[[ Ok, to make this extra clear, all of the following information is completely FALSE. It was my little April Fool's joke :) ]]

I have been trying to hold this off as long as possible, but the choice has finally caught up with me. I just got off the phone with my accountant and several advisors. The news isn't pretty.

To put it simply: Quizlet has run out of money.

From the beginning, I have funded Quizlet out of my own pocket. My dad and I have paid for all of the servers, the domain name (it was already taken, so it cost me a very large sum to get it), incorporation costs, and miscellaneous costs associated with running a business - not to mention the thousands of hours I have spent programming and designing.

The original business plan was to start advertising on the site once it attained a sufficient quantity of users. We (my dad and I) knew very clearly that we could not support it on our own indefinitely. So we set about actively pursuing advertising deals with educational companies looking to advertise for what we thought was a very attractive demographic: highly motivated students from elementary school all the way to college. But the interest at these companies was simply not there. So we were left to figure out a back up plan. As the founder of Quizlet, it was my choice to decide what to do next.

I had to choose between three options:

  1. Charge for Quizlet.
  2. Put up generic advertising from Google or another ad publishing company
  3. Shut it down permanently.

Obviously, this was not an easy choice to make. I wished to do none of these.

After running some very careful analysis and consulting several other web companies, I reached the conclusion that having generic advertising deals would bring in too little money to cover the costs of daily operations. So #2 was eliminated immediately.

The last thing I wanted to do was shut Quizlet down. Over the past seventeen months, I have poured my entire life into working on Quizlet. It has become so much a part of me that to just turn it off would be like turning off a part of myself. I know that may sound cheesy or whatever, but Quizlet is so important to me. So, I think you get the point, #3 was out as well.

Which leaves me with making users pay to use Quizlet.

So here's the plan: Individual users will be able to subscribe to a whole year of Quizlet for $30. That rounds out to only 11 cents per day. Teachers and school districts will be able to purchase bulk packages of 35 accounts for $180. To put it in perspective, that is an 83% discount for the bulk package. These price points will be discussed in depth in a future blog post.

Payment will be exclusively online and will require a credit card or a Paypal account.

The timeline for the subscription phase-in is as follows:

  1. April 5, 2007 - Free registration will end. Already registered users will have full access privileges and may continue using the site as normal. New and current users will be able to start paying for their one-year subscriptions.
  2. May 5, 2007 - All registered users who have not paid the subscription fee for Quizlet will have their accounts severely restricted. They will have the opportunity to use the Export page to remove their data from Quizlet for another 2 months, and then their accounts will be completely deleted.

But there is some good that will come out of charging for Quizlet. First, it will allow me to immediately start hiring other programmers that will be able to add great new features like image learning. As always, there are many features I want to add to Quizlet, and the improvements to Quizlet will only quicken as more people join the team. Having paying users will also let me hire a dedicated support staff (probably just one person to begin with) which will be able to answer questions and resolve issues more immediately than the current situation.

I will be available for questions in the comments of this blog post. Again, I am deeply sorry for having to make this choice.

UPDATE: Lastly, everything I just said is a COMPLETE JOKE. Quizlet will always be free. Happy April Fool's day, everybody!


  1. cbmusicgirl

    this is april fools right?

  2. Daniel

    It sure doesn't sound like a joke.

  3. Zyfo

    Nice one april fools! You should seriously set up a donation account though, I think you'd find a lot of people willing to donate some money to Quizlet :)

  4. alica

    Oh PLEASE tell me this is just a prank for April Fools' Day!! If it is, you got me good!!!

  5. Daniel

    Will we still be able to embed scatter pages on other sites?

  6. cbmusicgirl

    I really hope this is just a prank

  7. Neil Kelty

    Nice! Now, if this ever really happens...I'm your first investor. I totally call the spot!

  8. alicia

    Haha. Okay joke's over. It WAS a joke, wasn't it?

  9. Andrew

    Daniel: sets created by paying users will be able to embed Scatter on an unlimited number of other pages.

  10. Daniel


  11. mike

    i think you pretty much just shut down this website....

    everyone who is looking for a free study website try:


  12. Mr. A

    I would also advise you to put a donation box.

  13. Angela

    Yeah, I agree about the donation box thing, but I still hope that you're not serious.

  14. Angela

    I mean, it's an unusual coincidence to be posting this on April Fools Day.

  15. Beth

    I hope that this is a joke....it just found this site and I love it. I wish I'd found it during my Medical Terminology class! I hope that you can continue to keep it free, for those of us who are students that don't have much and need all the help we can get!!!

  16. Quizer

    how do we unsubscribe?

