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Welcome back to school: here's what's new & improved

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Back to school is almost here! We’ve been working hard to make Quizlet easy and efficient to help you with homework, studying for quizzes, tests and exams, and achieving your learning goals. This month, we're releasing new updates to help give every student the tools and confidence to succeed and we’re excited to share them with you.

Here’s what’s new (and improved!) on Quizlet:

More controls and feedback in Flashcards

We’ve updated students’ most used study mode! With a completely redesigned interface, Flashcards have a beautiful new visual design and more features to help you study.

Our team is working on the ability to study right on the set page with more features like shuffle, playback and a larger card size. This helps you focus on what matters by sorting flashcards into “know” and “still learning” piles and then study the terms you're still learning— across all platforms. Also new, your progress will automatically sync across your computer, tablet and phone. You can start studying in the library and continue from your phone on the way back to your dorm, without missing a beat.

In addition, you can track your progress on the summary screen and stay motivated with Daily Streaks, which help encourage you to keep your studying habits alive. See for yourself! Try our upgraded Flashcard experience on this study set on U.S. capitals.

Quizlet’s world-class Flashcards are (and will always be!) free.


Learn and Test have improved to help you get better grades

Our team has been working tirelessly to make your favorite advanced study modes even better, enhancing your overall study experience.

In Learn, Quizlet’s AI now generates multiple choice questions, which are significantly higher quality and are available across all platforms. Our smart grading AI has improved to offer even more comprehensive short answer questions, and is now available on web in Spanish, French, and German — helping you master new languages even more. If you haven’t tried, smart grading will check if you understand the concept, regardless of the exact wording.

Write and Spell are now integrated into Learn, creating one place to find all your favorite practice modes. We’re also launching a new question type, where we’ll offer fill-in-the-blank questions (coming in September!) to help you access your active knowledge.

Test has been completely redesigned to have an updated experience across all platforms, and we’ve brought all of our advanced question generation and understanding to Test as well.

You can use Learn and Test for free on every set and try features such as different question types, study paths, and practice tests. If you’re not a Quizlet Plus subscriber yet, you’ll get 5 free rounds for each study set in Learn and one free practice test per study set in Test to try these premium study modes.


Now offering monthly plans

Drumroll please…we’re excited to introduce a monthly Quizlet Plus subscription plan to better match your needs, in addition to our annual plan! We’ve heard so many of you asking for more flexible subscription options, so we are excited to roll this out to all users. As always, we offer a free version of Quizlet.

Expert solutions

Our team has been heavily focused on bringing the best and most expert solutions (previously known as explanations) to students. We’ve more than doubled our library of textbook solutions since launching last year, giving students more support than ever. Our smart recommendations will connect students to their textbooks based on what they’re studying, allowing them to get timely guidance on tough homework problems. With over 14,000 STEM and business textbooks covered, students can find step-by-step solutions for nearly any class they need.

If you have questions about any of these updates, please find answers anytime in our Help Center or in our FAQ.

We’re committed to making our products accessible and easy to use for many years to come. Thank you for choosing Quizlet and for your trust in us!