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We got word a few weeks ago that Quizlet is nominated for Google Play Fan Favorite App of 2018 and the voting portal is now open! If Quizlet has helped you in 2018 — with getting ready for a test, playing Quizlet Live in the classroom, studying on the go, or in any other way — we would so appreciate you taking 30 seconds to vote for us. Even if you aren't a regular Android user of Quizlet, you can vote online in a few clicks.

Helping students is what we're all about, but this time it's us who needs the help. Thank you for your support and let's go make it happen!



    The links to vote do not work . It says 'Error 500' .

  2. marshmallow83

    ^^^^^ yeah, please it's rlly annoying xD

  3. Elliott_Ruegsegger

    Fix link please!

  4. bumblebeast


  5. masonatore

    i voted.

  6. Qwerty_D


  7. smartestpanda1234

    Let's go quizlet. I voted for you guys! Quizlet is rated 11/10. Over and above

  8. Mike123752


  9. N04H_MRKU5

    Made sure not to vote for quizlet

  10. Gaster_17 PLUS

    Let’s get this bread

  11. carhuy06

    yes, go quizlet

  12. Bwinig21 PLUS

    Go Quizlet!

  13. nick147258


  14. yeabsira6

    +it doesnt work

  15. Pixilatedhawk

    Helped me a lot!

  16. toxictacocat

    omg i love quizlet live all the different animals and it really helps me study for my tests

  17. DustinNguyen0707

    This app is pretty good! I helps me a lot on the studying.

  18. yrust23

    Quizlet really helps me (and my class) with studying. We love Quizlet.Live and racing each other on Match. It would be really great to have more games though, because after awhile, those games kind-of get boring. Just a thought. :) :) :)

  19. ccsyrust

    Yes, that would be great to have more games! Don't you guys agree?

  20. amazingjksp

    thank you QUIZLET for existing y'all guys really save my life when I need to study for a quiz so I just want to thank everyone involved with quizlet.

  21. Iris_Cajku


  22. Iris_Cajku


  23. mei_miller2

    good job quizlet

  24. PRESTON9060

    Backstreet boys are awesome.Love their music

  25. Lisa_Russell48

    I voted!!! I'm thankful 2 have quizlet it really helps me with my studies, being able 2 go n/test myself on the test set up doing multiple choice, definitions, terms, matching/true-false really helps me get prepared 4 each of my test/takes alot of anxiety out of me. It helps me recognize where my weaknesses r/where I need 2 really work. By the time its time 4 my test when I look at my actual test/am taking my test alot of the anxiety/feelings of being overwhelmed r gone bcus I got 2 test/re-test myself/its almost like i'm actually taking the test when i'm just practicing. I would b lost without quizlet/I have awesome grades/made it as a Phi Theta Alpha member A and B honor roll, mostly A's. This program has helped me so much, only one more semester Spring 2019 and I'll have my Applied Associates/Science Degree in Horticulture. I've told my class mates all about quizlet/some now use quizlet. Thank you quizlet 4 such a great program.

  26. ThisHerron_

    I voted!

  27. Tigerfrost_

    AWESOME! I honestly use quizlet for every single quiz/test, and there's nothing like a quick study session every night. I VOTED FOR U <3

  28. Poke_Charles_Chin1

    Wassup Guys. So Quizlet, you should make an option where you can sort of put the word in a sentence or synonyms and antonyms. Also that making it so that we can change the background when studying such as being able to change your background with a picture. But other than that, keep up the good work!


  29. Poke_Charles_Chin1

    Also, for some reason, I can't vote. It just says "The requested URL is not available". So, therefore, what should I do? Also, You should put up a filter in the search area where you can search for specific quizzes and have the detail that other ones might not have. Thx :D 😎 .

  30. Khalil_Abbas

    The link doesn't work

  31. Minniemouseforever

    quizlet has helped me a lot in my schooling

  32. kristeehall

    no suckers im voting for something else school stinks

  33. samuelv78

    quilet help in school

  34. Nick-PeopleFrench

    Quizlet is made for me to destroy others at Quizlet Match :))

  35. Andromeda626

    Call me Thanos, cause I destroyed half my school at Quizlet live

  36. NEPatriots1213


  37. undercoat


  38. momo4108


  39. TheAwesomeGamer2004

    “Never tell me the odds!” — Han Solo

  40. bby_lxon

    for some reason that link doesnt work for me :/

  41. mwita123

    Its most helpfully to me more and more as I get a lot of things which contribute much in my studies


    YoU gUyS RoCk So VeRy MuCh!1!1!1!11!!1!1!1!!1!!!1111

  43. a3083769

    I voted for tinder (JK)

  44. nick147258


  45. yangliardi

    Everybody vote for quizlet

  46. RyanSAmundson

    It is not taking me to the right site, someone please help! ^_^

  47. TrueCobalion

    haha not really, this is definitely far from favorite app. so if you think you're just going to go over my head, you are wrong.

