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It's a new school year and we're launching a bunch of new features to make Quizlet even more powerful for teachers. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Quick and Easy Class Setup

Getting all of your students into a class on Quizlet has always been a major pain point. Our new Bulk Email Invite option aims to fix that in time for school this year.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.36.45 PM.png

You can invite all of your students to your Quizlet classes at once (up to 150 at a time), and Quizlet will send an email invite to each student. Students can sign up for a free Quizlet account or log into their existing account to accept the invite and join your class. Learn more about how to add students to your classes.

Google Classroom & Quizlet Integrations

Are you a teacher who uses Google Classroom? Google Classroom courses can now become Quizlet Classes in just a few clicks.

Quizlet Class Integration

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.34.43 PM.png
Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 4.10.21 PM.png

Connect your Classroom account to Quizlet, select the courses you'd like to add to Quizlet, and we'll invite all of your students to sign up or log in and join your class. Learn more here.

Share to Google Classroom

You can also post a Quizlet study set directly to your Google Classroom course.


Click on the "Share on Google Classroom" button from any of your Quizlet sets, and students will see the link in their course stream.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.34.28 PM.png

Learn more here.

Improved Image Uploading

This is a Quizlet Teacher feature.

Images can make studying much more engaging for students, and now we've made it even faster and easier to add images to study sets.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.41.26 PM.png

Select as many images from your computer as you need and drag them onto the page while you're creating a study set. Learn more about uploading your own images.

Improved Class Progress

This is a Quizlet Teacher feature.

Class Progress shows you how your students are doing on Quizlet. Our latest updates streamline Class Progress and make it more informative.


Click on the "Class Progress" tab on any set you've created to see how and when your students have studied.

If your students are in a Quizlet class, you can also see which study modes they've used and their best scores for Test, Scatter, and Space Race. Learn more.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 3.48.34 PM.png

Quizlet Teachers also have an additional "students" sorting option on the terms list. It shows which terms your students are struggling with most by displaying students' aggregate performance on individual terms.

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.50.53 PM.png

Give us your feedback

We hope these updates make Quizlet even better for teachers and classes, and we encourage you to please let us know if you have any problems or suggestions for how we can improve them further.

All the best for the new school year!


  1. marshmallowdragon

    YEAH! First comment and first High Five!! BEST!

    Also: Great job Quizlet!! :D


    @hambleton haha, I'm second :P

  3. SapphireSky7


  4. HaleighThompson12

    Fourth ((:

  5. bensppc

    Excellent! I really like the new features! :)

  6. RedFox0423

    sixth comment!

  7. Matthew_Townsend3

    Great integration with Google Classroom! Now, can we make the scatter game have an optional mode where there is a penalty for a bad drag? My sixth graders just drag and drop them with "furiosity" - not much learning there.

  8. EMartinezEchegaray TEACHER

    New features seems to be great and helpful. I was waiting some stuff like that. Thanks to Quizlet staff!

  9. Shekar-Bala

    9th Comment And 9th High Five.

    But Seriously i can get first if i wanted.

    I've Done it Before watch Next Time

  10. Shekar-Bala

    How Do You Get Teacher Tab

    2 Comments In a row

  11. santly

    Good job indeed, I wish you can let teachers make accounts for students who don't have emails especially in primary stages, something similar to wiki accounts builder.

  12. Lu_Rob

    Interesting new features..... and 12th comment

  13. Adriane_Young

    The student progress is an excellent feature. It's actually what I thought I was getting last year when I paid to join. I am excited to use this for classroom contests!!

  14. furphyw TEACHER

    I like the new integration. Is there a way to add a % complete for either the learn or spell features? I want to be able to use this more in my classroom.

    I love Quizlet and have encouraged every one of my students to use it!!!!

