron!

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