  48. AstroForce

    So... life’s not about quizlet kids.

  49. landon879


  50. Proverbs_2_6

    Nice job, quizlet!

  51. Gagehowe1

    i will vote yes on this i give you my word

  52. akirarorschach

    It's an awesome app. Don't forget to vote!

  53. PhillyBlaster3

    I voted for Quizlet. We're in 10th place. We need to catch up!

  54. Harry_bachofner PLUS

    I desperately want to vote for you life savers, but the link doesn’t work :(

  55. Mage-of-Tal


  56. words2957

    I voted for quizlet! Oh YA!

  57. srr4765

    quizlet is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love studying with it.

  58. Ilovespam1

    I will vote for you guys because you guys help me pass my classes, studying so much more fun.

  59. Nathan_Morehead

    I think the reason the link isn't working is because it is blocked on your computer. It happened to me, too.

  60. H24webbh

    I voted boieee

  61. dantheman072-317-299

    My school blocked

    I think I should vote on a personal computer.

  62. dantheman072-317-299

    Also, Quizlet helps me study for tests, quizzes, and quests. I use Quizlet Live too. Helps everyone.


  63. Budly18

    I would, but I'm apple boi

  64. Legolas_01

    Quizlet 4 President.

  65. gisthaiteachers TEACHER

    We vote for Quizlet.

  66. Emerson_Lazarus


  67. MystaryPi

    Cool! Quizlet is awesome!

  68. FairyPrincessXD

    Link doesn't work! D:

  69. jbon65

    Yes fix link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  70. Alex_Ochoa13

    I did not vote

  71. Alex_Ochoa13

    I did not vote

  72. JoelTJ PLUS

    Shame that there isn't an app store one...

  73. Wellington_Harris

    Go quizlet

  74. PandaBoyToday

    Congrats Quizlet, I think that you deserve it. I vote for you guys. Good Luck!! :D :)

  75. PandaBoyToday


  76. AndysBack

    back street bois bay bee

  77. Asaadbishara_Asfour

    Great App!

  78. Andre_oh_yeah

    I voted for quizlet yeet lets go^^

  79. hannahguess28

    lol. Mine worked. I thought all you do is the vote FOR quizlet and that there wouldn't be any other nominees. I voted for YouTube instead. I love quizlet and its a great website for studying and practice. But I mean you can't go wrong with YouTube

  80. cardinal321

    pretyt good needs more game sthough and cut out on the adds


    the link doesn't work for me either

  82. dennise_Shughni

    great app

  83. Spanglish4u TEACHER

    As a teacher I tested Quizlet Learn and used it on two days to 100%. I still did not get a check mark. I am not recommending Learn as a method for giving a homework score any more as it will not give them a check mark.

  84. lsappington

    i voted

  85. amazingPreston3

    I can't vote

  86. MaDeLiNe_M2005

    Ayyy good luck guys, hope it wins the poll.

  87. iloveanimals800

    how do you vote

  88. Allen8432

    good luck

  89. CompTIACenter PLUS

    Quizlet gives me the power to stay motivated and move forward in my life. When I wake up in the mornings, the first thing I do is look over to the mirror on my nightstand and tell myself that the reason I am successful is because of Quizlet. Thank you Quizlet for always being there for me when I needed to learn something better.

  90. andey5

    great app

  91. Braeden105


  92. WheelerS085


  93. reindeer-trooper

    i voted for quizlet it helps me study a lot

  94. alexanderb36

    I love it it helps me study and it is fun.

  95. CELY730

    I voted

  96. CELY730

    for quizlet

  97. PradnyeshPatil

    Error 500 code comes up for me.

  98. Eirini_7

    cannot vote, error 500 !Love u Quizlet, you have made our lessons better!

  99. WormdoctorXD

    it's not working..BUT I LOVEEEEE QUIZLET

  100. annamariek21

    i have exams tomorrow and a crap load of vocab so thank you quizlet
    im going quizlet for sure

  101. com8

    I love quizlet, it is the best. It gave me straight A's on my quizlet tests!!!!

  102. com8

    It does not work it says error try again

  103. atabaksulduz

    None of the 3 links work!

  104. reisa101

    I really tried, but link no good. Then when i went to the voting page on Google Play, couldn't find Quizlet... help us out here... i love Quizlet in the classroom !!

  105. taborthom03

    Yeah the link doesn’t work. But I love Quizlet it’s awesome!!! :D (I voted in the App Store)

  106. waltersanchez72

    the provided link is now working

  107. Bp04152


  108. Memes_DankEngne

    great website

  109. M3_mochii

    Wow! I can't wait! I'll vote right away!!!

