Talking with students

We're lucky to have Quizlet-loving teachers like Charlotte Cassidy, a computer teacher at San Ramon Valley Christian Academy in Danville, CA (a private K-8 school in the East Bay), who invited the Quizlet team to visit her school. When we heard how much they all used and loved Quizlet, there was no way we could turn her down:

We introduced Quizlet to our students last year and our teachers and students LOVE it. We use it almost across the board in every subject in junior high and it is used every day for a variety of purposes, such as studying, assigning learn mode for homework and using Quizlet for in class tests. Our students and teachers would be so excited and eager to have Quizlet visit our school so that we could share with you all of the ways we use Quizlet.

fixing bugs

With students and teachers using Quizlet in nearly every subject, this was clearly a Quizlet Power School we had to check out.

Quizlet in the Classroom

We went to several classes, fixed some bugs (no more recurring invites!), and meet with students to field questions about Quizlet and ask them what they thought Quizlet should do next to make their studying experience even better.

Map tests

First we visited 8th Grade Social Studies to see students using Quizlet to study world geography.

test mode

Next, we went to 6th grade Spanish where the teacher was using her SMART board to project Quizlet for the whole class to go over new vocabulary.

spanish class with quizlet

Ask the Quizlet Team Anything

Charlotte organized an exciting opportunity to meet with the 6th and 7th grades so that we could ask them questions and they could ask us everything they wanted to know about Quizlet.

Students asked how we built the map on the Quizlet home page that shows people all over the world studying on Quizlet (which David expertly explained). Dave told them how we build our engineering team and how impactful learning to program could be for them. Andrew spoke a lot about how he started Quizlet and what it took to build a website like this.


Learning From Our Users

A major theme from our conversation was that Quizlet made studying fun and easy (or at least as fun as stu-DYING could be) and an achievement/badge system could make it even better. Quizlet's CEO, Dave, also asked the students how they perceived Quizlet as a brand. We're happy to report that we're pretty cool in their minds and that students view Quizlet very positively as common effort between themselves and their teachers to do well in school. And we're pretty sure that a Quizlet tshirt store would fare pretty well based on our extensive market research.

talking with students

We were impressed by how much the students knew about Quizlet and how precisely they could speak about what they liked (and didn't like) about using Quizlet. Thanks so much to Charlotte and the whole school for having us!

Want Quizlet in your class?

The school year is almost over! If you're in the San Francisco Area and use Quizlet, we'd love to stop by your school as well! Write to us at or drop us a note in feedback.


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    Super-duper awesome! Hi fivers!!! :)

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    I wish my school was like this. Although, pretty much my whole grade has an account but none of the teachers do. I LOVE QUIZLET!

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    I am a student and have my own over 13 account. To help people study, I created a class for my class at school, and with my friend, explained how it worked. My friend and I then helped everyone sign up and most people chose to. Because of this, I have 20 members in my class now! My teacher was very happy! And by 3 days, I have created so many sets! I am very pleased with Quizlet and I hope it can you far in business and get more popular. (In other countries besides the U.S.) I wish you guys could come, but I live in NWI Indiana.

    Oh, and thanks so much! However, it would be cool if you have assignments that can be posted, Word documents, PDF Files and more that can be uploaded on another assignment section on Quizlet. You guys saved my homework, test, and more with Quizlet.

    Thanks again,


    This is the 8th comment but 6th person to comment! Yay, and GO QUIZLET!!!!

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    Coolness factor increases greatly with startup tees.
    I would like to be able to "follow" people/friend them so that I can send messages or make sets only visible to them (without making them part of a public class).

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    @loop20141 I have a story exactly like yours! But instead of only my class getting hooked on Quizlet, the entire 7th grade joined! Our average grade went up too! I am so happy with Quizlet.; Thank you so much Quizlet. I wish you could come to my school, but live in Pensacola, Florida.
    All the way across the country from you guys :(

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    Oh ya, go Quizlet!

