Me in the grass

There's no better place to relax than in the grass...This is me with SCA people and pirate facepaint. Yar!Hiya everyone. Today was the last day of school for me, so yippee! Junior year was hard, and now it's done...

And now, like I said in the last post, I'm taking off. In exactly seven hours, I'll be on a flight to Mobile, Albama. I'm going to be gone for two whole months, completely cut off from the Internet (read: Quizlet). Some hard manual labor will be a nice and healthy getaway from computer programming.

So now, some administrative stuff. As I will obviously be unable to answer support requests or add new features, don't expect a lot of new things on Quizlet for a little while. I'm passing off the Quizlet reigns to Neil, a good friend of mine who knows Quizlet better than anyone (except for me). He's been very gracious to take over support and general administration of the site while I'm gone. I'll be returning around the 13th of August (with pictures for the blog, of course :))

Oh, and has anyone seen the stats on the About page recently? Quizlet has just passed one million terms entered into Quizlet. Good work, and thanks for using Quizlet!


  1. Fyorl

    Quizlet ftw! Have a good vacation dude, you earned it.

  2. Magee

    SWEET!!! 1,000,000 terms!!! nice, people! and have a good vacation!!!

  3. VJ

    It's awsome that ur going away... but when i complain about something ur not the one who gets mad at me... it will be this Neil charecter...

  4. M

    hav fun on ur vacation! u deserve it.

  5. M

    that is cool! 1,000,000 terms. sweet!

  6. alicia

    hav fun on vacation. im going away soon 2. tho im only goig 2 ny 4 about a month. ;)

  7. SAR

    hey yeah idk who u are but cool story and have fun =)

  8. Angela

    Lol...I'm going to Alaska at the end of July, but that won't be for a while...yeah have fun on vacation everyone :)

  9. pudge

    wat a bunch of lazy buggers!!!

  10. marat

    I really anticipate an option of adding example sentences to the terms. The definition itself is not sufficient for good learning process. We learn through examples much faster.

  11. Sir Raphael Nero Maral Denentea IV

    I use this all way from Vatican City! Sorry my english, I tack Italean!

  12. Lani

    marat - if you put an example sentence in parentheses after the term, you'll be able to read it when it shows the definition but you won't have to type it in to get the word right.

  13. Rob

    Have a great time mate :)

  14. marat


    Thanks, I'll try it.

  15. marat

    2 Lani,

    What you recommended didn't work. I put the example phrase in parentheses () after the term both with the space and without the one - in both cases I got error message when learning, saying that the answer was incomplete.

    Or maybe I misunderstood something.

  16. tomasdore

    Marat, there's also a checkbox which specifies whether items in parentheses should be ignored or not. Maybe check/uncheck this?

  17. vibhor

    see you later

  18. 2tomasdore

    Yes, it worked :) Now I can say that Quizlet is 100% suitable for me. Well, as for me it's a rare occasion when a piece of software ideally satisfies my needs, but Quizlet is a pleasant exception. Thanks to Andrew for making us all happy :)

  19. marat

    Anonymous above is me. Just forgot to enter my name.

  20. Chocoa

    yeah! ditto to everything (u know, like, good stuff) and yeah have a good time and everything... 1,000,000 terms??!! AWESOME

  21. runaway-man

    Man, I forgot my password to my account (runaway-man) and now I can't get on.

    And I'm the creator of a group that my entire grade is counting on!

    Worse, the email account. that I used was deleted for some reason. ""

    I just got back in school too. Well, I hope you had a good vacation.

  22. Andrew

    runaway-man: I just got back. It was great...I'll be posting about it soon.

    Send me an email at (myname) - replace (myname) with andrew. I'll help you get back your account.

  23. runaway-man

    OK, I will. Thanks for the help!

  24. runaway-man

    Have you received my Email?

  25. Andrew

    Just sent you a response

  26. davismurray

    LAWL alabama rocks, how was it?

  27. Margaret

    School starts for me in 2 weeks. I'm always excited for the first day :) Andrew, no pressure or anything but are you almost done with the Quizlet boards? I can't wait for that feature!

  28. marat

    Andrew, it would be great if we could mark the sets as "done". When there are too many of them I'm really getting frustrated trying to choose which one to learn. :)

  29. runaway-man

    Yes Alabama does rock, doesn't it Davis :D

    Also I have a couple of ideas for Quizlet:

    1) Create a way to implement pictures into the basic flashcard. Just a form that lets HTML be formated into the definition/term would be great :D One side would still be text.

    2) Also, it would be great if there was a better organisation method than just by subject. Marked, files, active sets, etc.

  30. runaway-man

    Also, it would be awesome if there was an option for group/set creators to turn the chat on and off.

    Some guys are chatting during study hall and if I don't do something about it the teachers are going to ban Quizlet at school

    (we all have laptops, and they have a thing called websence)

  31. runaway-man

    Wow! Now not only is they're advertising on quizlet, but now we're gettting the spam advertising that I normaly only see on much larger sites.

    And yes, Wii is awesome. But theres no need to advertise it on a website about learning.

  32. Andrew

    It was just on this blog, so don't worry about it. I deleted it. There's no spam on, to my knowledge.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone.

  33. runaway-man

    I noticed that when you are doing the learn mode, and you edit a word, it will switch the term and the definition.

    So if you are trying to enter the french, you have to enter the English for the word that you edited.

  34. Hey! Congrats by the way... but when are you comming back? It's been months...

  35. fdh

  36. Anon.

    i wish i could leave

  37. Anon.

    but, of course not!!!!!!

  38. none of the above

    have a good trip...and like it says u rlly do deserve a vacation...anyway 1,000,000 terms that is a hell of a lot

  39. black07

    sup guys

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