  15. Gman2275


  16. MadameArmstrong TEACHER

    I love the integration with Google Classroom.
    I still wish there was a way to clear previous year's students high scores from my sets without having to copy each set.
    Also, my students cheat on the scatter by making the desktop window tiny so it mimics a cell phone. Then the drag and drop distances are much smaller. They are still learning this way, but they aren't really playing fair as far as getting the fastest time in classroom contests.

  17. Sam_Tovar

    Wow cool

  18. trelyea68

    Go, Quizlet!

  19. mrsglassstmarys

    Love utilizing Quizlet as a study guide for my students. I wish there was a way for teachers to create a multiple choice test that allowed the student to use the vocabulary word correctly within a sentence. This could be in an addition to the multiple choice and matching test option. A thought for next year, Quizlet!

  20. lmpinzon TEACHER

    It's good to see all the new additions.
    I paid for a subscription last year in hopes that I could assign students study time and see what they did but there were many issues with the reporting of results. Students who showed no activity had done all the sections I assigned but it did not show. They would log on in front of me with the mobile app and it would not show they were logged in nor would it show they completed anything. I was asked to write the list of names that it was not reporting but this entailed too many students requiring time I didn't have.
    It's a great feature in theory but it just didn't work.

  21. MrsRhone TEACHER

    I had the same problem as Impinzon. Students were logging right in front of me and their activity would never show up. I would like to give students points or scores based on their quizlet activity, but it is unfair when some students' activities aren't recorded.

  22. tetty

    I just wondered if the problem with students' activity on Quizlet not showing, has been resolved? I'd like to use this option as I have paid extra for it but there's little point if it's incorrect.

  23. Bradman_Lin

    Southern hemisphere; ain't start of school year.

  24. EPCL-English TEACHER

    New feature suggestion: recorder to upload sounds with mobile device. That would be great!

  25. nhi_truong8

    That's cool and new to me.

  26. jrutsky TEACHER

    Big +1 for integration with Google Classroom. It would be great to see you follow it up with integration with Canvas. Also, I want to add my voice to people who are requesting some sort of "time studied" feature for kids working the flashcards or other study methods--I would like to be able to assign bonus points on my tests based on how much time the kids spent reviewing the list of vocabulary words I provided that would be on the test, and some way to log time spent actually using a set would be great. I know it would be a little hard to implement, because you'd have to be able to distinguish between someone who starts a deck and just leaves it open for three hours and someone actively clicking through it, but putting some sort of "minimum activity to be considered likely studying" threshold and a timer on the student page -- something like "I want to study for ___ minutes" as an option -- would really help.

  27. jpetzak TEACHER

    I like all of the new updates! Thank you for the integration with Google Classroom! This will make assigning sets, progress monitoring, and joining so much easier. Way to go Quizlet!!!!

  28. sportfrau TEACHER

    I agree with jrutsky as we are Canvas users. It would be terrific if it were integrated with Canvas as well

  29. Swim301

    Updates great!.................see ya ☺☻☺ still ♥ quizlet

  30. Swim301

    better improvements this year!☺

  31. heidhuss TEACHER

    I love that you can now send an email to invite students to a class! That was often a problem if students did not follow instructions about how to do it!

    I also appreciate the easier way of uploading pictures and the increased choice of pictures that reflect the target language (for me in German)!

    I am still hoping to have easier access to student time spent learning the words. It takes about 4 clicks for me to see what each individual student has worked on over a week (my students are assigned to go on Quizlet 3 times a week and I need to see the day they did an activity as well as what activitiy they did, so the class progress option does not show me enough information).

    In a dream world, it would also be great if some additional games were offered, but I realize that is a lot to ask :)

    Keep up the great work!! This web tool has really enhanced vocabulary learning for my students!! Thank you!

  32. sophiabk

    @lmpinzon @MrsRhone @tetty Sorry about this - you're right it's not that useful is all the data doesn't show up. There should be some improvements in this latest update to fix some of the data issues you were seeing last year. I'll follow up with you all over email to see if the issue is resolved going forward.

