On the day of Quizlet's launch (January 17th) I went to this thing called Stirr founder's mixer. Stirr is an organization that puts on networking events for startup founders, and it conveniently had an event on my launch day.

Right at the beginning, I was asked if I had a "pitch" - a quick explanation of an entrepreneur's idea. I figured I did, so they took me out into the parking lot and recorded me giving the 48-second masterpiece you see above. The people who filmed it work for Vator.tv, a site that lets entrepreneurs upload videos of themselves giving their pitches and then shows these videos to potential investors (venture capitalists).

So anyway, it's pretty fun to watch. I definitely should have focused on the camera more. I'd never done anything like that before, and I had no time to rehearse or think about what I was going to say. But hey, that's the way it should be! I end it on a good note with a pretty spectacular :-D face. Good times.

Oh, and did I really say "a bus-load of collaboration features"? I didn't even know "bus-load" was in my vocabulary. Oy. Should have been studying on Quizlet more...

In actually useful news, I'm going to be opening up the site to people who don't have Quizlet accounts. They'll be able to see all public data and use the Test and Familiarize mode. The Learn mode is a trickier because it stores all your right and wrong answers in a database and the database has to be able to connect its data to particular user. Look for that soon.


  1. Michelle

    First Post! I love Quizlet!

  2. seado

    3rd comment... This thing is an accomplishment!!!

  3. Dogecoin

    Awesome video :)

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