  110. apoorva06

    Quizlet live is the best learning game ever. It helps me a lot to learn the terms by their definitions. Yes, I voted for Quizlet!!!

  111. hcps-yuanal

    Quizlet is enormously helpful for vocab tests.

  112. KNFLX

    No it ain't

  113. KNFLX

    I GOT HACKS FOR QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. zwar2302

    fix link my dudes

  115. maifuimaono


  116. John_Negro

    All the links are broken!

  117. pkyhnewman23


  118. Quizlet is totally rad.

  119. and lit.

  120. superAlcie

    I cant vote but would really like to. 10/10 Quizlet!

  121. Sarrah_C

    It will not let me vote. Please fix this!!! :(
    -Every single person who wanted to vote but couldn't because all the links were broken.

  122. Julinielwoods131

    Doesn't work

  123. epicemzzy

    not working :(

  124. mboeschpowers

    This link should work:

  125. Destroyer4183

    Link doesn't work but I would vote for you guys cause you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. JohMon6

    I want to vote for quizlet, but when I use the link, it just says "WE'RE SORRY, THE REQUESTED URL WAS NOT FOUND ON THIS SERVER."

  127. Eyraml

    the link does not work at all

  128. nguyenduyenphuong

    It's useful app for learning vocabulary. With games, this app make learning vocabulary become to easier and funner!

  129. evamichellengu

    I wish I could vote 4 2 apps

  130. Bwinig21 PLUS

    If the link doesn't work, try opening it on a non-school network

  131. Kelliethekoala

    i voted thanks for all your help and providing me free website i can help others including my friends.

  132. amal1234567890987654

    Sorry dudes, couldn't vote cuz like it says error

  133. CampanaD039

    Quizlet!!! You rock, so I hope you all win! also,for some reason when I do learn, the screen goes completely white during the multiple choice thing about 1/10 the time. Do you guys think you could fix that for me? thanks, because it takes me longer to study due to it.

  134. Natyangj888

    Isn't this just the best thing to use???

  135. nathan_hong22


  136. gracienix4

    Let's go QUIZLET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. clairedeaton23

    that's awesome

  138. Miko_laoshi

    really helpfull, thank you so much to team quizlet

  139. Miko_laoshi

    amazing app

  140. Debra_Stein4

    Lovvvveeee this app.

  141. Jonty2019

    I voted for Quizlet

  142. john_cooper404

    to people that can't get to the site it's probably blocked on your school computer. if you're on a home computer and it still won't work then yeah, it needs to be fixed

  143. GabrielZikeGamer

    The reason is clear and I agree.

  144. greatjungkook123

    i love this

  145. blakecolllins2K19

    NOOOOOOOOO I allredee voted 4 PUBG Mobole

  146. alliewh

    it is not working

  147. Zannyzach

    It is working it is probably your internet at your home try to reset your router

  148. Keira429


  149. Tiffany_Jefferson8

    nice job keep up the good work

  150. kylelou10

    yes it is a good

  151. khankail

    ''Super cool and upcoming!''

  152. E0277


  153. amayzing2005

    the voting is closed

  154. StudyHub847

    I'll vote as soon as we get FREE offline studying

  155. josephmyers8720

    i will

  156. e_waston-thebombcom

    The link is not working. Every time I click on it it kinda flinches but then nothing happens. Please fix. I want to vote for Ouizlet. Also when does voting end. Also how and when can I find at the results. Please respond.

  157. Evan_Coleman-Hull

    Kahoots Better

  158. elijahcheng PLUS

    I wish I could vote for quizlet, but I cant

  159. datleafyboi

    I dislike Quizlet as a student so i did not vote for Quizlet

  160. fabsoccerplayer

    i voted

  161. marvelousPraneeth


  162. khankail

    Still not voting anyway. : ( Sorry.

  163. jane709

    Yeah it does not work so fix it!

  164. AmAAn918

    Maybe It's what you try to go to the link on., not the actual link.

  165. AmAAn918

    Yeah I just did it on my phone, it works.

  166. davidmontero

    This link worked for me:

  167. Gregoseggos

    how do you vote?

  168. Logan51454

    the voting portal is now closed

  169. sophluo

    I would vote, but the link doesn't work so please change it so that it does!!!

  170. sophluo

    Oh right, it's ended. 😂 Oops

  171. Bramley04

    dosnt work
    i would of voted

  172. sonicsonic2

    와 미국인들이 이 사이트를 주로 쓰는구나...
    한국인 있나여??

  173. Abi_da_MOOSE


  174. kadenmerrick

    it will not let me vote

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