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    Quizlet is great and it has helped me and my sophomore grade (about 57 people in the group) throughout 8th grade to currently the end of sophomore year. Our school is Covington Latin School which is a prestigious school and we as students study a lot, we currently have 256 sets just for our sophomore year. Thanks Quizlet, (having skipped 3 grades) I would probably not have been able to get this far with straight A's without you. KEEP IT UP.

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    Who cares what number you are commenting? I love quizlet I work on worldly wise(a vocab thing) and I used to get 5/15 right because I never studied, now I study constantly HOURS cause its fun! Thank you it has made my grades much higher!

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    I learned about quizlet thru my communications professor, if I never knew about it, I would be doing terrible in all my classes. But honestly, I get kind of bored of it from time to time. There should be funner ways to learn in the quizlet program, I like the testing and flash cards portion though for now..

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    OMG this is my school! You guys were awesome and we had a lot of fun. My grades have improved dramatically because of quizlet: after studying on quizlet for one day, I got a 100% on two (!!!) difficult science tests. Thank you so much for visiting SRVCA!!!!

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    when I searched to find a practical questions, I found a great free website that provides for us how to evaluate your self. However,I hope they could improve more and more especially in Medical-Nursing topics in advance process such as free NCLEX test for nursing, Advance health assessment, nursing theory......because my major going to be a MSN nurse in US for 2013-2013. I hope I could see more quiz questions in different nursing topics.... Thanks

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    That would be amazing. But I'm home-educated. And I don't live in America. I have been on Quizlet for about a year and use it all the time. I have already asked you to do this about half a dozen times, but here it is again. Please give us the option of parentheses and grammar counting in learn mode again. It was a lot better.
    1: Because you could learn the the basics of a set without parentheses and then learn more finicky bits by turning parentheses on
    2:I do some German. Capitalization rules in German are a bit odd, and I'd like to be able to learn them.
    Thank you for making Quizlet!!!!!

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    Visit my school!!! My school is renfroe middle in decatur ga.

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    i used to get like 70 on my exams!!!!!!!!
    Keep progressing to keep quizlet up!
    also when r u gunna ad the multiplayer game???

    thanks so much
    -Kingfanta, lover of soda and hated by dentists.

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    Looks like ya'll had fun! I would ask you to visit my school... but I am homeschooled! :P
    Keep up the good work. You make learning fun!

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    I have a question for Quizlet: Can you make it possible to have friends on Quizlet?

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    Thank you so much for visiting our school! It was such a pleasure hosting the Quizlet team! We are very lucky to be located in the SF Bay Area. Thank you for all that you are doing to support students and teachers! You are doing amazing work and really changing education!

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    Muchas Gracias por visitar mi clase y escuela. Fue un placer conocerles y hablar con Uds. Por favor, venga otra vez!
    It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with all of you. Please come again! You make my life so much easier as a teacher!!!

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  73. ashleyl1n

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    Cool! Actually, if you are taking suggestions, I have a couple ideas...

    Make profile experience points. They will show up by your user name and you will earn them by high scores on tests, breaking records on scatter and space race, etc. If you end up making awards, getting awards can get you points, and you can get awards for having points!
    (e.g. I get 5 points for making an account. I get 20 points for earning the 100% Correct badge. If I get 1000 experience points I get the XP Master badge)
    Because I'm an avid user, I have 1500 points, but my friend who uses doesn't use quizlet as often has only 700 points.)

    Make multi-player study options! There could be a game like a quiz show, where a question/definition/word is on the screen, and the first out of up to 4 players who buzzes in gets to try and answer the question/definition/word, and if you get it right you get a point in the game. After about 10 questions, the player with the most points wins, with a experience points pr

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    Oh yeah, and if you could fix the scatter bug that would be great. I will get an awesome score, beat everyone else, and then I'll check back later and someone will have beat my record with a score of 0.0 seconds. Not cool, man.

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    I love quiz let! I live in South East Alaska, and often travel via boat, where we have no wifi. I was wondering if there was a way to work the flashcards/Space Race without internet? If so that would be amazing!

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    You guys should totally do a national tour and visit the schools that have the most quizlet users all over the country, or you could have an essay contest or something like that! I don't know which but you guys need to come out to all the other states instead of staying in SF.
    Thanks and I hope you guys are doing great!

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