I have some exciting things coming up for you guys.

Forums! Each group on Quizlet will have its own private forum, and there will be several global forums. The current global forums are: Quizlet Suggestions and Vocabulary Help. There will be no casual hangout forum spot. Here are some screenshots I'm working on:

The forums main page

A single forums page

Also, I'm working on making the URLs on Quizlet much prettier. I've started with a new testimonials page I've completed: quizlet.com/testimonials/ - note the lack of ".php" - I'm going to try to make this site-wide soon. We'll see.

Tell me what you think!

Update: The Morning After (fix)

So there was a bug in the dashboard page when I updated it around 2 AM last night. It wasn't allowing you to visit your own dashboard without giving it a user id.

This bug is now fixed. Sorry for the troubles. The total downtime was about 7 hours.

And by the way, the reason this happened is because I was experimenting with some new ways of accessing dashboards. You can now type in id=jalenack to get my dashboard, or use anyone's username to get theirs. I'm doing this as part of a larger change to eventually get all dashboards to have a structure like this: https://quizlet.com/user/jalenack/ ... Again, sorry about all this!


  1. Neil Kelty

    The forums look pretty exciting - now where are those myspace like profile pages :P

    Very nice job on the styling - show's you really want every feature on Quizlet to be "branded" and they look great too.

    There are far too many sites that launch forums and just throw up the default styling, a job well done Andrew.

    Also, I hope those URL's work out for you - that was something I've wanted for a long time. I like pretty url's - ALOT!

  2. Pyotr

    Wow... forums will work much better for conversing between group members than the comment boxes do. :)

  3. Nik

    Ah, forums! I love how you're doing it on a group by group bases. I never considered that, but it's brilliant. And, of course, I'm sure the global forums will be really helpful to lots of people, myself included. Yet another great feature that utilizes the community we've got here.

    The clean URL's are really nice. I tried to do that once, using Apache's mod_rewrite. It works, of course, but that was for a site that had, essentially, one very dynamic page (I didn't bother with regex rules for that reason). Out of curiosity, how are you doing it? An .htaccess file? Or something inside the PHP scripts?

  4. Andrew

    .htaccess, ya. I'm still learning it all...

  5. Sue

    pretty URLs, always a plus!

  6. Madison

    What if I want to put a picture in the terms box?

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  8. sydney

    want more study game's!!!

  9. Carrie Heisley

    I loved quizlet but my junior high boys took your "gossiping in discussions" quite seriously and used girls names and what they would sexually do to them. Then they called teachers retarded, stupid and more so we had to delete our site. Is there anyway to protect against this. The comments were added from home computers as they accessed the classroom site. The discussions were right there next to the school's vocab words so the girls were utterly destroyed by the vulgarity and they don't even want to come to school! Their parents are livid! Before this incident, the kids loved the site and really were increasing their vocab. Please reply. cheisley@cocsd.k12.az.us

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