  17. Shrill

    Nice April fools... well written, should fool a few people :)

  18. Angela

    ...Are you saying that this is an April Fools prank?

  19. Jess

    Please tell me this is a April Fool's prank, I just recommended this website to my whole entire French study group...if students have to pay, I think they will turn to something else. It's not realistic to ask for money when so many sites out there do the same thing and are free.

    Like the others suggested, you should set up a donation box. It could definitely pay off.

  20. sail4life

    april fools!!! i havent been on quizlet long and on april 1st i cant trust this

  21. pixie_pie


  22. Etchesketch

    If you would (1) elaborate on the "miscellaneous costs associated with running a business" and (2) not have posted this on this day, then I might have believed you.

  23. Neil Kelty

    You guys are soooooo gullible. Andrew's goal from day 1 was to make this baby free and he is going to keep it that way.

  24. martig2

    thirty bucks is totally in-line and I'm not foolin'

  25. Spear Britney --->


  26. Amelia Bedilia

    This CAN'T BE TRUE! Do you know how many broke kids use this site? If they have to start paying they will boycott Quizlet all together. There will BE no site!

  27. Amelia Bedilia

    BTW: What cam first? Quizlet or that mindpicnic site that mike was talking about? They are very similar. :???:

  28. Amelia Bedilia


  29. Neil Kelty

    Amelia, I'm guessing Quizlet - it's been around for something like a year and a half now.

    And why is that guy advertising his site as free?

  30. cw

    Thirty bucks? Generally you can do all right by asking for donations and publishing the list of the faithful. Thirty bucks is a death wish.

  31. Andrew

    Hey everyone, just updated the post a little bit.

    I can now confirm that this was a complete April Fools joke. Thanks for playing along :)

    Quizlet - free forever!

  32. Jesse

    Wow! As a struggling Latin teacher I was just about crushed by the time I reach the end.
    Thanks for the joke

  33. pollysmiles

    Dang! That scared me! Hey wait, I'm gonna message somebody this! This will be interesting.

  34. Fluffy

    *gasp* dont do that. thats not funny :P

  35. Evie

    whew! I almost fainted there. lol.
    you were kidding, right?

  36. Andrew

    Yup, totally kidding :D

  37. Nik

    Ah, man, I wish I had gotten on Quizlet yesterday to be in on the joke.

    Ah well. Nice one, Andrew! And I second (or third, or whatever) the donation idea. Lots of people seem to really like it, and willing to donate a bit.

  38. Liz

    hahaha nice joke Andrew! You got me so-o well!

  39. Countrygirl

    OMG! That scared me to death!!! :-)

  40. vanillaandchocolate

    i was sooo scared. but then i got to the end and cracked up. good one.

  41. otter_buddy


  42. moose!

    ACKK!!! u scared me!!!

  43. mmekaiser


    You really had me going. I'm thinking... another Quia story. Incidentally, I stopped using Quia once it stopped being free. I have come to rely on Quizlet and I know my students could not all pay for it. Thanks for keeping it free.

    Madame Kaiser

  44. jellybeans

    i totally thought you were serious! this should always be a FREE website! no one's joining to pay to make a set of flashcards or to test themselves over the internet. i mean this is a cool website, but i could do this anytime at home, its just the internet is more convinient. i was going to hurry up and make a million accounts before quizlet would start charging us. when me and my friend read the article we were absolutely fooled! but when we saw the update,we were relieved!don't ever do that again!

  45. Dadler22

    yeah, agreeing with jellybeans, i mean i like the website, but i deffinitly wouldnt pay for a subscription

  46. wow, you fooled me lol!

  47. Cleo

    Omg!! u got me!!

  48. Cleo


  49. JTF

    I don't think he's joking. But if the site really needs the money I'm willing to pay a little bit. But I still think that the donation box is a good idea, too.

  50. Shane

    can I just say that mindpicnic.com is UGLY compared to the clean, sharp Web2.0-sweetness that is Quizlet

  51. ktn

    I LOVE this site! I'm glad you were just joking!

  52. Me

    I'm new user of Quizlet and I hope it will always be free. I know about Quizlet from http://www.mootools.net. I also "LOVE this site"!

  53. Hey


  54. Breeauna

    I am a new user and you got me good.

  55. kay

    omg, it was like, omg that is sooooooooo lame!

  56. Poop

    that was halarious. ha ha ha ha lol no it was really retarded actually.

  57. cookie

    you got me going for a second

  58. Kailey


  59. dudley

    Holy cow!! You had me worried... I just found this site and had recommended you to others. I am REALLY glad it is still free. THANK YOU.