  33. profbarragan TEACHER

    Hello, Sophia.
    Greetings from a big fan of Quizlet, and congratulations on the fantastic new features!
    Could you post an update on the reporting issue after you followup with Impinzon, MrsRhone, and Tetty?
    I would like to implement a grading category for Quizlet on my classes ( right now is not for credit), but I need to have assurance that the data reporting is working well.
    Thank you,
    Muchas gracias,
    Prof Barragán

  34. claseconstewart TEACHER

    Quizlet, thank you for making the Foreign Language Teacher's life so much better! I agree with @jrutsky, it would be extremely helpful if we could see the amount of time that students actively spent studying on Quizlet.

    A small thing that would help when editing Study Sets is if there was a button to switch the Vocab Word and Translation from one language to another.

    Also, I've wanted to be able to have my students take practice vocab quizzes at home for an assignment, but I assume they would just do it with their vocab out in front of them. If we could have the option sometimes to be able to set specific time limits on how long they are allowed to take a test then it would show more content mastery than how well they can look at their notes.

    Finally, I also agree with @MadameArmstrong as it would be so helpful and useful if there was a way to clear/reset the scores and student users for Study Sets from previous years so I can use the same sets each year.

  35. SweetnessZulu


  36. meripret TEACHER

    I'll go with the Canvas integration as well...

  37. skelton1498


  38. skelton1498


  39. JoshuaH2015


  40. Rock270

    That does not look like "a fish", I can see that being very confusing for a student.

  41. samagole


  42. teachingizgreat

    Nice work...looking for more :)

  43. arensmomma

    Last year I requested a way to change the name of the school in a set that had already been created. And you did it!! You guys are awesome!! Thank you!

  44. radioactiveion

    i am a teacher but i'm too cheap to buy quizlet teacher

  45. WhyNotZoidberg8000


  46. jacobo0296

    It's great and practical .... I like

  47. jacobo0296

    You may only comment one more time.

  48. tmulv2701


  49. dahiana_castro TEACHER

    Can teachers write messages to their classes such as good job! excellent etc?

  50. nringach1 PLUS

    137th high five! Also, great job Quizlet! I'd love to see integration with Canvas though, since that'd be really helpful!

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    hi 140th

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  56. noorullahimran

    hey was up

  57. walikhan3

    i am 50 years old living with my mom

  58. hassanaziz899

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  59. alialkhateeb5

    im 146 comment

  60. paradiseo TEACHER

    Language Teachers unite in thanking you for letting us see a student's progress. Like all the previous comments, I agree that since I also assign Quizlet 3 times a week, seeing when, how long and what they did it would be VERY helpful. And, I too had students who had gone on Quizlet when required, but it didn't register. Thanks so much Quizlet for improving this site and supporting us teachers.

  61. senoraruddle

    It would be nice if the students could join with a class code similar to google classroom or edmodo.

  62. domoniquegarrett

    not enough goku

    needs more goku


  63. hj3476

    Thanks! Image uploading is very good.

  64. Lu_Rob

    hey its the guy that got 12th comment. just here to say that quizlet is very legit. my latin teacher uses it for class and helps everyone out loads!!!

  65. Joseph_Hill1 TEACHER

    I am late to comment, but my student Ashley worked at Quizlet all summer . . . . That counts for something! Great additions, Quizlet!

  66. tichang

    Sophia, I am new to Quizlet and would like to try for my students to practice Chinese. My question is if I purchase teacher version, can I and my student use this account for both PC and I-Pad? Do you have a way for my students to sign in by different class? thanks Tina

  67. WhoArtThou

    Cool stuff.

  68. Lynn_Thurber

    I thought I was renewing my teaching account but it looks like I was doing a student or the wrong account . It looks like the teacher account was more money.

  69. cbettiROBS

    Great Improvements

  70. chilaxAq126617

    Rock on!

