Please help us welcome our newest members of the User Ops team, Stefanie Brückner and Nicole Stevenson! Stefanie and Nicole are our first bilingual support associates, who will help us make Quizlet better for our German and Spanish speaking users.

Stefanie grew up in Alzenau, Bavaria, in Germany and went to high school at Spessart-Gymansium. She graduated from the University of Hamburg and majored in European Studies. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, traveling, and art. Nicole is originally from San Francisco, California, and went to The Bay School of San Francisco. She went on to study Spanish at Grinnell College in Iowa. In her spare time, Nicole enjoys discovering new places in the Bay Area.

Read on to learn more about Stefanie and Nicole:

Quizlet: If you could learn to do anything, what would you learn?

Stefanie: I would learn how to ride a unicycle!

Nicole: If I could learn to do anything, I would learn to speak Russian fluently. The language is so beautiful, different, and challenging.

Q: Who was your most memorable teacher and why?

S: My Latin teacher was my most memorable teacher, since he was really interested in our personal opinion. When he taught us about philosophy, he managed to keep us engaged with funny and thought-provoking questions.

N: My most memorable teachers were my two math teachers from high school. They gave amazing support outside the classroom and encouraged me to keep going in math, even when the skills didn't come easily to me. They encouraged me to worry less about grades and more about what I could learn from the material.

Q: What was one thing you wish you could have changed about high school?

S: I wish it had been more interactive and less lecture-based to allow more creativity and playfulness.

Q: What was your most rewarding learning experience?

N: My most rewarding learning experience was learning to teach English as a Foreign Language. I got to learn about English grammar, which I'm a nerd for, and about how each of my students could best learn new information.

Q: Who's taught you the most?

S: My grandma — she taught me how to be resilient and to always keep your spirits up.

N: My grandma. She taught me a ton of practical skills, from riding a bike to cooking a meal. Plus, she's lived through a tremendous amount of social change. She was just telling me about how she couldn't have a credit card without it being in her husband's name.

Q: What's the most interesting article, blog or book you've read recently?

S: I've recently read The Happiest People in the World by Brock Clarke. It's a novel about a Danish cartoonist who has to hide in a tiny town in upstate New York, where basically only CIA spies live. I like the author's dark humor and the originality of the story.

N: I recently read a few articles about how American views on relationships and marriage have changed in the past few decades. I find the topic fascinating and am always interested in cultural changes.


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