  60. 14yang

    That is such a good joke... it is isn't it?! : )

  61. Nicole

    wow nice joke! :) lol

  62. :( ;( ~:)

  63. dolphingal


  64. pixie_pie

    Mean! Ha ha ha!!! That was funny, though. You really had me fooled. But how are you paying for all that stuff, anyway?

  65. CECe

    gosh u had me there for a moment!!!~~~cc

  66. CECe


  67. CECe


  68. CECe


  69. CECe


  70. CocoLocoChanel

    this is sa joke! a joke!!!!!!!!1

  71. hehe

    I just signed up and saw the updated news and was thinking "Why didn't the computer ask me to subscribe?" I TOTALLY believed it and wished that I subscribed a few days ago.

  72. yomamma

    that was funny. it had me fooled for a while. im all like, "dad, can I have 30 bucks to subscribe to this thing?"

  73. jellybeanflavored

    you got me soo good!



  74. BigBelly33

    Don't joke around like that. And if you're not joking, it's called a fundraiser!!!

  75. samantha keeney

    ha ha that is so funny

  76. samantha keeney

    big belly who are you

  77. Madison

    That is not funny! I read it and almost screamed because I just got an account and I don't want to pay $30 for a study website. Because, it is just a luxury froom sitting and reading a paper over and over.

  78. Funkay

    :) :) :):( :( :#

  79. kyla

    its april fools day lol ppl!!!!haha~

  80. shah1

    I think you made the right choice.

  81. Revilo

    OMG YOU GOT ME SO0O0O0O0O0O GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. 13kraus

    nnooo! i will have to stop going on quizlet. so will everyone at my school. i am NOT going to pay $30 for some website. thanks a lot!! NOT!

  83. Andrew

    13kraus - good thing it's all fake :)

  84. happy_bomb2

    thank goodness it is fake

  85. YOU SCARED ME! good thingit was a joke!!!!!! :D

  86. ctl teens lif

    As their bodies began to relax they heard a knock at the door
    p.s vmlapgaoke
    p.p.s edyg8r7fh987erhfs8v

  87. sam

    lol funny... are u sure its a joke... IT IS A JOKE...right?!... you arent serious .... right!>>> omg u r serious.... gasps.... omg!>.... this is a joke.... someone tell me its a joke! aaaaaaaahhhhh.
    *faints* :(

  88. wer

    hi there i will be seeing you soon

  89. someone

    dude.... i think that wus just stupid... but atleast u sed it was a joke.

  90. someone

    ...... wtf?

  91. Ilya

    Nice joke... to bad I read it AFTER you said it was a joke. By the way... your in JS and i think that is cool so read and went here... it rocks. If everything is false, did you also mean the Quizlet being part of your life thing too??

  92. Linda

    i totally agree, my class read about u in Junior Scholastic and EVERYONE registered...even the teacher.

  93. Mrs. Jameson


  94. Linda

    Mrs. Jameson???

  95. Linda

    wow, i thought that was just a demo, Mrs. J

  96. Mrs. Jameson

    I go on regularly, Linda. This site is very good. By the way, Linda, use regular grammar please.

  97. Linda

    but mrs. jameson...please?

  98. Brandon

    Linda??? Mrs. Jameson? i was doing my SS homework and i checked out the blog and i saw u guys so...oh, I have to use good grammar.

  99. Mrs. Jameson

    Children (heavy sigh)

  100. Linda

    I have to clean my room, bye Mrs. Jameson and Brandon

  101. Mrs. Jameson

    Brandon? Were you really doing your homework?

  102. Brandon has left the chat room


  103. Linda

    Are any of you there? I finished...

  104. QSH

    Ha..............Ha................Ha... funny

  105. Emily!!

    My whole skool now uses u cause of junior scolastic MAgazine!!! there was a article bout ths!!

  106. Nameless Person

    yeah i saw the junior scholastic too and now the teachers have encouraged the whole grade to use it for our vocab test. there is a person in our grade called emily, too!

  107. Samuel

    i found out because of the Jr. Scholastic Mag, now all the kids know and so do the teachers!!

  108. Ilya

    Sadly not everyone went and signed up... but at least during spelling I told everyone what I used :)

  109. almenOn


  110. Glapsripsygag

    Your article always include a lot of really up to date info. Where do you come up with this? Just declaring you are very imaginative. Thanks again

  111. RobloxGoodFortniteEw

    if i were not 1 and a half when this came up i would have believed it cause its so realistic

  112. RobloxGoodFortniteEw

    make that one and a quarter

  113. the_real_Aidan_H

    10 years later, you have to pay for any advanced features. Great.

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