  71. malang67

    helps a lot to improve things words and how to lern

  72. HaileeAndrews3

    majestic sam

  73. selenahost

    The new features look great! I especially like that Quizlet can now be used in Google Classrooms.

  74. thomas_fogle7


  75. kimhansen2015

    Would love it if students could do a "Drag n Drop" activity . . . . . :) ?

  76. RebekahA3

    162 comment... i think

  77. lniemiec

    Wow you guys are great! I love the constant improvements and attempts to satisfy your customers! I really appreciate all that you guys do and continue to use this awesome study tool with satisfaction.

  78. JustAnOrdinaryNinja


  79. EnglishPappa TEACHER

    Hate to deal with constantly setting up Test thing. Why not just let us decide what's our favorite setup to do that test.

    For example my settings for Test mode would be:

    Multiple choice
    Number of terms: all of them
    And so on

    So, I'd like to set it up once and never waste my time on that...

    Anyway, thanks for all of the above features.

  80. JasonLewis22


  81. Alexandria-Kimmel

    Hey this is great

  82. ciara_c16

    This is a cool app

  83. marius_helgesen


  84. linlawry


  85. jojo543


  86. Van_Nguyen24

    um that is good then think

  87. kekegabrielle14

    I'm a student and I think ALL teachers should be using Quizlet. Especially with this new Google Classroom set-up.

  88. wsantana TEACHER

    I enjoy it and my students seem to love it too. How can I detect if a student cheated on Quizlet?

  89. ashtonmoore7


  90. ashtonmoore7


  91. randomhomeschooler

    why did the update remove the set discussion?????? :'( :'( i was using that to communicate with my class members! why can u only high five sets now?

  92. The_Ragman


  93. RebekahA3

    257 high five

  94. ArigoniaNanase

    Just wanted to add a suggestion. When a user logs in, instead of taking them to the Latest Activity, you could make the default page My Sets. Just a suggestion. Anyways, thanks, and carry on!

  95. TroyDonehue

    I would like my students to be able to e-mail me their test score results. I try to get around to everyone in one class period but I sometime run out of time. If they could email me their results page after taking a test I could see what they missed, record their score, see if they cheated(by comparing who they sat by score). I then could adjust my future classes to incorporate what they missed as a group instead of building upon a shaky foundation.
    Just a thought,

  96. Watermaster12


  97. Jack-Zhang

    293 high5

  98. Joseph_Callari


  99. Aminata_TOURE5

    perfect way to memorize sturdy

  100. MadameVennard TEACHER

    Love the new screen for student progress!
    Any chance you've added a sort of real-time exit slip quiz system?
    THAT WOULD MAKE MY YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (For example, kids could log in on their mobile or Chromebook apps, and I could share a quiz that I've saved that was randomly generated...then they could submit their responses and they would show up on the my screen that is projected on the wall. Everyone could see the number of correct answers for each question before they left for the day.)

  101. sfonseka PLUS


  102. sfonseka PLUS

    Let's start school!

  103. matti_phyre

    Quizlet is a rocking noodle of ravioli! Way to go, let's start this school year!!!

  104. superkidtaymo


  105. jscali


  106. SuperAthenian33

    Great job with everything!! I really enjoy the games and the tests that you can take for practice.
    #Athenians are the best

  107. antoinebernhard

    lol it is so cool i want to keep this in my pocket but he's only sixteen

  108. nickpalmer1

    quizlet is awesome

  109. energyboy14780

    is there a league of legends player here?

  110. Erick_Hoop


  111. bitaj48

    400th hi-5!
    Thanks quizlet :D

  112. MrBraun

    I just purchased Quizlet -Teacher. Previously, I had only used Quizlet for about two weeks this school year. Any sound suggestions other than just poke around? I already discovered that I can rename another teacher's list as my own. That rocks! And so many lists to choose from! I teach MS English and I'm into root words and novel vocab lists. The pictures are wonderful. I'm hoping with the update that I'll have more pics to choose from. FYI, last year I used I understand they had some upgrades as well, but I'm sold on Quizlet. Kudos!

