The Quizlet logo shines at SFBeta

I went to SFBeta last night to present Quizlet in front of a bunch of Web 2.0 types. That was a lot of fun. What was not so fun was the fact that I had my AP Bio final the next morning! I survived...

During the presentation, we were required to recite a limerick. So here's my beauty:

There once was a boy who could not remember The difference between June and December So he logged onto Quizlet And soon had to admit That his flashcards were fine to dismember

Yes, I know it's not syllabically perfect or whatever. No one else's was either. We're founders, not poets :)

Okay, on to the good stuff:

I just released a new revision of Quizlet with the following updates:

  • People without a username can try Quizlet now. The new home page (for logged-out users) has lists of recent sets and some other fun data. This will be nice for people who want to see what Quizlet is really about without creating an account. I had to disable some features for logged-out users, such as the live discussion boxes and the Learn mode. Learn requires being logged in because it records every one of your right and wrong scores and it has to be able to link your data to a username.
  • Changed 'Confused?' to 'Curious?' - it's a little more friendly.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to create groups protected by passwords (thanks johnnylaguardia)
  • Improved various small things (the obligatory and vague message that makes my list more impressive).

Coming up:

  • Autosave. Just in case you close a window without meaning to...
  • Private messages between users. I especially want this so that I'll be able to respond to all the great that's been coming in from everyone.


  1. blueteddy709

    who ever made this is weird!!!
    who cares
    i mean really do you really care about how many people between the age of 0-80 use this site if i was the owner i wouldn't care who used this sight as long as they were using this and not something else!!! :) :)

  2. Jane Doe

    cute limerick =) if i had to do something like that i would die

  3. tmarsga

    3rd comment!!!!!!!!

  4. TammieStolz


  5. MaryReynolds

    i love quizlet

  6. cute_bunny

    6th cool!! :}

  7. Purple_Tiger_

    dude thanks for quizlet

  8. BobdeUncle

    8th comment, yahhhhhhhhhh

  9. Info-mershal

    9th comment

  10. deo469


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