Hey everyone.

I'm getting super excited to launch. After 450 days of work, Quizlet will launch on January 17th. It's been a long ride, and I'd like to thank all of you testers who helped it get where it is now.

Now, on to business. Quizlet may be having some outages in the next few days. I'm going to be transferring the Quizlet.com domain name to a new, stronger server. This server will make Quizlet much faster and will be capable of handling the load when thousands of people start pouring into the site :). It may also cause problems for up to two days, starting sometime tomorrow (will be announced).

Let me explain the process a little more thoroughly. Quizlet has to switch its DNS records from one location on the internet to another. This process is not instant - it can take as long as 2 days to finish. The reason is that ISPs (Comcast, AT&T, etc) save Quizlet's server location on their own computers in order to speed up access for their users. The thing is, they only update this data every few days, so it can take a variable amount of time for the process to complete depending on who provides your Internet services.

Now, this probably won't cause any immediate problems. Quizlet.com will always show up with the Quizlet website during this whole process. The problem is, there are two possible locations of Quizlet that it will show you, each one an identical copy of the other. Now, this would be all dandy if you work with any data for the next few days. I'm copying the database from one server to the other - so if you enter any data after I copy the data to the new server, your data will be lost.

During this whole process, I will clearly mark which server you're on. If you're on the newer one, you can feel free to use Quizlet freely and not worry about anything. If you're on the old one, I will put a big warning on the site saying your new data will be lost. Note, if you do enter data into the old server, Quizlet will still function, just your data may disappear when you randomly arrive at the new server. All of your data from before the switch will be available. If you enter new data on the old server and you really really really need it restored, I can manually restore it for you, so send a note in the feedback box on the top right corner.

So, until I make an update to this post, go ahead and keep using Quizlet normally. When the switch commences, I'll make another announcement and have all sorts of banners telling you what to do. Relax.


  1. austinr21

    I am commenting on this because i am the first comment!!!

  2. Azheyaneb

    thanks i love quizlet its soooooooooo freakin fun

  3. ppoon01

    That is quite good

  4. RED4EVER2

    wow i reaally like this school but i cant wait untill the school year is over

  5. JT_Maletic

    hey i got the 5th comment what now!!!!!

  6. n314g

    Quizlet really rocks. Made it so when I retook my ancient cultures test i brought it from an D- to an A

  7. s9gth73

    Oh no!

  8. Dogecoin

    I strongly disagree with s9gth73

  9. s9gth73

    I said "oh no" that it might be down, and "Scienced" said he disagrees, which implies that he doesn't care if it goes down...

  10. Dogecoin

    s9gth73, it seems you have been mistaken. I disagree with your statement because despite the fact that there might be some problems in the process of moving the domain. But I and most people (including the Quizlet staff) would agree that this is a good thing in the long run. It seems pretty illogical of your mind to allow you to type disdainful comments to a "new, stronger server" So the reason why I disagree because "Oh no" seems like a pretty unjustified claim, so have a nice day and think before you type.

  11. DeanCole

    small space

  12. StudyGirl77

    Ummm... why are we having arguments at a post?

  13. Michael_Berlin

    blobfish. look it up

  14. Song_Ji_Hyo_12

    Don't be fooled by my picture. .>:P

  15. moviesismygame


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