  113. Luke_Regnier


  114. filemon_tacuri

    It's free?

  115. Rita_Chu2

    425 hi five

  116. ys12


  117. edwards718

    Thanks, Quizlet. This app is definitely helpful to my students. But I have had similar problems to some expressed above. If my students get in there and do the work, it needs to be recorded in the system reliably. Today, I had a young lady log in on her device in my classroom while I had my account up on the screen showing others logging in and doing the work. Hers did not show up. Not a good thing to happen after I've told them I am looking for weekly progress here.
    Can you help us out with that one, folks? It's a biggie! Peace.

  118. janetlkucera


  119. agstreck

    very nice

  120. A_Pink_Flufy_Unicorn

    72th woooooh

  121. KSLR

    Class folders and a notification system (when they click on class, notification pops up.)

  122. andrea_011

    Hello Quizlet, I ❤ this website it can help me study in a quick sec. Since there is a new school year, now I am in middle school (which will be a challenge) I have to keep writing notes, so whenever I need to study, I know I can count on Quizlet! 😊👍

  123. andrea_011

    BTW I'm the 441th high-fiver (WOW, not a really good thing but whatever! 😊❤

  124. Isaac_Pryor


  125. Isaac_Pryor

    Quizlet is like go guardian a way for teacher to do less and and watch our every move

  126. Tyrese_Elmore


  127. schielke13


  128. Delatorre_Zsanette

    445th comment and quizlet is awesome

  129. amy_sofogiannis TEACHER

    Makes teaching and learning fun and effective!!! FINALLY! Thank you so much.

  130. kiestler

    I would love a crossword puzzle feature.

  131. Rhen8102

    I think the new features are great. It allows students to study, while adding fun. I love the pictures. They make the scatter very addicting c:

  132. s2025910Rocky


  133. animetiff

    I love this program it is a lot of fun plus i can share what i learned with my friends GO JAPANESE!!!!!!

  134. Joshua_Chi

    YAY!!! I use it to study my vocab words.

  135. Antony_Teacher

    bulk invite feature is good! how about integration with other LMS, such as Moodle?

  136. terri_rodman

    I have students create their own card study set for 6th Grade Greek and Latin Roots each week. Making their own set with pictures, words and definitions intrinsically motivating them to study. Study is ten minutes a day with their choice of study activity provided by Quizlet and they own it!. Test on Thurs using whatever test form works best for their brain. Love it!

  137. bill33nats

    I use Quizlet with all of my classes....great program! I would love to see Quizlet add a crossword puzzle maker to the study options where teachers could print out the puzzles for in class review.

  138. ChonchoChampion


  139. cebiner TEACHER

    Is there any way to find out how much time they are on a set?

  140. MKG07

    497th high five lets make it 500 people

  141. dsd21evandenberghe

    welcome back

  142. aharrell26

    follow me on instagram alexharrell2!!!

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    You keep following your DREAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    my birthday is tomorrow and i hate that you can only comment two times cuz i forgot to add this in the last comment

  149. Emily_Ustick

    i`m not a teacher but this is very nice

  150. erikcj TEACHER

    I still have problems with students doing the activities but their activity not showing up. Could you fix that please?

  151. Spanglish4u TEACHER

    Students who are not getting credit; this sometimes happens. They might have multiple usernames but have not joined the class with that username. Sometimes, they are sure they have studied the right set and have not studied the right set. You can check what they have studied but clicking on the username and studied, and that usually is a revelation to the student. They usually studied the wrong set, or have forgotten their password and created a new username and not joined the class, or they have not logged in before doing the work. I am using the progress report extensively and I do have a problem with a student here and there who insists they did it and didn't get credit. What baffles me is how sometimes when I go to the scores section, the students who were #1 in match do not have that same time under the progress report. That is weird. But, overall it works!!!!

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